Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gone Before You

You found me broken, sad
You love me dearly, mad
I can`t, I won`t, I`m gone
You can, you did, you will
Hold on till you`re out of fuel

I`m heartless when you`re sad
I tell you I`m just heart-full
Too full for you to fit into
You call me cruel
I wish I could stop your tears
And the feeling that pours with it

This time you cry alone
I cried my tears long ago
For a boy whose heart was full
Who couldn`t and wouldn`t
I called him heartless too
Labeled him as cruel

I can`t stop the pain
This I tried before
You can`t stop the rain
For you love me so
You`re keen to me
But I`ve been gone
Long before you

My love is broken, sad
Your love is selfless, mad
I can`t, I won`t, I`m gone
You can, you did, you will
Hold on till you`re out fuel

You say I`m in your heart
But I`m far away from love
I can`t, I won`t, I`m gone
You can, you did, you will
Hold on till you're out of fuel

This time you cry alone
I cried my tears long ago
For that boy you know
The one who filled me so
I`ve been out of fuel
Gone before you


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reaching And Falling

Men reach and fall, they reach and they fall.

I’ve always felt the kingdom inside me,
imprinted in my soul,
memories of living in a citadel with ionic columns
and black and white marble flooring.
I`ve worn laurel leaf crowns, ridden golden chariots,
had flower petals thrown on me upon my arrival.
I've sat in a throne of jewels, slept in a bed of mink.
I’ve bathed in a pool of roses and swam in a private beach.
I’ve fetched gems in the ocean and made necklaces for my king.

I’ve seen poor men grow rich and I’ve watched rich men die poor.
I’ve seen ambitious men lose their souls for a few pounds of gold.
I’ve seen murderous men granted second chances.
I’ve seen the devil reward the wicked
for bringing misery upon the innocent.
I`ve watched men rise and fall, rise and fall again.

Men have a way of falling for those who fight them.
They have a way of loving those who don’t love back.
Men have a way of leaving devotion, affection, freedom.
They have a way of breaking their own hearts for vanity.
Men have a way of running all the way back to their fears.
They have a way of surrendering to their worst enemy.

I’ve seen a million hearts break for unrequited love.
I`ve seen a million slaughtered bodies for one man`s glory.
I`ve seen a million souls die for one man`s greed.
I’ve seen a million lives destroyed for a drug addict`s luxury.
I’ve seen a million leaders
pocket the blood and sweat of their people.
I`ve seen a million wars fought for hate, for power, for fortune.
I`ve seen a million greedy men bring recession upon nations.

I’ve fled burning cities, traveled by foot and by ship,
took refuge in the barren desert, watched fresh blood mix with sand.
I`ve seen innocent men crucified for their beliefs,
seen their bodies nailed to crosses then stoned to death.
I`ve smelled burning bodies in blazing ditches
and watched flesh turn to ash.
I’ve seen a thousand ships get swallowed by Poseidon,
loaded with treasure, weapons, babies, mothers and fathers.
I’ve seen a thousand wives mourn dead warriors,
heard their screams and cries and quiet suicides.
I’ve seen a thousand mothers lose sons and never recover,
then drown in the sea overcome by grief.

I`ve had my heart break a million times and over again.
I`ve loved the good in man who did not see love in me.
I`ve been swayed by bad chi, wooed by lustful vanity.
I`ve been cheated by loathsome voracity, used by shallow creeps.
I deceived death with a kiss, resigned complete happiness,
left a good man at the altar, ran to the end of my dreams,
married death and misery.

I`ve watched myself reach and fall, reach and fall again.
As a princess, as a queen, as a slave, as a captive,
as a poet, as a writer.
I’ve suffered the same, I`ve felt equal pain.
I`ve had every sin committed against me.
I`ve been injured, robbed, deceived,
I`ve been cheated, hated, envied.
I`ve been prideful, I’ve been greedy,
I`ve lusted, coveted, betrayed.
I`ve committed every sin.
On my knees in prayer I repented.

I got off my horse and began to walk.
I parted from the riders who pushed right on.
Aimlessly I wandered looking for a place of my own.
I searched, I asked around, but no one seemed to know.
I thought I reached a safe place but soon found out
I could not build a kingdom of conscience with a purposeless heart.

To reach for a free soul I forfeited my tiara.
To reach for my laurels I surrendered power.
I was born again, naked, bold with no desire for gold,
rich with creative power.
I stripped myself of vain pursuits to fulfill a conscious duty-
to learn, to observe, to record the reaching and falling of men.

Patiently I watch as history repeats itself.
From a detached perspective I see men drown
but dare not help them out.
From behind my gated heart I try to understand-
bankrupt nations borrowing their way out of debt,
impoverished people rioting against elected leaders,
malnourished souls sitting on the key to freedom`s door.

I see men who want change but refuse to change themselves.
As fear continues to drive men to destroy one another,
they take ten steps back and one step forward.
We will never end war if only half of us love.
With enough nuclear power to destroy the world ten times over
we continue to reach and fall,
until the universe wipes us out for a new start.

In my throne of solitude I am the queen of air.
In my sanctuary of peace I live for one desire, one purpose only—
To create, to achieve immortality.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Beneath The Surface

Beneath the Surface-
There`s a cell seeking growth.
There`s a wound that won`t close.
There`s a room with no door.
There`s a sickness with no hope.

Beneath the Surface-
There`s a box of unopened gifts.
There`s a case of reserved emotion.
There`s someone locked away.
There`s men waiting to be saved.

Beneath the Surface-
There`s the rage you cultivate.
There`s the sadness you cage.
There`s the pain you inflict.
There`s the hate you create.

Beneath the Surface-
There`s a heart to be played with.
There`s a dormant desire to awaken.
There`s a hidden prejudice to kill.
There`s a concealed passion to unveil.

Beneath the Surface-
There`s longing to be fulfilled.
There`s beauty to be shown.
There`s talent to be used.
There`s truth to be known.

Beneath the Surface-
There`s freedom to be claimed.
There`s love to be shared.
There`s compassion to be given.
There`s forgiveness to be learned.

Beneath The Surface
There’s a world unknown.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Embrace

And when we see each other
it will be like we never parted,
our time apart will evaporate,
memories will be erased,
time will turn back,
rewind to our last embrace.
Years will feel like days,
entire seasons will flash in minutes.
A flashback of disappointment
will play in our heads,
we’ll look back in retrospect
and feel the anguish that followed
our careless decision to give up on magic.

And our souls will say,
“We’ve been waiting for this”.

Our minds will shatter,
we’ll break into tears
as we reminisce
being apart for so many years.
In our favorite restaurants,
eating our favorite foods,
seeing our favorite bands,
singing our favorite songs,
alone or in relationships
with faces we no longer know.

And our souls will say,
“We`ve been together all along”.

And when our bodies meet
passion will overtake us.
We’ll rejoice in the marvel
of being in each other’s presence.
Our hearts will race with joy,
our faces will melt with warmth,
we’ll faint into each other’s arms,
fall into the haven our mingling skin,
savor the sweetness of touching lips,
feel the miracle of pure love
rushing through our veins.

And our souls will say,
“Now we are three- mind, soul, body”.

Our minds will feel old, tired, cold,
scarred from abuse and abusing.
Our skin will be weathered
with layers of handprints
from those we no longer touch,
from hands that held no love.
Our hearts will feel young
and rejoice in celebration,
and we’ll cry as we remember
the day we said goodbye,
to meet again another time,
to love again another day
that never came.

And our souls will say,
“We were never apart,
why do you weep today?”.

With our minds full of pain,
our hearts full of sorrow,
we’ll ask our souls,
“Was the pain necessary?”
“Was the suffering essential
for this love to flourish in full form?”.

And love`s voice will infatuate our hearts,
sing us an angel’s song
to soothe our pain and lift our worries,
to slay our shallow illusions,
to eliminate our selfish confusion.
Love will bless us with divine compassion,
show us the path we blindly sought after.

And you will feel me inside like never before,
you`ll see my roots deep within your heart,
the beauty that never left your side.
And new seeds will sprout,
flourishing your barren garden,
making it fruitful once more.
And you will realize we never parted,
our spirits journeyed together
through our trials and successes-
our souls never severed.
I`ve been beside you all along,
holding on.
Your heart, your soul, your energy,
thrives inside me.

And I will love you into the afterlife
with the everlasting passion
that burns inside my heart.
Our bodies will wither with time
but my spirit will never leave yours.
And you will understand unconditional,
eternal life in a mortal body,
divine conscience in a ego mind,
selfless compassion in a fearful heart.

When we see each other you will know,
every smile, every poem, every expression
has been for you- all for you, my love.
I’ve been sent here to love you
and I’m never letting go.
Through the good and the bad,
in sickness and in health,
forever until death do us part
and our souls are free from this life.
Until eternity embraces us
and makes us one,
until the end of the lessons
we`ve been sent here to learn.
I’ll keep you alive inside me,
I’ll treasure your memory,
and pray for more time beside your body.

Until then…


Tuesday, September 13, 2011



She`s 4-
Disheartened, begging her mom not to go.
He`s 8-
Misguided, beating up brats in the playground.

She`s 9-
Sheltered, wishing she could play with others.
He`s 12-
Resentful, mourning the death of his father.

She`s 13-
Neurotic, chasing boys who don`t like her.
He`s 15-
Degenerate, drawn to drinking and gambling.

She`s 17-
Vain, pursuing ideals, seeking an identity.
He`s 19-
Insecure, classified by what he doesn`t own.

She`s 20-
Introspective, recording thoughts, quoting philosophy.
He`s 22-
Detached, getting what he can from a one night stand.

She`s 23-
Spontaneous, in love, invested in her passion.
He`s 25-
Green, passing out drunk in a friend`s apartment.

She`s 26-
Deluded, spending more time in dreams than in reality.
He`s 28-
Unaware, sailing blindly through a sea of relationships.

She`s a brokenhearted recluse.
He`s a bitter fool.
She begs him not to go
And he beats himself up.



Monday, August 22, 2011

Love Can Take Us Out

Love can take us out-

If we could see,
Open our eyes and see
The kingdom within-
True treasure, pure beauty
Inside of you, inside of me.
If we could see the light within
(Nature`s consciousness)
Universal intelligence planted in our genes.
If we could see the purpose, the life design-
If we could see as architects, creators of our lives.

Love can take us out-

Into our own dimension
Made of pure light,
Into a new plane, a celestial consciousness
Apart from ego, away from guilt.
Love can take us out-
Segregate us from the sickness, the egoism,
Deteriorating, separating, killing sympathy.
Love frees us from the struggle,
Delivers us into soul peace,
Releases us from shallow instincts.

Love can take us out-

Our desires can keep us grounded,
Satisfied day to day,
Drunk from pleasant moments,
Waiting for the spell to break.
Love can take us out-
Tame the stubborn animal,
Awaken the killer beast
(The angel warrior within our hearts
Ready to slay our wickedness).

Love can take us out-

Give us soul wings,
Let us soar without body,
Releases us from the grip of gravity,
Awake us from the fantasy.
When lust becomes insatiable,
When satisfying primal instincts doesn`t sustain,
When flesh desires can`t hold us together,
When our faults set us apart,
When the lover is gone.

Love can take us out-

Remind us of who we are,
What we`re made of,
Shine a light into our soul so we can clearly see
The beloved traveling inside our spirit,
Free of vanity, worries, vulgarity.
Love takes us inside ourselves
So that we may search our broken pieces
For the treasure in our heart
(The beauty that sustains, enriches our existence).

Love can take us out-

Out of the race, out of the fight,
Into a peaceful retreat at the heart of life,
Into a new beginning in soul heaven.
Love carries us out of the battlefield,
Out of the war and into a sacred reserve
Away from illusion, free from ego delusions.
Love shows us our joys and sorrows
So that we may discern our faults.
Love breaks our shallow world
So that we may rebuild with wisdom.

Love can take us out-

Into the mystery of our dreams,
Grant us entrance into our true being,
Show us our soul kingdom,
Teach us to nurse our essence,
For happiness is cultivation of the living spirit.
Love takes us out of poverty, spiritual misery,
And illuminates the beauty in our heart
So that we may thrive and guide
Other souls to its sacred spring.


Dreaming Awake

Love isn`t longing, it isn`t pain
It isn't suffering
Love doesn`t rot, it isn`t flesh
Love doesn`t break, it`s isn`t glass
Love is permanent, indestructible
Pure wisdom, rooted insight
Unreachable by ego, unachieved by mind
Unfeasible by greed, unfelt by selfish desires

Love is soul passion, carried around
From lover to lover, brother to brother
Mother to daughter, father to son
From friend to foe, love changes hearts
Love is what you are, what you can`t let go
Can`t kill, can`t change, what`s instilled in you
Springing from your soul, the need to grow
To share, to give of yourself, completely, freely

Love is kindness, it is beauty
Love is the song composed by the heart
Playing over and over in your soul station
Love isn`t fear of losing, it isn`t absence
It`s not possessive, controlling or anxious
Love is presence, charisma
A heart filled with awareness
Love is the freedom to be oneself with the beloved
To show your silliness and express your concerns
To listen to their worries and console without judgment
To undress your body and mind in front of the beloved`s eyes

Love is knowledge, It is conscious
Love is the silence, the blank in between
Each thought of the beloved
Love is the smile on your face when you hear their name
The silent long breaths when lost in their memory
Love isn`t waiting, wanting, missing
Love is the certainty that everywhere you are
The beloved is with you
Love is knowing you`re together
When you`re a million steps away

Love is the willingness to share everything you are
To give everything you have to make the beloved happy
Love isn`t hateful, revengeful
Love is forgiving, accepting, understanding
Love is Compromising
It is going to sleep without your lover
And awakening with their shadow
Love is sharing the passion, The tenderness
The patience, loving has taught me
It is the gladness, The gratefulness
Of being happy and able to express myself to you


Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary Ellen

Pretty, but she doesn’t know
I love her whole, body, mind, soul
The little dimples on her butt
Her heart shaped face
Glowing cheek bones
She smiles, shrugs her shoulders
Chuckles while she speaks
Talks like she knows
Right from wrong

Naked, golden honey tan
Straight brown hair tied back
Hitting the middle of her back
Sitting on the sand
Drinking, talking, articulating
Like she knows a secret hidden to me
Confidence, the beauty of letting go
Being, one with the ocean

Beautiful, but she doesn`t think so
Look at me, look right here
Striking creature, all knowing
What do you know that allows you
To float about this nude beach so free
Making me feel like an ugly duck
Hiding under its mother`s wing

What is it, Mary Ellen,
That makes you oh so special to me
Your smile spells out beauty
Pure, simple, erotic poetry
Your eyes reveal mystic secrets
A gaze filled with desires
Stories, the love you`ve given
The passion you long to share
In your smirk I find daring fantasies
Inviting, calling me
I`m ready to jump, I want to leap
Right into your open face
Bathe in the spring beyond your gaze

I want to open you up
Look in every fold
Feel your every curve
I want to see, I want to feel
Invite me in
Like a vampire I`m waiting to enter
To devour you

Gorgeous, but she doesn't think so
Floating about, a nude angel
A butterfly sitting on a rainbow
With purple shaded wings
I know you taste pure, perfumed
Let me smell your flowers
The garden blooming between you

Too scared to talk to you
Introduce my desires onto you
To bear the consequences
Of reading you this letter
So I watch you
Record your every move
To remember you
Beautiful, free
Without prejudice, without fear
Mary Ellen, stunning, beauty
But she`d never believe me


Solitude Flourishing

Somewhere far away
In another sky
In another plane
We dance together
Out beyond clouds
Above the blue
I dance with you
Touch your porcelain skin…

It`s not easy
Watching your wax figure
Melting before me
The sun was never your friend
Though nature loves you
Each plant, each tree
Wave their branches for you, dear
My body opens for you to come in

An ocean inside me
Waves crash against my ribs
I feel salt water on my throat
As the tide rises to my eyes
It hurts and I cry
Salt drops…
Blurs my vision of you, dearest

I`m growing old
I feel less, I feel more
Less needs, more love
Less of you, more of me
Though some days
I`m made of solitude
An empty pyramid
To be filled with a pharaoh and his jewels

Some days I`m an empty tomb
No body, no soul
Just space, an empty place
Waiting for life or death
Some days I`m a tree
Suffering the change of weather
Standing tall through the rain and wind

Vulnerable to the lumberman around me
The sun makes my skin fluorescent green
Once in a while a man comes
Prunes my branches, cuts me down
But I grow back up
Thinner branches and a stronger core
My roots spread, extend, reach far
I grow, I grow, I grow!

Explore the earth
Move the soil, create my world
New, full, tall
I grow, I grow, I grow!
In every direction
Inside, outside, I grow…
Most days I`m a child
Learning, observing, writing to understand

And everyday
In eternity somewhere
Our hearts meet
To feel each other, to melt together
Become one, full body, full soul
Somewhere far away
In another sky, in our own dimension
We dance
And grow
Closer together


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Noite quente; noite fria

Doce solidão, minha agonia
Que me inspira e me enterra
Num túmulo de pedra
Rara, bela, esmeralda
Verde, brilhante, fria
Banhada em jóias como faraó
Em ricas pirâmides sem vida

Noite de tímidos desejos
Vontades mortas pelo medo
Que se despertam e se revelam
Numa noite rica e bela

Noite de temporal e ventania
Que desarma minha alma
E ilumina minha mente
Dando rumo a sonhos
Propósito ao coração
Que batia calado, cansado
Sem motivo nem razão

Noite acesa que me queima
Consome e guia
A contente nostalgia
Solidão, minha rodovia
Que me leva a entender
Os caminhos percorridos
Pelos ventos do prazer

Noite que me faz perder
Toda esperança do normal
Noite que me queima a alma
E enlouquece o querer
(A humilde vontade de te ter)

Noite fria que maltrata
Meus pés gelados, enrugados
Tremendo de prazer
Pelo amor que me resta ter

Noite sem vergonha
Revela-se nua para mim
Mostra sua cara de sonhos
E abandonos sem fim

Noite que me leva ao delírio
De querer tudo e não poder
Noite de velas e orações
Para Erato e Euterpe
Que me ajudam a compor
Essas linhas embaralhadas
Sem sentido ou pudor

Noite bela de ilusões
Que aquece meu espírito
E dá vida a solidão
Que enterrei ao viajar
Pro outro lado do mundo

Longe dos teus olhos azuis
Aonde me perco e me acho
Numa insanidade profunda
Que mata a mulher
E ressuscita o poeta

Noite de fadas e dragões
Lutando pelo mesmo amor
Único e eterno, lúcido e cego
De muitos nomes e razões
Mas de um só coração

Noite crua que me enoja
Pois me faz olhar pra dentro
(Dentro da imagem no espelho)
Dentro dos meus olhos cor de mel
(Cheios de desejos)
Desejos que deixo pra trás
Pois me perco se abraço
Daquilo que quero
Pois sempre quero mais

Noite de querer e não poder
De deixar um gosto amargo
Nos lábios das ninfas egoístas
Que de tudo querem mais

Noite de inverno seco
De chuva ácida
Que queima a pele de desejo
Com seu sabor doce e amargo
Combinação única, perfeita
Torno-me viciada

Noite de loucos amores
Noite de poesia
Que me mata e me inspira
Amar e escrever loucuras


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Slave

Oh day, my day, the only day I know
Oh, morning, you have no mercy
Waking me so abruptly
With no regard of how I slept or if I slept at all
Or if my body`s tired, battered, sore
You come in, casting your light
Burning my eyes with sunshine
Always making me seem displeased
With your presence--arriving so early
Always making me look grumpy and lazy
While others around anticipate your coming
Rejoice with fresh brewed coffee and crispy French bread-
That went into the oven at 4a.m
Right when I was beginning to fall asleep
After tossing and turning for hours, restlessly
Or having gotten up once, twice, three times
To add lines to a poem I`m working on
Oh, day, fierce, powerful, holy, Godly (some might say)
How can I fight you—you always arrive whether I’m ready or not
A 9 to 5 soul might not understand my disdain, my fear of day
But a self consuming Poet knows my battle with mornings
A shameless insomniac-
The dark night is my hiding place (my escape)
While the day is a reality show I never signed to be a part of
Good days seldom come, scarce memories of pleasant mornings
Too few to change my attitude, to give me fortitude
It`s usually just a sticky bog where everywhere I step I get stuck
With ghosts pulling at my feet-
Wanting me to live their lives for them
And so I prefer the night, where the creatures are out in plain view
With their names displayed in name tags or in books-
On dusty shelves in public libraries
Or in the paranormal section at Amazon-
Their identities exposed for everyone to see
Seek, address them or hide in fear
The creatures of night don`t hide in the light as day monsters do-
Do-gooders running around, granting favors to friends and strangers
While their parents rot in nursing homes
And their kids scream in locked closets-
Where I can`t see them but only feel their agony
And hear their desperate pleas
Oh, day, of creating, building living space
Or destroying to build parking space
Day of creating solutions to problems we made yesterday
Oh, day, of new dates, couple meetings-
Cheating, leaving and heartbreak
Oh, day, of work, of hard labor-
Of stress, of wasting health to buy health products-
Protein shakes, exercise equipment, gym memberships, vitamins
Day of working to buy and buy and buy…
A new home, a new car, a new phone, a new bride…
Oh, day, of building-
Of stacking brick on top of brick to build a happy life
Oh, day, I know nothing about
The day I know is invasive, pervasive
Always catching me by surprise--
Giving start to a routine I was not made to adapt
The day that comes in and destroys everything I`ve built at night
The day that picks me up by my feet, flips me upside down
And shakes everything I stand for out!
The day that comes and takes the peace-
I struggled to create the previous evening
And revives the ghosts I slay with the help of friends and sanity
This is the day I know-
The day that commands my nature and contradicts my heart
This is the day I know-
The day that enslaves my soul and makes me work purposelessly
The day that distracts me from my purpose; passion; poetry


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cars in traffic, new and old-
Trains and buses filled with people.
Triple lanes, filled highways-
1 boulevard or 95 expressway.
More machines than people it seems-
Programmed beings.
Tourists, socialites, students,
Business and blue-collared men.
Every ethnicity,
Age, gender and vocation-
all stuck together-
Stressed, cursing, arguing,
Screaming into mobile phones.

College students parading in University City,
Coming and going,smiling, strutting-
Oblivious to the homeless on park benches.
Men and women, casual and business,
Rushing in and out of Starbucks-
The line is long but I`ll waste ten minutes
To get my Caramel Macchiato.
Beggars coming to the window,
Offering to clean my windshield.
Eco friendly cyclists peddling by-
Getting further with muscle power
Than I can with motor oil.
Perhaps I should ride on two wheels.

Can`t find meter parking,
Pay twenty bucks for a space or be late.
Executives in limousines,
Gangsters and wealthy kids-
Dealing, buying, selling, overdosing, dying.
Groups of teens stumbling by-
Rioting, throwing up on the sidewalk.
Creepy men leaving bars,
Holding hands with beautiful women-
Young girls abused by lust scavengers,
Aware and unaware.

All is fair in the name of fun,
Sex, alcohol and pain killers.
Monsters with medical degrees
Selling drug prescriptions.
Addicts pumping gas, cleaning tables,
Sweeping floors, cleaning windshields
To support their disease.
College students living it up,
Rocking and rolling-
As long as they get through college,
Hold a steady job and pay their bills-
Nose deep in powder, lungs filled with smoke-

It`s alright, It`s ideal.

I keep driving-
The wind on my face,
The beautiful scenery along the Schuylkill
Makes all the rotten images disappear from my mind.
I park on Kelly Drive and begin to walk.
All I see is beauty now-
The art alongside the river,
The Boathouse Row, the runners, the skaters,
The rowers on their boats, the sweat in the air,
The smell of victory, strength, inspiration, hope.

The breathtaking art along Kelly drive,
The brilliant sculptures, the magnificent talent.
The Thinker by Rodin in plain view
For everyone to enjoy, makes it all alright
(Free, abundant beauty).
I approach the Rocky statue beneath the art museum,
I touch it and I feel inspired, motivated.
I run up the museum steps feeling like a champion.
I pay for my admission and enter.

I`m immediately stunned by the masterpieces-
Monet's impressionist paintings
(I can stare at them for days, perfect, genius).
Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Starry Night,
The Bathers by Cézanne (epic pieces)
I sit for hours in wonderment,
Appreciating my favorite artists and their work.

I exit the museum, sit atop the front steps
And indulge in the cinematic view.
The city`s ingenious architecture-
City Hall`s beautiful building,
Love Park`s vast fountain and cooling mist.
I find myself in love with Philadelphia.
A gorgeous city filled with history,
Art, great schools, ghosts and beings.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slip Into My Skin

Your touch drowns me
Love pours through my body
Like honey, making me sticky
Wet with sweetness, soaking my skin
Immersing my soul in ecstasy
Your fingers reach inside me
You touch my heart with ease
The slightest feel infatuates
Your hands reach into my soul
You touch every nerve, every organ
Grabbing, pulling my insides out
Soaked in love, in tenderness--I drown
And you turn me on my belly
Caress my chest, kiss my neck, bite my back
And I’m gone-somewhere I can’t describe--lost
In your hands, in your world, where you do your worst
And I allow, surrender to your heart’s desire-
To your lustful demands-- I am yours to have, to please
Take my beauty, taint my soul, claim my heart--it’s yours
I love you more than I could ever love any other soul

Pour yourself into me, fall into every inch of my body
Flood me, engulf me, fill me with your everything
Sink into me, submerge me, dress me with your body
Fill every pore with your beauty, your graceful spirit
Dip me in your essence, soak me in your sweet nectar
Merge your body with mine, slip into my skin
Let our hearts hold hands, smile together in one pulsating beat
Let our souls speak, teach each other mystic secrets
Infuse your body with mine, let me feel you inside
Let our mouths meet, our lips dance, our tongues taste
Let me smell the back of your neck, memorize your scent
Rub my neck against yours, feel my chin on your arm
My lips on your shoulder, on the back of your neck
The tip of my nose rubbing on yours until our chests merge
Let me feel you close, hold you against me as tight as I can
I want your energy combined with mine, making our own light
Two bodies sharing and creating warmth through love
I want everything you desire and love but ten times more
Take my body, my heart, my soul--It’s all yours, my love


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Poem In Portuguese "VIVA"

Abra sua mente, pense diferente-
Eleve sua alma, sua divindade.
De asas ao espírito que habita em seu peito-
Abra o coração, cale a razão, entenda, aprenda-
Uma nova consciência; simpatia e compaixão.
Abra seus braços, abrace a imaginação-
Criatividade, inspiração.
Abra as mãos da ilusão, siga em frente com uma nova visão-
Sem falsa percepção, sem julgar a seu irmão.
Plante fé em seu jardim, colha felicidade sem fim.
Seja um com a consciência divina-
Que nos transcende mais nos ensina, a viver, crescer-
Sentir amor, prazer, felicidade, lazer.
Cultive a paz de Deus que habita em você.
Siga buscando e achando sua beleza natural-
Plantada em sua alma.
Cultive a verdade, descarte a falsidade, siga a honestidade.
De valor a seus direitos, aponte seu governo, somos iguais!
A felicidade esta dentro de você, procure aprender-
Novos meios de viver, o propósito de ser, humano.
Se junte e ajude, aos obreiros, engenheiros-
Poetas, filósofos, todos queremos um mundo perfeito.
Construa um novo lar, para seus pais, seus filhos desfrutar.
As crianças nas ruas dormindo, com esperança em seu sorriso,
Amor em seu olhar, fome em seu estomago mais vendo o sol brilhar.
Mate a solidão, compartilhe a abundancia, de vida a esperança.
Tenha compaixão, não seja egoísta, de valor a sua vida.
Com propósito e amor de a mão seu irmão.
Aprecie suas benções, de valor ao seu presente-
Hoje e´ tudo que temos!
Sua inteligência, forca de vontade, seu trabalho honesto, coragem-
Ti da integridade, propósito de verdade!
A fé eleva consciência, ti dar entendimento-
Da vida, morte e do tempo.
Somos uma extensão divina-
A beleza que habita em mim, em você, nos liga, nos conecta-
E me faz amar você, confiar em um propósito de viver.
Deixe sua luz brilhar, a paz do seu espírito-
O amor que nasceu com você.
Beleza única, amor verdadeiro, vive em ti, para você e todos-
Desfrutarem, compartilharem, amarem, conquistarem.
A felicidade de verdade esta em ti, amor infinito, divino.
Acredite em sua beleza, sua riqueza, sua alma pura.
Nasça, plante, brote, cresça; trabalhe, estude, aprenda, entenda-
Floresça em plena beleza.


Todays Thought

To raise my voice in anger
Would kill my peace of mind
To exclaim hateful words
Would destroy the love in my heart
To scream at another
Is to give life to frustration and anxiety
To hurt, abuse and manipulate
Is to commit suicide
For how can we engage in a malicious act
Without affecting our well being
And deteriorating our health
Well, we cannot abuse another, manipulate, torture
Without first abusing and manipulating our state of health
And torturing our soul
Peace shall prevail over senseless anger
Love will perpetually defeat hate
Anger will never be appeased by ignorance and force
But by acts of peace, forgiveness and selflessness
To attempt to destroy hate with angry force
Is to fall into its trap, for to battle hate with hate
Is to kneel at its feet and praise its nature
To hate nothing and love all:
Stand still at the sight of anger, hate and abuse
Think love, be love, focus on remaining pure
Let peace be your shield and love your sword
Evil cannot hurt you when you are at peace
Insults, abuse and torture cannot harm you
When your mind is peaceful and your heart is love
Violence can take your life
But it is up to you to let it take your soul
Stand back and let evil do its worst;
To destroy itself while attempting to destroy you
A being of pure love
Love will always triumph over hate
In soul heaven there is no place for malicious spirits
They can insult you, hurt you, abuse you
Verbally and physically
But your integrity, your emotion, your soul health
Cannot be touched unless allowed by you
Love has already won
You just have to choose which side you are on
The evil loser or the loving winner
The violent abuser or the kind human
Hateful and miserable or peaceful and happy

Just a thought


Moving On

I’m moving on
I’m leaving you
Pain, Heartache
Anxiety, pity
I’m leaving you
I’m moving on
To beauty, love
To a full heart
A glowing soul
A graceful spirit
I’m moving on
To true love
Self worth
Integrity, wisdom
I’m moving on
I’m leaving you
User, abuser
Of body
Beauty, lust
I`m leaving you
Angry, stubborn
Selfish, manipulative
I`m leaving you
I’m moving on
To a soulful heart
A loving soul
I’m moving on
To self love
To greatness
I`m moving on
I’m leaving you
I`m moving on
I`m leaving you


Friday, May 13, 2011

At War With The World

Thousands of men encircling us
Charging in on our Love
With my mouth full of blood
I drown
With leaves of gold in my hair
Sweet words in my ears
Yes, you said you`d never leave
And in a moments anger you forsaken me
Oh, master of my soul
Ruler of my heart
My Greek war lord
Can you fight them off
Keep them back
Hold them down
Kill them at your feet
Protect me, my soul, my body
Oh, you cannot, with the might of your sword
Keep me safe, untouched
Untainted by the blood of war
Can beauty will a beast
Can the women detain their men
With sorrowful cries and pitiful pleas
To fight a mighty beast with the light of peace
Foolish supplication can get you battered, killed
A tyrant will do what he was created to

Must I die to be remembered
What good do I do to stay in this dream
How much can we do sleeping
Is honor worth living for, my hero
Can we gain immortality through fearlessness
I`ll never know what makes this woman
With all the love that her heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away
Fighting a battle lost thousands of years ago
So many dead bodies before me
I`m awake and I can`t fall back asleep
To watch them suffer, to feel their pain
A curse I cannot rid myself of
A gift I cannot live without
Yet I die everyday
Without you by my side
There is no sun light
I cannot feel the warmth on my skin
In a eternal shade of grey
My heart does not know affection
My smile, desolate, nothing holy about this body
The goddess sleeps
This is the best we`ll ever be
What was sacred has been lost
Taken back by the Gods
Our humanity gone, our integrity lost in killings
Assassination of our soul
We`re dead and we don`t even know

I continue to fight this never ending war
Drowning in a perpetual dream
Dreaming of ways to wake up
From this broken reality deteriorating before me
Take me or let me go, awaken me
To be dead in reality or alive in dreams
I write for a love that`s been gone many eons ago
A love incomprehensible to our senses
Experiencing glimpses of an intelligence that transcends us
A holy grail, never seen or touched by man
And you love me because you want to believe
To hope for a love greater than yourself
A love nonexistent but outside ourselves
Free from the ego keeping you blind, numb to what`s sacred;
Real, true; the love that made you, made me
And these humble words I write to you, my lord of war
My soul is lost somewhere in this cursed battlefield
I can hear their horses, charging, nearer and nearer
They`re coming for me but I`ll be dead when they get here
Lost in a world where death is justified
“It is ok to kill them for the wrong doings they have committed”
“It is ok to feel pleasure for their pain”
No, it is never ok. Only a barbarian can feel good about a killing
I never will. The death of my love, the death of me
A natural part of destiny, inevitable, fated
Like my love for you, dead, gone and still inside me


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


And I missed
And I wanted
And I needed
Until one day
I missed nothing
Until one moment
All went silent
And I could see you
In the back of my mind
Waving to me
But no longer
Did I feel
The want
The need
To touch you
To talk with you
But I always see you
In the back of my mind
And saying
Come back
Come back to me


In Solitude

Solitude is needed when you live with ghosts
Rejoicing in dreams of the past
Dwelling in moments gone
For present joy and future peace

He runs from solitude--she chases it
Seeks it, finds it makes it a part of her
In fear of being alone he seeks others
Attaches himself to fleeting souls
Clutching hard, holding on as fast as he can
Fighting the inevitable fate of dying alone

I gather emotions, invest in feelings
Relive the good and bad memories
I stock up, store wisdom for old age
I walk towards aloneness
Praying to find my place in eternity
My single space, my moment of grace

I`ll take my talent to the grave
With this body that serves me in shallow ways
Reflecting an image I cannot see in the mirror
Portraying, emulating something I`ve never been
Never wanted to be praised for my appearance
Somewhere along my youth I let them decide for me
This has caused me much pain and sickness
But also reassured the hermit in me

Farther away each day
Detached from the material I once valued
Disconnected from the ideal standards of society
Farther and farther away from their playground
Where I was never welcomed
Where I was bullied and rejected
I`m nowhere to be found
Those closest to me cannot see
Cannot find the place I reside in

The farther I get the more comfortable it feels
I seek it, I find it, I become it--I am solitude
Even in love I play by myself
For getting groomed to live a shallow ideal
Is dragging and ill to my spirit
Even in love I long for seclusion
For deep within I know my place isn’t here

My claimed space in this dream world
Does not lie within the illusions of Gods
Created to tame us, control us, to keep us sane
In the duality I refuse to live in
In a commonsensical world I do not know
I lack the emotion needed to be held prisoner
I`m the opposite of what imprisons--I’m fearless

The farther I get the clearer I see
The spirit inside me dwells unusually
I survive in a place most would call insanity
A land of love, tragic tales, dramatic stories

I go out and make memories
As a farmer plants seeds I plant moments
I grow emotions and harvest love
I carry my crop with me everywhere I go
This love I produce sustains my soul
Satiates my body when it`s lonely
Feeds my heart when it’s hungry

I survive in seclusion because I’m in love
Always single and never alone
Connected to everything around me
And holding on to nothing
Always complete on my own
Farther away from this world
And closer to my place in eternity
Where we are one

In solitude



I planted seeds that didn`t grow
I watered and watched with love
But my flowers didn`t boom
I used the finest ground; my heart
But didn’t see any budding laurels

I wrote poems, recited from my soul
But his garden remained barren
Until a quiet stranger came along
With silence and painted pictures
She made his garden bloom in full

They were happy for a little while
Until he showed her the man I knew
They parted, said love wasn’t enough
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
No time to pollinate her garden flower

He searched for my lost deserted body
Asked to drink from my poison cactus
And I gave to him, until I had no more
And he moved on to another young soul
With fresh nectar to give, to sell, to lend

To keep his honey flowing golden
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
Takes a very special bee, a selfless queen
A lady blind to her needs, happy to please
For to love him is to give and give and give


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Question Mark

Is it her glowing cheek bones?
Poking out, emitting light
Radiating love, giving birth
To a goddess of love

Is it her heart shaped lips?
Inviting, suggesting
The softness of her skin
Or is it her tender words
Driving me nuts, up the wall I go
Craving to feel her delicate touch

Is it the curve of her back?
Distinguishing her from any other
Descending to her thin waist
And opening to her lower back
Leading down a gorgeous ass

Is it her inviting cleavage?
Hypnotizing, drawing me in
Keeping me looking
Staring, watching, listening
For her every move

What will she do next?
Can she steal my heart?
With her next words

Is it her sway?
The way her body swings
From side to side
From side to side
Goddess! Let me touch you
Just once, just once

Is it the way she looks at me?
That makes me jump from my seat
And follow her like a disciple
To read her holy body
And serve her, please that deity
To touch her flawless silhouette
Would send shivers through me

Is it the love in her heart?
Moving my soul closer to God
Keeping my eyes focused
On this beauty, oh, torture

Is it her divine light?
Glowing around her flawless figure
Or her devilish eyes, seducing
Prompting me to ask her for a kiss
Hum, I can`t decide

All I know is
When she speaks
When she walks by me
Swaying from side to side
I can`t help but stare in her eyes
And picture what it would be like
To kiss her and feel her body close to mine


Sunday, April 24, 2011


(Read in a British accent)

I wish I could attach myself to you
Inspire your words
Speak through you
Bond myself to you
Play you and let you play me
Fool you, love you
Let you fool me

Give me something to dream about
This afternoon-noon
A walk, a picnic--you feeding me berries
Kissing me-- holding me till nightfall
Give me something to smile about
Make it worthwhile
Give me full days and enchanted nights
Take me to kiss the moon
Stay with me-in delight-more than a night

Share your heart
Make me feel
Emotions I haven`t felt before
Create new feelings in my soul
Paint new memories in my world
Show me a body naked of fear
Inspire my mind
Teach me new ways to see

Two beats: one sound
Two bodies in synch
Making a life
An eternal soul place
Supporting each other`s dreams
Cultivating a garden of love
Growing understanding
Patience, blessings
Living together and growing old

If we could be one
Content, awake
We could love, respect
Trust the best for us
But we`re flawed, scared
Attached to the bone of life
Feeding on flesh to survive
Living, dying
Experiencing epiphanies
Awaking and falling asleep again

I wish I could but I can`t
Let you play me, fool me
Love me and leave me
For a day or a minute even
I want you for a lifetime
So I share my soul
I give my heart
Wrapped in pure love
And pray you`ll stay
With me


Monday, March 21, 2011

Can Love Lie

Who are you whom I love?
Can love lie
How do I attain peace loving?
Why must I feel the anxiety of a thousand men?
The agony of a defeated army in my chest
The desperation of a million slaves
With no chance to escape
My hands and feet chained
To a heavy trunk of hope
Unable to move
My mind weary, eager to resolve
The purpose of a love foregone

Where are you my love?
What do you wait for?
Take the little life I have—it’s yours
The magic of my soul, I render to you
You asked what I demand
What I want, desire, expect from you
I want nothing you cannot give
And everything you are willing to share
I want your fierce heart, my God of war
Your noble soul, my Spartan warrior
Your caring hands touching my soft face
Your loving arms embracing my waist
I want your warm body wrapped around me
Fainting, melting, intertwining
I want your heart
No more, no less, than what I give returned

Who are you whom I love?
Why must it hurt so much?
The pain of a hundred blades
Cutting through my flesh
The longing of a thousand women
Crying for their dead children
Why must there be leaving?
Why can’t my heart lie?
Can there be a happier life
Without you by my side
Without your footsteps on my soul
Without your handprints on my body
I’m not the woman they love
I’m a ghost
Not sleeping, eating, feeling
Loving but one soul

Where are you my love?
My letters remain unanswered
My kind gestures ignored
My offerings refused, left untouched
To rot outside your door
Knocking hopelessly, awaiting a relief
For your sickness
Your birthright, your troubled fortune
Dooms us all who try to touch you
Who are you?
Can love lie
Why must you leave?
A love as pure as mine

Come away with me
We haven’t much time
God’s wrath falls upon us
Nature’s fury reaps cities
Our time together, destined but short
The clock began counting backwards
Only a couple years of loving
Before the clock strikes goodbye
Time is racing, the days are shorter
Come to me, I stand still waiting
In the same cold place you left me
Without your warmth I am frozen
Come, ignite me with your light
Renew me with your touch
Rekindle the fire that is us
Take my hand, walk me through infinity
Accept love-give me the solace I long for
Come claim the beauty that is yours
Let me crown you King of my body
Ruler of my heart, Master of my soul

Where are you my love?

Can love lie

Who are you whom I love?


Thursday, February 24, 2011


You wake up and change!
You improve
So you can approve
What you see in the mirror;
The aspirations surfacing
The dreams you painted
Framed in your mind
The person you’re meant to be
Want to be
Know how to be-
In this life

Haven`t lived long enough
To distinguish a mirage from a river
Floating through your being
Awakening the good
That makes you want to grow and transit out
Because you’ve felt a greater good
Inspiring your values, your character
What you stand for in life

You incept
To achieve
Realize, bring to life
To light
The soul, the magic, the wizard inside

You wake up and change!
Grow; ascend; create
Sketch, draw, paint
A life; a dream; a purpose

You wake up and change!
Into a higher being
Conscious, aware--in love
With all you`ve got

You accept, thank and forgive:
Yourself, God and them
For everything is everything
And everything is perfect



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free Yourself

Love is here to set you free
But you insist on clinging
To people
To feelings
To moments gone

Love is here to set you free
But you want to own it
Control it
Buy it
Use it
Then throw it away and start again
Down a foolish path leading nowhere

Love is here to set you free
The door is open but you refuse to leave
The box you locked yourself in
Filled with prejudice and fears
Preconceived ideas
Idealized perception
Faltered sense
Of a feeling so pure, so free
Of hatred, jealousy, vanity
Ego, pride and greed

Love is here to set you free
If you would only
Feel instead of think
Open your heart courageously
Quiet the mind and allow the soul
To grow aware, compassionate
To care for those around you
To fill someone´s heart with a smile

Love is here to set you free
If you would only
Let go of expectations, selfishness
Accept the beauty around you
Cherish each moment as if it were your last
Let love guide you

Love is here to set you free
If you would only let it


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In love; in lesson

Your presence in my life can be seen in my eyes
Your feeling remains after years have gone by
Your picture still clear in my mind
Your shadow follows everywhere I try to hide
My soul looks forward to meeting yours
My body awaits your awakening embrace
My mind dreams of your peaceful voice
My longing for a day damned by this day and age
To see your perfect face, touch your diamond skin
To press my lips against yours and let you take me
To live the life my heart desires--designed for us
To sit and read my poems to you under our tree
Where`s the beauty that completes me
Where`s the man that hurts me with his breathing
Where`s the hands that bruise me with caresses
Where`s the owner of my composing spirit
Baby there has been no happiness without you
Baby I want to lay with you in the field of my dreams
Baby I want to feel the future my heart sees us in
Baby let me touch you, let me hold you, let me live


Where art thou

Your presence in my life can be seen in my eyes
Your feeling remains after years have gone by
Your picture still clear in my mind
Your shadow follows everywhere I try to hide
My soul looks forward to meeting yours
My body awaits your awakening embrace
My mind dreams of your peaceful voice
My longing for a time damned by this day and age
To see your perfect face, touch your diamond skin
To press my lips against yours and let you take me
To live the life my heart desires--designed for us
To sit and read my poems to you under our tree
Where`s the beauty that completes me
Where`s the man that hurts me with his breathing
Where`s the hands that bruise me with caresses
Where`s the owner of my composing spirit
Baby there has been no happiness without you
Baby I want to lay with you in the field of my dreams
Baby I want to feel the future my heart sees us in
Baby let me touch you, let me hold you, let me live


Love in the Lesson

I touched heaven when we kissed
My body stood still and my soul
Flew away to a place of perfect love
Where my spirit lives trapped in bliss
Awaiting my body to come along
And release me from this haven
Where I reside alone-- for years now
Loving a fantasy that was never true
Never could be or will be in this world
If I had a say in this I would of quit you
Long ago-- before I grew addicted to this
To the lesson I`ve been sent here to learn
To give all I have to love--and let go


Lesson Learned

Your angelic smile enchants their heart now
Your gentle caress soothes their skin now
The bliss you blessed my body with is now theirs
I let go-- I opened the door and released my love

You share with a new set of hands and feet now
Someone else touches the beauty that is your soul
A new vessel of light pleases your body and mind
Someone new inspires the song in your heart

The man I thought would fly with me forever
Now shares a nest with another bird
The life I dreamed for us together
Now takes place in another world

The kisses we shared--the warmth felt between our bodies
Is now a cold memory of a time I knew perfect love
Your embrace is another`s resting place
And I can`t look in the mirror without seeing your face

Deep within me--peeking through my complexion
Love`s dew--our essence--stretched thin by foreign hands
When we´re single we live in memories;
In relationships in dreams; in death in reality

I never belonged to you as you never belonged to me
Our souls belong to one, and to the one we shall return
Sooner than later we will leave the dream and truly live
You, me, him, her--Together again--As one



I locked myself in a box and threw away the key
Then came a stranger and teleported himself in
I told him to go away but he didn`t listen to me
We lived together for a while until I killed him

Time passed then a troubled man appeared
He asked me to help him escape his fears
Soon it got crowded for our insanity combined
He refused to leave so I set the box on fire

We were sent to heaven--all three boxed souls
Placed in three separate boxes alongside the other
Where we could see, hear and smell each other
Forever side by side without ever touching again


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A conversation between a Man and his Soul

And the soul screamed,
“You`re killing me, for lack of growth--you`re dimming me!”

And the man dismissively said,
“Oh don`t be dramatic! If you are eternal, if you truly exist,
What business does a mere mortal have with a perpetual being?”

And the soul exclaimed in agony,
“Oh, release me--let love in!
Why must you arrest me, imprison me in make-believe?”

And the man sarcastically whispered,
“If you are real, why don`t you heal me,
Take away the burden, the pain this existence instills in me?
You want me to believe in a love that cannot stop suffering?
What about my wounds, my scars,
The sorrow eating me alive, rotting my body and mind?”

And the soul confidently answered,
“Allow me to grow, to flourish,
To shine through your skin, perspire from your being,
Let me kill the hate spiraling in your heart, let me dry your teary mind,
Heal your broken thoughts.”

And the man hopelessly cried,
“I believed in you once, in your God given power,
I worshiped your light but saw none of your might!
You claim to live in me but all I feel is pain,
Love wrapped in hurt, torturing my flesh, testing how much I can bear.”

And the wise soul explained,
“You worshiped shadows, demons in white robes--
Earthly mystical creatures thriving in divine ignorance--
Feeding on human souls desperate for love.
You invested your faith in evil, bargained with creatures for instant delight,
You offered your soul as payment for deeds of darkness.
Mistakenly you prayed, blindly you sought a dream,
A love with reward that does not exist, sustain or fulfill.”

And the man angrily replied,
“How was I suppose to know
I was praying to darkness instead of light?"

And the soul patiently replied,
“You never had faith in the source,
The creator, the vessel that brought you to earth,
The force that gave you life, inspired your growth, allowed you to fly.
You asked to be loved but ignored the spring that gives you breath, warmth, delight!”

And the man doubtfully uttered,
“I believed in divinity, in forever,
In a resting place with the angels and saints.
I prayed for life and received only death,
I asked for love and felt only sorrow and regret!
What can you possibly give me that I haven´t learned through pain?”

And the soul kindly explained,
“Peace; a righteous conscience, a clear mind!
My Love can bless you with ancient wisdom,
Play you an angel`s song that’ll soothe your heart,
Bless you with knowledge, understanding, growth.
I can’t cure your wounds,
For, in your pain, there are lessons you’ve been sent here to learn,
But I can take away your doubts, your fear
And replace them with courage and purpose.
I can give you compassion and a healthy, happy life.”

And the man excitedly asked,
“What must I do to experience this joy?

And the soul confidently said,
“Kill the ego, forgive the wrongs you have done against God and his people,
Accept me, believe in love, feel me living within you,
Freed from this cage you’ve built for us.
Let me learn, let me grow, be one with your mind, body and heart.
Cultivate me, inspire light, love unconditionally, everyone including us.”

And the man eagerly said,
“I will if you give me eternal life.”

And the soul sadly responded,
“This is not a bargain; to experience love you must leave your ego behind.
For if I am, then you are love and light--forever and never apart.”

And the man mockingly said,
“I still have a lifetime to get it right.”

And the soul quietly whispered,
“Or an eternity to get it wrong.”


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flawed Gifts

She was a brilliant writer but a lousy lover
He was a great entertainer but an unfaithful husband
She was a good domestic but an angry woman
He was an effective teacher but a cold gentleman
She was a successful artist but a rotten mother
He was a praised coach but an ignorant partner
She was a caring lover but an insolent daughter
He was a giving friend but an ungrateful son
She was a good scholar but a mean companion
He was a famous entrepreneur but a mad man
She was a talented singer but an abusive friend
He was a good player but a poor giver
She was strong emotionally but poor spiritually
He was financially wealthy but lacked awareness
And so we parted, broken hearted
Missing each other’s gifts and flaws

For in our gifts we found inspiration
Aspiration to be better beings
And in our flaws we found strength
To accept our imperfections
To live, to learn, to grow, to change
To give ourselves another chance



Monday, January 31, 2011

Screwing the World

Lets imagine a universe of you and I
Where we're the only humans
Just us and the wild
A world of right now
No past mutations of our genes
No vital instincts to determine our actions
No past relationships to bias our logic
No mistakes and regrets
No fears, no survival tactics
No history to mold our present
No morals to set us apart
No conformities to adopt to
No principles to live by
No fights over ethics
No beliefs to defend and argue about
No religion to convert to
No cynicism, no pessimism to part us
Just us and our universal touch
Just kisses, only each other's lips
One hand for me to hold
One taste to describe sweet
One neck to fondle
Only my breasts and your torso
Only my thighs to squeeze and compare softness
Just you and me
Screw the world!


Run Towards...

Run towards the one who fights for you,
And away from neglect.
Run towards the one who waits for you,
And away from loneliness.
Run towards the one who misses you,
And away from hypocrisy.
Run towards the one who completes you,
And away from misery.
Run towards the one who believes in you,
And away from pessimism.
Run towards the one who pleases you,
And away from abuse.
Run towards the one who inspires you,
And away from failure.
Run towards the one who understands you,
And away from ignorance.
Run towards the one who exults you,
And away from depression.
Run towards the one who strengthens you,
And away from sorrow.
Run towards the one who desires and shares truth,
Who opens their heart to you.
Run towards the one running towards you.


Friday, January 28, 2011

ln Bubbles

They spin around me
In loud Rushing silence
Walking, running, stumbling- cursing lifeless things
Angry towards senseless objects- the only innocent targets

The slow and fast paced get kicked, squeezed-
pushed out of the way

Seemingly human
Various ages and races
Same planet; different planes-Status and destination
Same species-Ranked classification

Most sit, many stand and few wonder
Handicapped men and women
Death at heart and mute in soul
Blind to acknowledge an honest smile

Faintly breathing-
Inside Compassionate-free bubbles
Some show signs of life
But when I look into their eyes
Their cyber minds begin to analyze-
Appearance-traits and gear-
Determine compatibility

Prejudiced morals and biased perceptions
Outweighs love and intuition
My surface- Speaks to their minds
Tells my biography And pumps ignorance-
Into a bubble reality-Self Fiction

Some float towards and others expand away
Liars approach and haters scorn
in see through shields

I rise and another slides in-
Behind, in front, over and under me-
A struggle for my seat

Doors open
The few who wish to leave are blocked in;
Power suits, Jumpsuits, Trench coats, hoods and Caps
Designer fabrics, oversized logos and price tags-
Scares-Clouds-Suppresses understanding
Different Means; Same instinct
Diverse strangers; One gang
Men shoving women
Children pushing elders….

I join in-
Impolitely push to exit
A struggle through revolving gates
I ask myself-
Why do they run?
Are they ALL late?
Why do they push to get a few feet ahead?

I stand to the slde and watch the mob go by

Now- late- I walk up the steps-
step over the homeless blocking the exit-
Leave subway desolation
And enter street seclusion

"Down" Town and "Up" Town merge
I open my heart- put on my see through shield
and float about


My Purpose

And you are here-
by be-in me

I search-I try to grasp
to hold a feeling-
to trap your bliss

But you are more-
than just hope-
You-I cannot hold-
you are forever and never;
always present but always growing

You are not to hold-to carry-to keep
You are a tale-truth in form
You are my essence-always transforming

Truth-always ready for release

I cannot keep you-I cannot hold you
But I can feel you
and grow brighter-
in your essence
in your presence
in your peace-heaven

You-I'll always know
I'll tell your tale-
to all who know-
but cannot see-the truth they hold

I'll be you-as long as you remember-
me-love-heaven in earthly form
embrace me-grow-become me

Without space between us-
We are one-
in truth
in love-
for all to see and find-
within themselves-
endless compassion

We are Love-
Always and Forever-
Never Still and
Eternally struggling-
to grasp all-

the seekers and the lost


My Rainbow

Like a rainbow
You reflect beauty onto my world
You're a divine creation
Born into my life after a summer storm

Your beauty is dynamic
Purposeful, ever changing
Surpassing all standards
You're beyond and above this planet

You've built a home within my spirit
A passionate harbor of peace
A boundless playground for my soul's release

Your mischievous flare captivates
My heart leaps into the spring beyond your gaze
A fountain of innocence transmitting awareness
You're more than I can envision

One moment by you fulfills love's prophecy
You are genuine passion
Untamed, effortless
Independent of attraction is our divine reaction
The joy in your touch sets me on fire

Your pleasure incinerates all fears
Your honest caress purifies my skin
Our spirits collide when our bodies meet
Within your heart my soul lays complete

Your lips are heaven
Your kiss awakens the sleeping beauty within me
You are eternities worth of searching
Everything I'd been seeking

A light being of celestial descent
You're my magical fit
Endearing compassion enchanting my being
reshaping my temple
giving life meaning
seizing existence
the beginning of living

Everything you are is right to me
Our chemical reaction is life's gift
You are my Love embodied

Because of your love I am compelled to believe
Some things in life are meant to be


Why Live...

To be hated for what you believe in
To be ridiculed because you're not a follower
To be excluded because you "care too much"
To be taken advantage because you are honest
To be misunderstood because you are frank
To feel physically alone and spiritually complete
To cry for your brother's unhappiness
And to bleed for those you didn't know you loved
To recognize the wrong and be thankful you're not part of it
To discern the bitter tastes of this world
And to feast on all of its sweetness
To witness the death of evil;
To feel hate crawl through your skin
And watch it die as it reaches your heart
To love more than you ever thought you could
And to cry for their incapacity to love
To never feeling alone or scared
To use the word never and mean it
This is what I live for
And why?
Because God is in my heart
And love is my conscience


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give and Take

Many will love you
Few will ignore you
My love is forever
My passion eternal
My soul calls me closer
To the heart that inspires
My emotion; poetry; purpose
Take away this exhaustion
That comes with loving
Blindly; Freely; Boldly
Leave tenderness
Kill selfishness
Embarrass the ego
Give me unconditional
Let me live
Let me learn
To give more than I get
To take the good with the bad
Give me patience, discipline
To embrace the challenges
To learn the lessons
My soul was designed to
Created, programmed to
Love and forgive!
Let me be
One with humanity
Let me know
Let me see
Let me feel everything
Understand what it means
To live without strings!
To reject, to resist
To have fear to commit
Is to die while you live
My path runs forever
My love flow’s eternal
Everlasting is my essence
Stirring within your soul
Whether you love or leave
Take or give


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“I still love you”

You said NO!
I looked away
With tears in my eyes
You rushed me away
Asking if I was ok
While you stepped on my head
“I still love you…let me stay!”
“Don’t push me away!”
A broken heart shows no mercy
For a soul in flames
Consumed by longing, hurt and shame
There is no easy way to say
The agony of standing before you
While you deny me
The anxiety breeding inside me
While you coldly ignore me
“I still love you…let me stay!”
“Don`t push me away!”
There is no easy way to say
“I still love you”



I get dressed
Walk out of my house
Stop by the side of the road
Stretch my body out
I run, I walk- I jog
Fast, faster, slow, slower
But always moving forward
To them, through them
Who pass and wave
Cheering me on
When I`m tired and breathless
I keep on moving
To them, through them
The trees that surround
The mountains that embrace me
From all four corners
It`s pure beauty
The stomping sound
My sneaker makes when it hits the ground
The relationship I`ve built with the road
The cars speeding by
The trucks waving hi
Sometimes I reply
To my friends that stroll by
Slowing their cars to say goodbye
Walking or riding, horses and bikes
Some of them stop
To watch me sweat
My blood and tears pleases them
Because they know
I run, I walk- I jog
Fast, faster, slow, slower
But always moving forward


Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Love

A passionate glance summons my soul
I'm pulled into your sea
Gentle waves caress me
I let my body go loose
Soaked lungs-my breath is yours
A thousand kisses on my heart
A million love flavors-
Explosion-tongues touch
Your warm embrace shocks my soul
Body absorbs charge-
Heavenly touch
My heart accepts tender kisses
On in and around-
Our souls collide
Without space between us-
One body, one heart
Two minds combined in truth
To feel the most
To spread divine and make one eternal love
Our reflection in each other incites
Our reflection in the mirror excites
Full pleasure- body and soul unite
Perfect Paradise
Truth nourishes my heart
Love speaks through your words
Planted eternally is your essence within my soul
You flourish my mind with masterful wisdom
And make my rose bloom
With each breath stroke
Within your soul I am a mermaid
Flapping my tail eternally


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lovers Rejoice

He came into my life with a message
I stretched my hand out to clutch
And he dissolved into molecules
His perfect world united with my broken universe
His talents overlapped my flaws gracefully
Our souls that longed lost
Found each other`s verse
Shadows of past lovers left me
My mind was cleansed of sorrow
In his presence I found perfection
His wisdom gave me direction
An instant in his sight and I saw the light
His mind clashed with mine
Our differences surfaced and evaporated in moments
My soul was lifted to a utopian time
Darkness vanished and all was divine
There was an explosion of emotion
Pain and fear were incinerated
Faith and desire emancipated
Love ignited in my heart
And burned throughout my body
My eyes lit in flames and my skin burned red
All that was broken came together and I was whole again
Stars were shining in and around us
Our bodies sang and we chanted the same song
The closer we came the faster we melted
Love broke us down to rebuilt us together
Now we are one soul in two bodies
Sharing one love
Dancing the same dance
Singing the same song
Our bodies move in sync
Intertwined in each other
Creating our own universe
Of consciousness
And lovers rejoice