Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lesson Learned

Your angelic smile enchants their heart now
Your gentle caress soothes their skin now
The bliss you blessed my body with is now theirs
I let go-- I opened the door and released my love

You share with a new set of hands and feet now
Someone else touches the beauty that is your soul
A new vessel of light pleases your body and mind
Someone new inspires the song in your heart

The man I thought would fly with me forever
Now shares a nest with another bird
The life I dreamed for us together
Now takes place in another world

The kisses we shared--the warmth felt between our bodies
Is now a cold memory of a time I knew perfect love
Your embrace is another`s resting place
And I can`t look in the mirror without seeing your face

Deep within me--peeking through my complexion
Love`s dew--our essence--stretched thin by foreign hands
When we´re single we live in memories;
In relationships in dreams; in death in reality

I never belonged to you as you never belonged to me
Our souls belong to one, and to the one we shall return
Sooner than later we will leave the dream and truly live
You, me, him, her--Together again--As one


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