Saturday, August 14, 2010

You are Music

Words pour out of my soul
To compliment the man in you
The sweet symphony playing
The sound of my spirit singing
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven
Your love in every piece of music
You take every form, every instrument
You’re the sweet piano, the dreamy flute
You’re the confident scream of the violin
Your face marks every concerto and serenade
You’re in every lyric, in every word and song note
In my favorite music, in my dearest artists
You resonate through my body
Awakening every pleasure possible
Tempting, inviting, your rhythm carries me
To warm nights beside you
Your taste, your skin, your eyes
Calling my body, telling my mind
You want but you wont
You wont but you want
This music keeps me here
The fantasies we conceived
Love unrealized, feelings tortured
To follow my desires and see you
To deceive the hand that feeds me
To ignore the love of my life
Clouding memory, makes my heart die
Without nourishment, you give nothing
Before we were alone together
Now I am alone, alone
You’re a simple being, content with knowing
Is this when I lose you forever?
This music, this horror, this reminiscence
I’ve mourned you countless times
It’s harder every time we say goodbye
This melody won’t let me sleep
Your presence in every thought I think
Your love in every gesture, at every glance
Your voice, your words, your reasons
Conflicting music, different genres dancing
Intervening spirits making new music
Clouding your memory, keeping you distant
I‘m silent in your heart, screaming in your soul
A reminder of true love, a symphony playing
Music for the spirit