Sunday, April 24, 2011


(Read in a British accent)

I wish I could attach myself to you
Inspire your words
Speak through you
Bond myself to you
Play you and let you play me
Fool you, love you
Let you fool me

Give me something to dream about
This afternoon-noon
A walk, a picnic--you feeding me berries
Kissing me-- holding me till nightfall
Give me something to smile about
Make it worthwhile
Give me full days and enchanted nights
Take me to kiss the moon
Stay with me-in delight-more than a night

Share your heart
Make me feel
Emotions I haven`t felt before
Create new feelings in my soul
Paint new memories in my world
Show me a body naked of fear
Inspire my mind
Teach me new ways to see

Two beats: one sound
Two bodies in synch
Making a life
An eternal soul place
Supporting each other`s dreams
Cultivating a garden of love
Growing understanding
Patience, blessings
Living together and growing old

If we could be one
Content, awake
We could love, respect
Trust the best for us
But we`re flawed, scared
Attached to the bone of life
Feeding on flesh to survive
Living, dying
Experiencing epiphanies
Awaking and falling asleep again

I wish I could but I can`t
Let you play me, fool me
Love me and leave me
For a day or a minute even
I want you for a lifetime
So I share my soul
I give my heart
Wrapped in pure love
And pray you`ll stay
With me