Tuesday, July 21, 2015


His burning skin sizzling as though it were the coat of a stallion running wild in the desert sun,

His exuding pores releasing mouths full of cooling dew immersing my flaming skin in his scent, 

His dripping wet hair rubbing against my flushed cheeks, his sticky sweat arousing me,

His glistening abs grinding against my soft belly, sparking light, spinning bolts of fire,

His life force within me, the intensity of an Arabian horse galloping inside me,

Riding through untouched places, expelling idle visitors, creating new marks and dents and ripples,

And I learned that he was water, transparent and fluid; rivers carving paths; streams meeting seas; ocean waves crashing bodies.


My skin remembers his probing fingers, his fiery tongue tasting my petal's sweetness, 

The ardent fever induced by my passionate kisses, the loud pleasure filled sighs released through our open mouths,

The risks taken to enable experience,  the heights climbed to taste each other's essence. 


I turn on the cold water in the shower, lean my back against the tiled wall and with my arms suspended above my head I envision tall waterfalls pouring over my breasts,

I close my eyes and touch my bare skin, I dream of rushing rivers running between me, filling my body, soaking my senses, cleansing my spirit,
I see myself swimming in oceans, floating on water, letting wild waves crash my body,

I see him traveling fluidly, exploring the spectrum of elements; flooding my earth, inhaling fire, swaying wind; 

Intertwined between long earthy stems, pleased and pleasing. 


Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm humbled by the great works. Over confidence deters growth. Amazing is relative to perspective. 

Greatness is defined by what one can achieve that others have not or what one can introduce or innovate. 

I wouldn't want to be called great in comparison to the not so great. Just because you are more skilled than others doesn't make you the best. 

There will always be someone more skilled than you, but not more original, for originality is an attribute of the individual. 

Now, I wouldn't mind being described as natural and fluid.