Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slip Into My Skin

Your touch drowns me,
Love pours through my body,
Like honey, making me sticky,
Wet with sweetness, soaking my skin,
Immersing my soul in ecstasy.

Your fingers reach inside me,
You touch my heart with ease,
The slightest feel infatuates,
Your hands reach into my soul,
You touch every nerve, every organ,
Grabbing, pulling my insides out,
Soaked in tenderness--I drown.

And you turn me on my belly,
Caress my chest, kiss my neck, bite my back,
And I’m gone, somewhere I can’t describe--
Lost in your hands, in your world, where you do your worst
And I allow, surrender to your heart’s desire-
To your lustful demands-- I am yours to have, to please,

Take my beauty, taint my soul, claim my heart--it’s yours.
Pour yourself into me, fall into every inch of my body,
Flood me, engulf me, fill me with your everything,
Sink into me, submerge me, dress me with your silhouette.

Fill every pore with your beauty, your graceful spirit,
Dip me in your essence, soak me in your sweet nectar,
Merge your body with mine, slip into my skin,
Let our hearts meet, smile together in one pulsating beat,
Let our souls speak, teach each other mystic secrets.

Infuse your body with mine, let me feel you inside,
Let our mouths meet, our lips dance, our tongues taste,
Let me smell the back of your neck, memorize your scent,
Let me feel you close, hold you against me as tight as I can,
I want everything you desire and love but ten times more,
Take my body, my heart, my soul--It’s all yours, my love.