Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I removed the hindering veil from my eyes
I took off the restraining robe of ignorance
I found courage to accept what you are

A ghost, a premonition of a man
A wicked spirit, a light eyed demon
A heart in embers, a burning corpse

I looked upon you, restless in your coffin
Dormant beauty, contagious vulnerability
I thought my radiance could awaken you

To melt the ice around your heart
To warm your soul with God's peace
To rest your mind with lover's wisdom

Between compassion and surrender
I grew addicted to feeling your terror
I betrayed my intuition for a winged demon

I adopted a ghost, I gave you human form
I turned you into a dream to sustain my art
A vampire and a dove, until you turned me

Lost integrity, stripped of all humanity
I was ruled by fear and instinct, surviving
Beneath you, following your demands

You showed me off and then drained me
From white to purple, from bones to ashes
You cut my neck, you bleed me empty

You left me sick to die, crawling underground
But I survived your coffin, with immortality
Your venom revived me, I lived to tell my story

Restored faith, renewed light, regained dignity
And you won't feed on me, my flesh, my energy
My blood, my sanity, you can't take from me

Now you're just a monster beneath my bed
A boogie man inside my shoes and garments
A ghost roaming the streets, a vampire in a bar

Looking for fresh blood, preying on little girls
Ruining good women for the good men
Playing hearts, turning souls to ghosts

Taking strength to sustain your dead ego
I see you now, I didn't want to before
A human shell, an evil creature, a subhuman


Saturday, August 24, 2013

All I know is Now

My desire is cold,
calculated fantasies,
restrained spontaneity,
grounded freedom.
My heart is open,
shared freely
with all who need it.
My body is guarded,
in conscious isolation,
aware of the dangers
of openness.
My soul is free,
wondering through your dreams,
pleasing your desires,
open to your fantasies,
roaming in your body,
waking your hidden longings,
inciting emotion,
freeing your feelings.
All I know is now...
if my soul should rise and fall
I'll never know,
if I should succeed or fail in my attempts
I'll never know,
I cannot tell the difference
between winning and losing,
between high and low,
Between success and failure.
For I live in the clouds,
I thrive in the now,
I live for today,
I give it away,
I spend it all now,
no feelings get saved,
no frustration remains,
I give it away,
I express my desires,
I pray for nourishment,
I take what I need,
I sustain my hunger,
For soul food,
For love,
For wisdom,
For purpose.
Why be one idea
when we can be two worlds
in one universe?
Why accept and conform
When we can inspire growth
Through doubt and difference?
Your opposing qualities
draw me closer,
to grow from your flaws,
to learn from your vices,
to become stronger
in the light of your qualities,
To love you for love,
To accept you for you.
To rise or to fall,
to love or to fight,
to break or to marry,
these ideas don't concern me.
All I know is now...


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Love is for the brave,
the fearless,
the selfless,
the compassionate.

Love is for those strong
enough to give,
cultivate and express it.

Love is for the strong hearted,
the free spirited,
the spontaneous minded,

Love is for the risk takers,
the dream chasers,
the thinkers, the ruminators.

Love is for those who plant,
who nurture,
love is for those interested in growing,
evolving, for love is a star in motion.

Love is a seed that gives fruit
to more seeds that need planting
and nurturing to continue to thrive.

And only those who observe
and understand love's cycle
can remain in love,
with love,
for love.

I love unconditionally,
I'm constantly renewing,
cultivating, changing, evolving,
planting, nurturing, reaping fruits
and replanting seeds,

For I want to stay in love for as long as I live.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

I miss you

I haven't exhausted my heart completely
I haven't given everything to this love

I'm still waiting for your soul to find me
I still believe you'll come for me this lifetime

I'm craving a love I've only longed for
We were only together in my fantasies

What else is left
for me to give to you, my love
What else can I learn
from this surrender

Lover, you know me so well
And yet, your reason can blind you
Show me your purposeful heart
Share with me your majestic spirit

I want to scream
I want to reach out
But I know
you won't see me with holy eyes

It's time like these
I wish you'd let me love you
Let me guide you
Let me show you

How selfish is that
Desiring to free you for my benefit
How self centered would I be
To awaken you, so you could love me

I want to call and say I miss you
I want to knock and say I need you
I want to hug and feel you
I want our lips touching again

These affairs fade away
I'm not concerned with missed dates
I'm not excited for any meeting
It is you that I want to love in the finale

It's you, infatuating my heart
It's your light, contagious in my soul
It's your image that always comes first
It's you, I've been waiting for

I feel your heart calling
This feeling tortures me
The calling of your soul
For my unconditional love

Denying my desires
only made me hungrier
I long to be entangled with you
Intertwined with your soul

To touch your face
To lay my body beside you
To feel you close to my heart again

Wake up, my love, I miss you


Let me go

Remove the dagger from my heart
Even if it tears me apart
Take out the sword
Spill my blood

What else is left
What more can I give
What else can I offer
But my life, my love

This fever I endure
My fists filled with tears
My face hot with love
My chest tight and sore

I lay in your bed of thorns
The more I move the more it hurts
My conscience tells me to stay put
But I reach out and touch you

They say you're not my pain
That I simply gave you the right
The title of king of my body
The crown for ruling my heart

But it's your sweet lips I see
When I close my eyes
It is your skin I want to touch
When I feel love inside me

I'm not as free as I claim to be
For my heart lies in your hands
Between your pride and courage
I lay waiting your soul to awaken

Remove your dagger from my heart
Even if it tears me apart
Take out your sword
Spill my blood

Let me go


Don't want to fall asleep

I don't want to fall asleep 
I know you're there
Waiting for me
Ready to embrace me 
And I can't bare 
To feel you
To kiss you
I don't want you like this 
I don't want to fall asleep
I know you're in my dreams 
Anticipating our meeting
And I can't bare
To feel you
To kiss you
And wake  up alone again 

No right way of conduct

There is no right way of conduct
In a world where people cultivate
Disgusting feelings such as hate,
jealousy, greed, insecurity
There's no appropriate way to act
When everyone's sickness is different

There's no proper way to be
When some are free spirits
but others are locked in cages
While some are seeking cures
And others are spreading diseases
While some are sharing unconditionally
And others are contained in self made prisons

In a world where few are fearless
And many are afraid of change and instability
You can't be too spontaneous
Too impulsive, too sweet, too loving
You must think twice before you show
Your true colors, your genuine emotion

In a world where many are filled with fear
Afraid of anything different from themselves
Afraid of looking bad in the light of your good will
Afraid of not being good enough compared to your charity
Afraid of your art because they might die
without creating anything worth remembering

There's no real way to know how to behave
When some are rooting for you to fail
While others who can help are standing by doing nothing
In a world of tortured, tamed minds
The artist is exploited and casted out
In a world of mental illnesses and spiritual diseases
Those attempting to heal themselves are outcastes

And don't you dare attempt to show your true feelings
Don't you dare esteem yourself or others "too much"
Someone is bound to dislike your freedom
Of thought
Of expression
Of love
Of ambition
Of prosperity

Don't you get too talented, too rich, too beautiful
Or they will cast you out like a leper
You see, some friends watch you like a TV series
They enjoy the first couple of seasons
They praise your thoughts, support your ideas
From behind the screen
But as soon as your ideas begin to expand
And your storyline starts to take a new turn
They will get mad, begin to criticize
Your personal decisions about your own life

When you start to go in a different direction
To challenge their beliefs
To surpass their harnessed understanding
They will withdraw, stop watching you
They will cancel you
After welcoming you into their homes
And showering you with excitement and kind words

You see,
there is no appropriate way of conduct
So be yourself
Do what you want to do
Say what you'd like to say
Scream, run, curse, confront
Give, show, heal, grow
And drive far far far away
From those standing by
Poking fun
Waiting for your show to be canceled
Rooting for you to burn



The mirror tells me my eyes are green
Either the sun is shining in
Or I'm tearing because
I'm thinking of you

I've buried myself
Underneath my intellect
Behind my poetry
Within my books

I hid my love for you
Inside old poems
In empty futures
In places I'll never go

I've caged you
In tears that come out through sobs
In screams that escape my fingers
When I place my hand over my face
To cover the desperate cry of despair

Of longing, of shame
For wanting you
They tell me, is a disgrace

I float alone in my life boat
As I attempt to grow courage to jump
To fall into the whirlpool that surrounds me
Spinning me in circles, keeping me in distress

I run from your end
Attempting to arrive at an end
Where I can share my heart again
With a soul who doesn't cut me down

You burry yourself in the crowds
You hide in front of the lights
You cage your heart with alcohol
You float from bed to bed
Creating a means to an end

But I have no crowd to run to
No lights desiring my presence
And the water I drink doesn't numb anything
But I can't blame my pain on your ignorance
I can't ask you to save me from this vengeance
I've taken upon myself



Farewell, my love
Sweet were the times
You made my knees weak
Pulled me in gently
And kissed my lips
Sweet were the times
You swept me off my feet
From spotting me at the gym
To dancing the night away
And cuddling the day away
Under the sheets
From kissing me at every red light
To asking me to be yours for eternity
You had a special way of flattering

To our sweet conversations
And the sweet walks
We took in each other's heart
The journeys we embarked in thought
The dreams we created under the covers
The trips you planned for us
The fantasies we never realized
The relationship that never was
Farewell to being my muse for life

Farewell, my love
You taught me trust
The last man to take half my heart
You kept me from returning
To a soul who gave little or nothing
Compared to your generous offerings
For this I'm grateful
You made me feel wanted, desired
Worthy, satisfied, content
In your fashion, you gave to me
Gifts I'll never forget

Mr. Bright lights
Mr. Random visits
Mr. Ardent encounters
Mr. Numbed hips
Mr. Dapper
Mr. One and only
Mr. Never and forever

Farewell, my love
We were almost lovers
We were almost friends
Bad timing didn't allow
The trust we needed
To flourish in full
My past, your present
Your vices, my habits
My self centeredness
The lies and infidelity

Lover of nothing
I pray you find your way
I wish you the best of today
And if life leads you to water
Drink it, my love, trust in The Lord
Have faith in your purpose
Be the change you wish for
Our paths are different
But our hearts are one
And you carry my love
Wherever you go

Farewell, Beloved
You weren't wrong
Perhaps misunderstood
Misguided and judged
Not everyone can see
The beautiful heart you hold
And in spite our differences
I did love you
I gave you the little I had to give
And I pray it made a difference
In the person you are today
I pray you find your way
And that the unconditional love I gave
Added to your substance today



Friday, August 9, 2013

Why did I choose to love you?

I chose you because 
you were the hardest choice
I chose you because
you had the greatest potential
I chose you because 
through you God could teach me
what I needed to learn
I chose you because 
you challenged me
to think outside my box
to reflect on things unknown
to empty all stored knowledge 
and start over
I chose you because 
you didn't love yourself
and because of that 
you could teach me how 
to love Unconditionally
compassionately, selflessly
I loved you without expectation 
without pride, without ego
I loved you to breaking point 
and then I loved you more
I gave until it hurt
and then I bled some more
I surrendered all I was
I loved you until I was no more
I gave until my soul was poor
Why did I choose to love you?
I chose you because 
I didn't love myself
because I didn't know 
how frightened and lost I was
I chose you because 
the love I had for Christ 
needed to be reinforced
deep rooted into my soul
I chose you because 
the illusions I had
needed to be shattered
I chose you because 
I didn't know 
How dormant I was 
I chose you because 
only with you 
could I break completely
And awaken 
In Christ consciousness 


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Optimum health; allowing the body to function at it's best, cleansing, detoxing, healing the vital organs and preventing diseases from developing. Without contamination from harmful meat and meat products your body performs all the natural cleaning and rejuvenating duties efficiently, slowing down the aging process, revitalizing and strengthening your bones and organs.

It is the best diet for creatives, cleansing the spirit of stresses and burdens that block inspiration. I write almost everyday now, compared to when I use to eat meat on a regular basis and only wrote once a week or less, with less ease and more effort.

Improved energy; easier workouts, the endurance to exercise for longer periods, lift heavier and endure rigorous workouts. Plant protein is quickly absorbed by the muscles, allowing for faster recovery and the rebuilding of muscle.

Vigorous sexual energy; a cleaner body and spirit means healthy reproductive organs and a clear receptive and compassionate heart, thus allowing you to connect fully with your body and your partner's.

This conscious lifestyle of showing compassion for animals also promotes a sustainable environment. By eating meat produced in plant farms you are supporting a system and companies that make billions of dollars by destroying the land, torturing and killing innocent beings daily.

Your government has already begun arrangements to control the increasing population, they have even built underground shelters for themselves and those who can afford to stay alive once the genocide begins. We're consuming all of the world's resources by buying into the materialistic, polluting lifestyle. Unless you take responsibility and change, the government or the planet will take charge and kill most of us to preserve the planet.

There are enough resources for everyone, there's enough land and food to sustain six billion, even nine billion people, but not living the way we are living. Animal plant farms pollute the earth more than oil and gas companies do, the damage done by meat farming is greater than global warming.

We have been given a chance to evolve, we've entered into a new cycle, to become a more aware, conscious, compassionate human being. The only way we'll survive and make room for everyone is to convert to a diet that depends mostly on plants. We are suppose to live in harmony with our environment, not harm it because we like how something tastes in our mouths for a few minutes. Be the change the world needs and deserves.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Be a house for love

Follow the course of love, 
keep aware, 
attentive to what your struggles are trying to teach you. 

The wisdom learned will attract blessings. 

Be a vessel of light, 
a shelter of love, 
a home for the divine to reside--
A body of faith and virtue. 

Stay the course, 
let love pour itself into you. 



I am nothing by default and everything by choice. 

Don't let your physical ego mind imprison you, 
you are a limitless divine spirit. 

You choose what you think, 
what you say, what you do, 
how you react and how you grow.

Create yourself or become pieces of everyone around you, infected and ran by illusions of other egos. 



Your vulnerable eyes melt my heart,
Your fiery spirit arouses my body,
Your curious mind stimulates me,

Tough, confused, fighting spirit,
Humble, sensitive, defensive, beast,
Radiant, lively, rowdy personality,

I love you,
I love you,
All of you,

And my love, my light,
my art,
does please you.


To girls, about men....

When they are not looking at pictures of us they are asking us for pictures.

When they're not listing the reasons why they are single or making lists of traits they want in a woman, they are out looking for us. 

When they break up with us they go hang with their ex girlfriends or girl friends if they have any. 

They chase us, they admire us, they dream of being surrounded by a bunch of us. 

We were made for them, without us their life doesn't make sense. 

Don't chase them, don't bother them, don't fight them, criticize, belittle, hate, mistreat, use or play them. 

Let them chase you and show you how much they need you, it's what they do. And don't hate them because you've been wounded by some lost souls, just like there are lost girls there are also lost men. 

Don't categorize them, they're all different and if you're patient you'll meet good matches. 

Lookout for those who embrace their divine essence, those who are faithful to their heart, the ones who are sovereign, independent, resourceful, creative, healthy, the ones who love themselves. 

For he who loves himself has the ability to love you. I love men, some of my best friends are guys. We aren't that different, don't be fooled by their tough act. 

They just want to be loved, just like you.



And as much as I think, 
as much as I wonder,
I have nothing to write for you. 

Some would call this progress,
until they see you in my eyes, 
until they hear you in my voice. 

Some days I wonder if this is temporary, if one day I'll wake up inspired, ready to hurt again. 

And sometimes I truly believe that I'm in a new place, where I'm only troubled by memories. 

But the thing about being is that you're free to move anywhere you wish, to be in whichever state you want. 

I can't help but wonder where my mind will travel to, where my heart will end up at, where my soul will settle at, and if I should ever settle at all. 




 your bold round face 
light up like a lamp, 

your wide eyes 
illuminate the night, 

your curls,
swell spirals of golden brown, 

your voluptuous round hips 
carry a pair of graceful stallion legs, 

your heart, 
a deep well filled with holy water,
shared with hopeful souls 
who wish to quench their thirst 
for wisdom, 

your soul,
 an ocean of unconditional love 
swam by the fittest wit.  


Conversations with friends...

The infinite soul and knowledge of being in the now, in spiritual consciousness.
We are one when we share unconditional love, when we feel with our soul.
Be more spirit and less body, more silence and less thoughts, more being and less doing.
In practicing being still you will find your wisdom, the wizard that you are, hidden inside your spirit.

Your body is full of energy, your eyes filled with light and wonder, your heart is seeking and creating and sharing beauty.
You are the most beautiful entity to come alive within you, all beauty, peace, love, serenity, arise from you, you are the creator manifesting your happiness, purpose, self fulfillment.

Surrender to light, get lost in nature, apply energy, recycle power, build strength to conquer fears, dream to kill reality. The body of a warrior, the mind of a wizard, the soul of a God, the heart of a man in seeking.

Oneness, sovereignty, solitude in the midst of crowds, completeness in an empty room, fulfillment in being one with the soul.
Jump into the deep waters of your soul, dive deep to meet God waiting.

I thought my love for you was unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, undying. And then I learned that I am love, unconditional, true, virtuous, passionate, eternal. And that is why I long to share and love with you.

I love that part of you that is reflected within my soul and expressed in my thoughts and feelings, I love your soul that I mirror in my being.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

I love you...

Roses are red, violets are blue
Don't listen to what my lips are saying
When my heart is screaming
"I love you"


Force field

This force I feel is real
The closer we are the stronger I feel
You are lightening striking my heart
Charging every cell with desire
Our appeal is surreal
Our fantasies are never finished
Euphoria of the senses
I'm drawn to your passion
Thoughts of you soothe my soul
I meditate when I think of you
There are no limits 
No limits in our fantasy world
I go the distance, I travel far
Surrender virtues, give up my pride
When I think you've moved on
You strike again and again
Frying my brain
You take away all common sense
Looking at you looking at me
Your tender eyes ask for my blessing
You come to me naked in shame
And I clothe you in my nymph robe
Keep my heart, use my love
It has no use without you
I made the choice to be alone
But you're always around
My days are a fight of heart and reason
Sometimes reason wins and I find sleep
But lately passion has me defeated
So I write, I rend my soul, I accept you
And you anxiously watch
Withholding, waiting, fantasizing
As we draw closer once again


A chance to grow...

A moment of chaos is a chance for change
To cultivate new ground
In a moment of confusion you can make or break your luck
Forced compromise can strengthen your will

Do you play for fun or money?
I play to win, to win you
Oh, I play to be surprised
To laugh

And all I ask as prize
Is peace,
Love, food for the soul's journey


A conversation with a friend...

So many fill themselves with anger, with hate, with vain ambitions, to adorn a naked soul, to simulate health, to dress the body with wealth, corrupting the heart, depriving the soul of the love it needs to grow.

Selfish, miserable, filled with hate, angry towards the ones who held a mirror to their face, the ones who embraced their imperfections, kissed every scar, forgave every offense and gave their whole heart.

All I can do is love, everyday, love and pray they'll find their way.

I used to believe that I was fighting for love, now I understand that love doesn't need us to fight for it, nor does it needs us to exist at all. I realized that I've been fighting my soul all along, scared of dying without sharing my heart completely with anyone or anything in this world.

We all want to surrender, to stop climbing, to stop fighting, to give ourselves to a purpose. I've chosen a hard path, I travel a lonely road, once in a while I come across kindred spirits and they reassure me I've chosen the right path for me.

I no longer fight for love, I accept it when offered, I give it without motives, I pray for it to touch the hearts deaf to my voice, the minds blind to my words, the souls immune to my poems. During my travels I have seen enough to realize that I'm not here to save, I'm not here to guide, I'm here to be whatever the world needs me to be--Peace, Love, Compassion, a vessel to my father.


Freedom to be...

You need freedom to spread your wings,
So I release you with my soul attached,
so you'll always long to return home.


God and relationships...

People always ask me, "Why aren't you married?", "Why aren't you with the man you fell in love with?", "Are you afraid of taking risks?", "Why don't you date?", "Don't you want to grow old with someone?".

Well, I love God and I love myself, and when I fall in love with a man who loves God and himself as much as I love God and myself we might have a shot.

If a person doesn't have a spiritual foundation then all they are is a changing state of mind ruled by the senses and circumstances. They identify with their role in society and their possessions, and if they should ever lose their social status and possessions their state of mind will be affected. And if all they have as guidance is their senses they will break completely.

A faithful man will seek refuge in God, he will pray for growth, he will see in his struggles an opportunity for growth. He'll be open to changing careers, he'll seek support in his community, his family. If he suffers a loss in material resources he will utilize his supply of love. For he knows that God is compassion, unconditional passion, universal wisdom, and those who cultivate God in their hearts are able to attract whatever they need and desire. He knows that the more he loves the more he'll be loved, the more he gives the more he'll receive.

A spiritual man knows that there are no struggles he cannot overcome with God. So why date someone before getting to know their character, their nature, without first knowing if they are spiritually prepared to lead you, compromise with you, love you and accept you no matter the circumstances.

Strength isn't just measured by how much you can dead lift, how many people you can get to go on dates with you, how much money you earn, how many friends you have. Strength is measured by how much you're willing to struggle to overcome your insecurities and fears and learn to accept and love who you are and what you're made of. There's nothing more attractive than those who love themselves and cultivate their spiritual kingdom.



My beautiful beast,
My muse, my Aries.
Son of Apollo,
God of the sun,
You set fire to my heart
And make love to my soul.
Child of the zodiac,
Son of Zeus,
King of my heart,
Lover of my soul.
My Eros,
shooting golden arrows at my heart,
Covering me in dove feathers.
Your graceful beauty
charms the beauties,
Your winged heart
a bittersweet treat
to your victims,
Enchanting hearts
and fleeting affairs,
Leaving souls to burn in despair.
To me you're a gift from Anteros,
Charming spirit,
reciprocal passion,
Mutual desire and affection.
As your Psyche,
my heart is protected by your bow,
You shield me from men's ill intent,
You guard me
with your piercing arrows
of infectious lust.
Perpetual infatuation
keeps me enfolded in your soul,
And no matter where our bodies go
Our hearts will always search
for the intensity we evoke.


Enjoy you present...

All I know is now...
My desire is cold,
calculated fantasies,
restrained spontaneity,
grounded freedom.
My heart is open,
shared freely
with all who need it.
My body is guarded,
in conscious isolation,
aware of the dangers
of openness.
My soul is free,
wondering through your dreams,
pleasing your desires,
open to your fantasies,
roaming in your body,
waking your hidden longings,
inciting emotion,
freeing your feelings.
All I know is now...
if my soul should rise and fall
I'll never know,
if I should succeed or fail in my attempts
I'll never know,
I cannot tell the difference
between winning and losing,
between high and low,
Between success and failure.
For I live in the clouds,
I thrive in the now,
I live for today,
I give it away,
I spend it all now,
no feelings get saved,
no frustration remains,
I give it away,
I express my desires,
I pray for nourishment,
I take what I need,
I sustain my hunger,
For soul food,
For love,
For wisdom,
For purpose.
Why be one idea
when we can be two worlds
in one universe?
Why accept and conform
When we can inspire growth
Through doubt and difference?
Your opposing qualities
draw me closer,
to grow from your flaws,
to learn from your vices,
to become stronger
in the light of your qualities,
To love you for love,
To accept you for you.
To rise or to fall,
to love or to fight,
to break or to marry,
these ideas don't concern me.
All I know is now...


Your guarding Intuition:

Loving yourself and listening to your intuition can be the deciding factor between being dead or alive. 

A person who doesn't have self esteem, who doesn't recognize the beauty and worth of their spirit might allow a rapist, a murderer, an abuser, into their lives, even after their first impression and intuition have alarmed them. 

The intuitive signal usually comes through fear or disgust, you'll feel repulsion at first sight, or a cold chill will run down your back when you hear their voice.

The devil has somehow convinced us that these alarming signals, negative feelings and intuitive reactions, are "the spark" or attraction. 

Attraction is a positive reaction, you shouldn't experience fear and doubt when you're being attracted to someone you could potentially fall in love with. 

You should feel admiration, excitement, appreciation for their beauty and presence. You should feel good next to their spirit, not uncomfortable, unfit, fearful, doubtful, low self esteem, insecurity.

A positive potential love match or friend intrigues you in a positive manner, they inspire compliments, they bond with you, reciprocate the same admiration and appreciation. 

I do understand that negative criminal characters will act like a friend, will pretend to be a compassionate lover, but even in these cases, even when someone is lying and pretending, your intuition will warn you, you will have recurring thoughts about their loyalty and genuineness. 

So listen to your heart, but most importantly listen to your intuition, your conscience, your senses, your feelings, your thoughts about everyone and very situation and opportunity you encounter. Your intuition can save you a lot of stress, heartache, problems, and even your life.


Soul cultivation...

Soul cultivation leads to God.
Self growth leads to love.
Follow your God,
cultivate a relationship with your divine essence.
Look inside your heart, accept your nature.
Let your conscience guide you,
restore your virtues and fall in love with yourself.
When we treat our bodies with love and respect
We begin to feel compassion for the world around us.
To love others you must love yourself first,
To love yourself you must respect your soul conscience.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The price of solitude isn't that much more expensive than that of wasted time.
The time I spend alone pays off in wisdom, while most of the time I spend with others costs me my health and sanity.
Hanging around frivolous words and thoughts and actions can flood your mind, cloud your thinking, brainwash you into adopting the thoughts of others as your own.
Being around that which does not benefit your soul health, allowing foreign thoughts to fill your brain can deter you from your purpose and ultimately take from your happiness.
We must not allow others to influence us, unless their influence can help us become more of ourselves.
Create your own desires, your own dreams, or you'll inevitably be influenced into believing you are to satisfy the desires of others or to live out their dreams.
Spend time alone, with your thoughts, silently sit and be an audience to your soul.
In the end it is more beneficial to be lied to by your own ignorance than to be at the mercy of the negligence of others.
Solitude will also attract like minded souls who share your interests or calling.
Instead of taking what comes into your life listen to your soul and allow your heart to tell you what you need and who you need to be interacting with.
The law of attraction never fails and if you practice patience you'll reap unimaginable blessings, for the universe will draw you closer to the souls who will bring out the best in you.
The price of solitude is worth every lonesome penny.


Monday, June 3, 2013

I commend myself onto you...

When I look into your eyes
I find myself inside
Waiting for your spirit
And I kiss your lips
I hold you tight
Hoping our souls collide

The passion you incite
The fire in my eyes
A magic I can't describe
The stars align around me
The universe bestows love upon me

When I see inside your soul
That's when I find love
Compassionate feeling
I just want to please you
Set you free
Understand you

When I reach inside your heart
I see myself lingering
Praying for life
Waiting for love
For you to let go
Embrace or free my soul

Every time you return
It only reassures
What I feel is forevermore
But whenever you leave
I fear you'll get lost
In the darkness you brew

There's a beauty that engulfs me
Your own sun
Washing over me
Renewing my spirit
With your touch I'm reborn
Renewed through your love
Your soul is mine
My soul is yours

When I look into your eyes
I envision our whole lives
As if I was made for you
Made to kiss your lips
Made to heal your soul

I've been told I'm deserving
That I've earned this love
But I know I'm entitled to nothing
For if I had been given titles
And the life I longed for
I would of been ordered
To surrender you

Understanding our mortality
Our fragile aging bodies
I'm tempted to desire
More time beside your body

When I kiss you goodbye
I feel you taking me
Away from me
Away from sanity
And still I let go
I'm willing to allow
All your desires unto me

I long to meet your skin
To feel your hands on me
Your lips on my lips
Your passion inside me
If your kiss was my last
I'd die a celebrated woman
For I cannot forget
Who I am beside you

You are my permanent fantasy
My immortal desire and passion
And I know your body will forever long
For the touch of my soul
Between us there is only time
Together we are only love
You are mine; I am yours


Saturday, May 25, 2013


Ask not of others that which you cannot produce yourself.
Beauty without virtue is not a treasure to be kept.
Love without trust suffers agony and isolation.
When men lack love they lack purpose,
And a man without passion is a crutch to behold.
Love is the fire that ignites passion in the hearts of men.
Lust is the demon that destroys souls,
Filling them with hatred and jealousy.
The manifestation of happiness is an attribute of the individual,
No one and no one thing can grant you that which only your soul can produce.
I am that which I love, I love that which I am.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Ancient World for a New Soul

This world seems so old,
this time does not reflect the the images in my soul.
The faces have changed,
the emotions covered by unfeeling strength,
manipulated to feel the same,
hypnotized to forget
the unforgettable memories secluding the soul.

The life of dreams became a dream of a life
I can't seem to touch.
Have the Gods forsaken you, my king,
must you too, like your kingdom, live in delusion;
playing like children, desiring the new
and neglecting what has given you pleasure and fortune. 

My love, this life, this body you've given me
has been a magnet for deception, hate, jealousy,
but my essence, my Lord, couldn't have been more perfect.
Many joys, many passionate moments we've shared,
you have showed me glimpses of a peace, small sips of a satisfaction,
gulps of a fulfillment I know is a mere taste of the heaven awaiting me.

You gave me presents, my Creator,
a talent I used to attain worldly successes,
And after selling my soul I ungratefully blamed you for my failures.
I repented for my ignorance
And I pray your house welcomes me still.
You've given me a beautiful child
but she too will leave me before my time is through,
my precious and beautiful black pearl,
she has changed my life for the better.

Perhaps my devotion to my craft
has made me somewhat obsessed with impractical things,
perhaps my purpose is to be a devoted artist in my lifetime.
I'll be known as the crazed woman who wrote prose
In scattered form.
It's the long sought answer to the question:
Which came first, the egg or the chicken?.
Am I a Poet because I'm a ruminator
Or am I a thinker because I'm a Poet?

God knows I was not groomed to be a writer,
my parents still pray that I might find a more practical career.
Poets didn't come to this world to be celebrated,
to be praised and allowed to make a living by being themselves;
to build wealth by sharing their art.
Poets have come to show the world
that simple souls leading simple lives
can conceive immeasurable blessings
with imagination and devotion.

I am not a teacher
but I have been known to teach,
I am not a guide but I have inspired souls to change paths,
I am not a wife but I have loved and nurtured.
I have many roles in this life but none exceed my role as an artist,
Touching hearts with pure sentimental expression
Gives me the most joy of all.

And although I live a life of pleasures,
Of giving and receiving love,
Of pouring out my heart
In the hopes it will touch another,
I feel a inexplicable longing to leave this land.
My desire to travel away from this world
Upsets my loved ones,
But I can't help wanting to see the universe.

Perhaps I desire a better world,
A more peaceful existence,
A place where animals and humans aren't tortured.
Perhaps I'm tired of what I have seen and experienced,
Perhaps this life has become too old for me.
There is nothing I want from this world
More than for its people to awaken
And begin treating all life with respect and dignity.
This world seems so old,
This time does not reflect the images in my soul.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Velha Infancia

Você é assim:
Um sonho pra mim
E quando eu não te vejo,
Eu penso em você
Desde o amanhecer
Até quando eu me deito.

Eu gosto de você
E gosto de ficar com você.
Meu riso é tão feliz contigo.
O meu melhor amigo é o meu amor.

E a gente canta
E a gente dança
E a gente não se cansa
De ser criança.
A gente brinca
Na nossa velha infância.

Seus olhos, meu clarão,
Me guiam dentro da escuridão.
Seus pés me abrem o caminho;
Eu sigo e nunca me sinto só.

Você é assim:
Um sonho pra mim;
Quero te encher de beijos.
Eu penso em você
Desde o amanhecer
Até quando eu me deito.

Eu gosto de você
E gosto de ficar com você.
Meu riso é tão feliz contigo...
O meu melhor amigo é o meu amor.

E a gente canta
E a gente dança
E a gente não se cansa
De ser criança.
A gente brinca
Na nossa velha infância.

Seus olhos, meu clarão,
Me guiam dentro da escuridão.
Seus pés me abrem um caminho;
Eu sigo e nunca me sinto só.
Você é assim: Um sonho pra mim.
Você é assim...
Você é assim: um sonho pra mim.
Você é assim...

Marisa Monte

Monday, May 6, 2013

Slow and Steady

Little by little, inch by inch
Straightedge, steady
I move forward
I might look stagnant at times
But I'm moving very slowly

The earth is round
Running around
Will eventually lead me back home
Home where I was born
Home where I was raised
Home where I escaped to
Home where I choose to live

The journey is within
So I move slow
To understand the present
To appreciate each moment
To embrace pain
To surpass fears
To realize dreams
So I don't have to return
To this old world again

The only way you'll meet me
Is if you make a you-turn
For you move very fast
Too fast for me to reach you
Too fast to accept the love
I was sent here to give you


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Naked Without You

I woke up bare
Your body missing from mine
My lips craving your kiss
My skin wanting your tongue

I woke up nude
Wanting your soul
Asking for your touch
Needing your love

I woke up undressed
Bare without your tender skin
Unclothed without your robe of passion
Naked without your blanket of pleasure


Aries Moon

Aries Moon

Filled with beauty
Full of life
Your piercing gaze
Your distinctive eyes
Your charming smile
Your wild energy
Arousing the senses
Inciting passion

Your stormy spirit
Your creative mind
Your howling heart
Calling my name
Welcoming my body
To your feast

A part of me knows you
So well
So familiar
Feels like I've had you
I've drank you
I swallowed
The dark side of you
But a part of me knows
You're new, intense, original
Spontaneous, passionate

A part of me sees
The potential for pleasure
A part of me knows
The pain involved
In wanting
In struggling
To let go from ecstasy

And wholeheartedly
I am moved
Persuaded by a ghost
A shadow that follows
Every man I touch
A contrast of a lover
I died for

To move this heart
To shake this soul
To motivate these legs
To walk towards you
Would take more
More than you can give
More than either of us
Are willing to share

To know
We walk similar paths
To feel
We seek similar goals
Puts a smile on my face
Gives my heart hope
I'm moving forward
I've resuscitated feelings
Killed by unfeeling strength

Depth and vanity meets
Compassion and selfishness
Here in my mind
Body and soul
Strength and weakness
Are one
I am you, you are me
Is where you are challenged
To be the best you'll ever be


Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Some things in life aren't for everyone, certain things are only achieved by those with enough courage to attain them. Don't worry about those who underestimate you, those who feel betrayed by you, they haven't experienced the real you, they can't see your soul potential. Only you know how far you can go, how high you can reach, how much you can achieve. It's up to you, you are what you create, you do what you believe. Some people can only see your shadow, your shell, your superficial presence in this world. Appreciate the few who can see into your heart, the ones who can feel your soul, who accept and celebrate the beautiful person you are.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

If I

If I told you my dreams
Would you dream with me
Would you respect my feelings
Would you grant me my wishes
Would you allow my desires
My fantasies to come to life
Would you give me your time
If I told you how I feel
Would you embrace it
Would you open your heart
And show me your emotions
If I told you I wasn't happy
That I didn't feel secure
Would you change
Would you try
Would you show me
How much I mean to you
If I told you I wanted more
Would you stay
Would you reciprocate
Would you give your heart
Would you spend your nights with me
If I told you my dreams
Would you dream with me


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Beautiful Mind

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is AUTHENTICITY.

As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody as I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though this person was me. Today I call it RESPECT.

As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow. Today I call it MATURITY.

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance, I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens at the exactly right moment, so I could be calm. Today I call it SELF-CONFIDENCE.

As I began to love myself I quit steeling my own time, and I stopped designing huge projects for the future. Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm. Today I call it SIMPLICITY.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything the drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism.Today I know it is LOVE OF ONESELF.

As I began to love myself I quit trying to always be right, and ever since I was wrong less of the time. Today I discovered that is MODESTY.

As I began to love myself I refused to go on living in the past and worry about the future. Now, I only live for the moment, where EVERYTHING is happening. Today I live each day, day by day, and I call it FULFILLMENT.

As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me and it can make me sick. But As I connected it to my heart, my mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this connection WISDOM OF THE HEART.

We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born. Today I know THAT IS LIFE!

Charlie Chaplin