Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A little death

Stars shoot out of his cyan eyes illuminating my life,
In every smile there's a cathartic purity of spirit,
And he tells me to leave the concrete roads,
Says there's a place in the woods awaiting us,
I hold his hand and walk beyond my leg's comfort,

I'm tired but I don't stop, I'm thirsty but I don't drink,
We walk and make jokes to numb our burning shins,
His sneakers are too tight and his toes are aching,
But he tells me he'll walk with me till the sun rises, 
We stay the course stopping only for kisses and pictures,

I take his hand and guide him towards the boat houses,
I sit down on the dock in the midst of a flock of geese,
He says he's not sitting on bird poo, I giggle endearingly,
He takes my hand, pulls me up, takes me up the ramp,
We stand for a moment and then he forces me down,

He pushes my body onto the slope and lays between me,
My body opens like a blooming flower in the spring, 
He places his hands on my cheeks and kisses my lips, 
My thoughts take me back to when I was seventeen,
A frightened and eager virgin longing for ecstasy, 

His lips touch the most sensitive parts of my skin,
And there outside on the dock my dream comes to life,
I tilt my head back and look up at the stars in the sky, 
I thank whichever deity granted me such passion, 
My eyes scan the trees and paths and grass behind us, 

I pull my head up and look across the river, not a soul, 
Only light surrounding us lifting my hips off the floor,
Only water before us, trees behind us and stars above us, 
In those wild moments I felt our bodies synching into one, 
Our hips coming together, our hands wildly pulling the other,

Skin to skin, hip to hip, neck to neck, lip to lip, I died, 
Surrendering my body, I died a million little deaths,
He grabbed my chest, turned my neck and gave me breath, 
He laid me on my belly and softy kissed the back of my thighs, 
He pulled me back by my legs and I died, I died, until he stood up and pulled me down from the sky.