Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Love

A passionate glance summons my soul
I'm pulled into your sea
Gentle waves caress me
I let my body go loose
Soaked lungs-my breath is yours
A thousand kisses on my heart
A million love flavors-
Explosion-tongues touch
Your warm embrace shocks my soul
Body absorbs charge-
Heavenly touch
My heart accepts tender kisses
On in and around-
Our souls collide
Without space between us-
One body, one heart
Two minds combined in truth
To feel the most
To spread divine and make one eternal love
Our reflection in each other incites
Our reflection in the mirror excites
Full pleasure- body and soul unite
Perfect Paradise
Truth nourishes my heart
Love speaks through your words
Planted eternally is your essence within my soul
You flourish my mind with masterful wisdom
And make my rose bloom
With each breath stroke
Within your soul I am a mermaid
Flapping my tail eternally