Monday, March 21, 2011

Can Love Lie

Who are you whom I love?
Can love lie
How do I attain peace loving?
Why must I feel the anxiety of a thousand men?
The agony of a defeated army in my chest
The desperation of a million slaves
With no chance to escape
My hands and feet chained
To a heavy trunk of hope
Unable to move
My mind weary, eager to resolve
The purpose of a love foregone

Where are you my love?
What do you wait for?
Take the little life I have—it’s yours
The magic of my soul, I render to you
You asked what I demand
What I want, desire, expect from you
I want nothing you cannot give
And everything you are willing to share
I want your fierce heart, my God of war
Your noble soul, my Spartan warrior
Your caring hands touching my soft face
Your loving arms embracing my waist
I want your warm body wrapped around me
Fainting, melting, intertwining
I want your heart
No more, no less, than what I give returned

Who are you whom I love?
Why must it hurt so much?
The pain of a hundred blades
Cutting through my flesh
The longing of a thousand women
Crying for their dead children
Why must there be leaving?
Why can’t my heart lie?
Can there be a happier life
Without you by my side
Without your footsteps on my soul
Without your handprints on my body
I’m not the woman they love
I’m a ghost
Not sleeping, eating, feeling
Loving but one soul

Where are you my love?
My letters remain unanswered
My kind gestures ignored
My offerings refused, left untouched
To rot outside your door
Knocking hopelessly, awaiting a relief
For your sickness
Your birthright, your troubled fortune
Dooms us all who try to touch you
Who are you?
Can love lie
Why must you leave?
A love as pure as mine

Come away with me
We haven’t much time
God’s wrath falls upon us
Nature’s fury reaps cities
Our time together, destined but short
The clock began counting backwards
Only a couple years of loving
Before the clock strikes goodbye
Time is racing, the days are shorter
Come to me, I stand still waiting
In the same cold place you left me
Without your warmth I am frozen
Come, ignite me with your light
Renew me with your touch
Rekindle the fire that is us
Take my hand, walk me through infinity
Accept love-give me the solace I long for
Come claim the beauty that is yours
Let me crown you King of my body
Ruler of my heart, Master of my soul

Where are you my love?

Can love lie

Who are you whom I love?