Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Embrace

And when we see each other
it will be like we never parted,
our time apart will evaporate,
memories will be erased,
time will turn back,
rewind to our last embrace.
Years will feel like days,
entire seasons will flash in minutes.
A flashback of disappointment
will play in our heads,
we’ll look back in retrospect
and feel the anguish that followed
our careless decision to give up on magic.

And our souls will say,
“We’ve been waiting for this”.

Our minds will shatter,
we’ll break into tears
as we reminisce
being apart for so many years.
In our favorite restaurants,
eating our favorite foods,
seeing our favorite bands,
singing our favorite songs,
alone or in relationships
with faces we no longer know.

And our souls will say,
“We`ve been together all along”.

And when our bodies meet
passion will overtake us.
We’ll rejoice in the marvel
of being in each other’s presence.
Our hearts will race with joy,
our faces will melt with warmth,
we’ll faint into each other’s arms,
fall into the haven our mingling skin,
savor the sweetness of touching lips,
feel the miracle of pure love
rushing through our veins.

And our souls will say,
“Now we are three- mind, soul, body”.

Our minds will feel old, tired, cold,
scarred from abuse and abusing.
Our skin will be weathered
with layers of handprints
from those we no longer touch,
from hands that held no love.
Our hearts will feel young
and rejoice in celebration,
and we’ll cry as we remember
the day we said goodbye,
to meet again another time,
to love again another day
that never came.

And our souls will say,
“We were never apart,
why do you weep today?”.

With our minds full of pain,
our hearts full of sorrow,
we’ll ask our souls,
“Was the pain necessary?”
“Was the suffering essential
for this love to flourish in full form?”.

And love`s voice will infatuate our hearts,
sing us an angel’s song
to soothe our pain and lift our worries,
to slay our shallow illusions,
to eliminate our selfish confusion.
Love will bless us with divine compassion,
show us the path we blindly sought after.

And you will feel me inside like never before,
you`ll see my roots deep within your heart,
the beauty that never left your side.
And new seeds will sprout,
flourishing your barren garden,
making it fruitful once more.
And you will realize we never parted,
our spirits journeyed together
through our trials and successes-
our souls never severed.
I`ve been beside you all along,
holding on.
Your heart, your soul, your energy,
thrives inside me.

And I will love you into the afterlife
with the everlasting passion
that burns inside my heart.
Our bodies will wither with time
but my spirit will never leave yours.
And you will understand unconditional,
eternal life in a mortal body,
divine conscience in a ego mind,
selfless compassion in a fearful heart.

When we see each other you will know,
every smile, every poem, every expression
has been for you- all for you, my love.
I’ve been sent here to love you
and I’m never letting go.
Through the good and the bad,
in sickness and in health,
forever until death do us part
and our souls are free from this life.
Until eternity embraces us
and makes us one,
until the end of the lessons
we`ve been sent here to learn.
I’ll keep you alive inside me,
I’ll treasure your memory,
and pray for more time beside your body.

Until then…