Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I removed the hindering veil from my eyes
I took off the restraining robe of ignorance
I found courage to accept what you are

A ghost, a premonition of a man
A wicked spirit, a light eyed demon
A heart in embers, a burning corpse

I looked upon you, restless in your coffin
Dormant beauty, contagious vulnerability
I thought my radiance could awaken you

To melt the ice around your heart
To warm your soul with God's peace
To rest your mind with lover's wisdom

Between compassion and surrender
I grew addicted to feeling your terror
I betrayed my intuition for a winged demon

I adopted a ghost, I gave you human form
I turned you into a dream to sustain my art
A vampire and a dove, until you turned me

Lost integrity, stripped of all humanity
I was ruled by fear and instinct, surviving
Beneath you, following your demands

You showed me off and then drained me
From white to purple, from bones to ashes
You cut my neck, you bleed me empty

You left me sick to die, crawling underground
But I survived your coffin, with immortality
Your venom revived me, I lived to tell my story

Restored faith, renewed light, regained dignity
And you won't feed on me, my flesh, my energy
My blood, my sanity, you can't take from me

Now you're just a monster beneath my bed
A boogie man inside my shoes and garments
A ghost roaming the streets, a vampire in a bar

Looking for fresh blood, preying on little girls
Ruining good women for the good men
Playing hearts, turning souls to ghosts

Taking strength to sustain your dead ego
I see you now, I didn't want to before
A human shell, an evil creature, a subhuman