Thursday, January 27, 2011

Give and Take

Many will love you
Few will ignore you
My love is forever
My passion eternal
My soul calls me closer
To the heart that inspires
My emotion; poetry; purpose
Take away this exhaustion
That comes with loving
Blindly; Freely; Boldly
Leave tenderness
Kill selfishness
Embarrass the ego
Give me unconditional
Let me live
Let me learn
To give more than I get
To take the good with the bad
Give me patience, discipline
To embrace the challenges
To learn the lessons
My soul was designed to
Created, programmed to
Love and forgive!
Let me be
One with humanity
Let me know
Let me see
Let me feel everything
Understand what it means
To live without strings!
To reject, to resist
To have fear to commit
Is to die while you live
My path runs forever
My love flow’s eternal
Everlasting is my essence
Stirring within your soul
Whether you love or leave
Take or give