Friday, January 28, 2011

My Rainbow

Like a rainbow
You reflect beauty onto my world
You're a divine creation
Born into my life after a summer storm

Your beauty is dynamic
Purposeful, ever changing
Surpassing all standards
You're beyond and above this planet

You've built a home within my spirit
A passionate harbor of peace
A boundless playground for my soul's release

Your mischievous flare captivates
My heart leaps into the spring beyond your gaze
A fountain of innocence transmitting awareness
You're more than I can envision

One moment by you fulfills love's prophecy
You are genuine passion
Untamed, effortless
Independent of attraction is our divine reaction
The joy in your touch sets me on fire

Your pleasure incinerates all fears
Your honest caress purifies my skin
Our spirits collide when our bodies meet
Within your heart my soul lays complete

Your lips are heaven
Your kiss awakens the sleeping beauty within me
You are eternities worth of searching
Everything I'd been seeking

A light being of celestial descent
You're my magical fit
Endearing compassion enchanting my being
reshaping my temple
giving life meaning
seizing existence
the beginning of living

Everything you are is right to me
Our chemical reaction is life's gift
You are my Love embodied

Because of your love I am compelled to believe
Some things in life are meant to be


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