Friday, January 28, 2011

ln Bubbles

They spin around me
In loud Rushing silence
Walking, running, stumbling- cursing lifeless things
Angry towards senseless objects- the only innocent targets

The slow and fast paced get kicked, squeezed-
pushed out of the way

Seemingly human
Various ages and races
Same planet; different planes-Status and destination
Same species-Ranked classification

Most sit, many stand and few wonder
Handicapped men and women
Death at heart and mute in soul
Blind to acknowledge an honest smile

Faintly breathing-
Inside Compassionate-free bubbles
Some show signs of life
But when I look into their eyes
Their cyber minds begin to analyze-
Appearance-traits and gear-
Determine compatibility

Prejudiced morals and biased perceptions
Outweighs love and intuition
My surface- Speaks to their minds
Tells my biography And pumps ignorance-
Into a bubble reality-Self Fiction

Some float towards and others expand away
Liars approach and haters scorn
in see through shields

I rise and another slides in-
Behind, in front, over and under me-
A struggle for my seat

Doors open
The few who wish to leave are blocked in;
Power suits, Jumpsuits, Trench coats, hoods and Caps
Designer fabrics, oversized logos and price tags-
Scares-Clouds-Suppresses understanding
Different Means; Same instinct
Diverse strangers; One gang
Men shoving women
Children pushing elders….

I join in-
Impolitely push to exit
A struggle through revolving gates
I ask myself-
Why do they run?
Are they ALL late?
Why do they push to get a few feet ahead?

I stand to the slde and watch the mob go by

Now- late- I walk up the steps-
step over the homeless blocking the exit-
Leave subway desolation
And enter street seclusion

"Down" Town and "Up" Town merge
I open my heart- put on my see through shield
and float about


My Purpose

And you are here-
by be-in me

I search-I try to grasp
to hold a feeling-
to trap your bliss

But you are more-
than just hope-
You-I cannot hold-
you are forever and never;
always present but always growing

You are not to hold-to carry-to keep
You are a tale-truth in form
You are my essence-always transforming

Truth-always ready for release

I cannot keep you-I cannot hold you
But I can feel you
and grow brighter-
in your essence
in your presence
in your peace-heaven

You-I'll always know
I'll tell your tale-
to all who know-
but cannot see-the truth they hold

I'll be you-as long as you remember-
me-love-heaven in earthly form
embrace me-grow-become me

Without space between us-
We are one-
in truth
in love-
for all to see and find-
within themselves-
endless compassion

We are Love-
Always and Forever-
Never Still and
Eternally struggling-
to grasp all-

the seekers and the lost


My Rainbow

Like a rainbow
You reflect beauty onto my world
You're a divine creation
Born into my life after a summer storm

Your beauty is dynamic
Purposeful, ever changing
Surpassing all standards
You're beyond and above this planet

You've built a home within my spirit
A passionate harbor of peace
A boundless playground for my soul's release

Your mischievous flare captivates
My heart leaps into the spring beyond your gaze
A fountain of innocence transmitting awareness
You're more than I can envision

One moment by you fulfills love's prophecy
You are genuine passion
Untamed, effortless
Independent of attraction is our divine reaction
The joy in your touch sets me on fire

Your pleasure incinerates all fears
Your honest caress purifies my skin
Our spirits collide when our bodies meet
Within your heart my soul lays complete

Your lips are heaven
Your kiss awakens the sleeping beauty within me
You are eternities worth of searching
Everything I'd been seeking

A light being of celestial descent
You're my magical fit
Endearing compassion enchanting my being
reshaping my temple
giving life meaning
seizing existence
the beginning of living

Everything you are is right to me
Our chemical reaction is life's gift
You are my Love embodied

Because of your love I am compelled to believe
Some things in life are meant to be


Why Live...

To be hated for what you believe in
To be ridiculed because you're not a follower
To be excluded because you "care too much"
To be taken advantage because you are honest
To be misunderstood because you are frank
To feel physically alone and spiritually complete
To cry for your brother's unhappiness
And to bleed for those you didn't know you loved
To recognize the wrong and be thankful you're not part of it
To discern the bitter tastes of this world
And to feast on all of its sweetness
To witness the death of evil;
To feel hate crawl through your skin
And watch it die as it reaches your heart
To love more than you ever thought you could
And to cry for their incapacity to love
To never feeling alone or scared
To use the word never and mean it
This is what I live for
And why?
Because God is in my heart
And love is my conscience