Friday, January 28, 2011

ln Bubbles

They spin around me
In loud Rushing silence
Walking, running, stumbling- cursing lifeless things
Angry towards senseless objects- the only innocent targets

The slow and fast paced get kicked, squeezed-
pushed out of the way

Seemingly human
Various ages and races
Same planet; different planes-Status and destination
Same species-Ranked classification

Most sit, many stand and few wonder
Handicapped men and women
Death at heart and mute in soul
Blind to acknowledge an honest smile

Faintly breathing-
Inside Compassionate-free bubbles
Some show signs of life
But when I look into their eyes
Their cyber minds begin to analyze-
Appearance-traits and gear-
Determine compatibility

Prejudiced morals and biased perceptions
Outweighs love and intuition
My surface- Speaks to their minds
Tells my biography And pumps ignorance-
Into a bubble reality-Self Fiction

Some float towards and others expand away
Liars approach and haters scorn
in see through shields

I rise and another slides in-
Behind, in front, over and under me-
A struggle for my seat

Doors open
The few who wish to leave are blocked in;
Power suits, Jumpsuits, Trench coats, hoods and Caps
Designer fabrics, oversized logos and price tags-
Scares-Clouds-Suppresses understanding
Different Means; Same instinct
Diverse strangers; One gang
Men shoving women
Children pushing elders….

I join in-
Impolitely push to exit
A struggle through revolving gates
I ask myself-
Why do they run?
Are they ALL late?
Why do they push to get a few feet ahead?

I stand to the slde and watch the mob go by

Now- late- I walk up the steps-
step over the homeless blocking the exit-
Leave subway desolation
And enter street seclusion

"Down" Town and "Up" Town merge
I open my heart- put on my see through shield
and float about



  1. Great imagery. I especially like "see-through shields."

    "Cyber minds" was a little odd to me. It seemed out of place, but I like the poem overall.

  2. Thank you Randall. What do you think I should replace it with?

  3. I like this, Amanda. It's metaphysical, but the images are very tangible--particularly at the end. You can see how mechanical and self-absorbed all the people in the poem have become. "Cyber minds" didn't bother me because so much of the poem features sort of rigid, technical language: "Same species, ranked classification." I dug it.

  4. Maybe I just have a prejudice against the word "cyber."

  5. Whoa ... this one just pours out at me. I love it.

  6. I love the imagery. I did not have an issue with cyber. It fit the overall mood of the poem. Well done!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank you. I wrote this one on a train in Philadelphia, I always felt inspired there. I`m glad you like it.


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