Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flawed Gifts

She was a brilliant writer but a lousy lover
He was a great entertainer but an unfaithful husband
She was a good domestic but an angry woman
He was an effective teacher but a cold gentleman
She was a successful artist but a rotten mother
He was a praised coach but an ignorant partner
She was a caring lover but an insolent daughter
He was a giving friend but an ungrateful son
She was a good scholar but a mean companion
He was a famous entrepreneur but a mad man
She was a talented singer but an abusive friend
He was a good player but a poor giver
She was strong emotionally but poor spiritually
He was financially wealthy but lacked awareness
And so we parted, broken hearted
Missing each other’s gifts and flaws

For in our gifts we found inspiration
Aspiration to be better beings
And in our flaws we found strength
To accept our imperfections
To live, to learn, to grow, to change
To give ourselves another chance