Monday, February 25, 2013

Challenged Sovereignty

"Anyone can combine words so that they rhyme,
But you are the reason that we talk at all."

My soul attracts yours,
I like being close to your spirit,
It embraces me and gives me love.

"You make me happy, I enjoy my time with you"

So stimulating, so warm, so soothing, so delicious....
Ahhh...I can taste it, feel it, smell it,
Though you're not here, you're in my senses.

"You make me feel like a man when you kiss me"

Let the poetry begin, spring from my soul, pour out of my heart,
Perspire through memories and fantasies to come.

"I am a tough shell to break"

The spirit is pure light, my soul enters as it pleases,
Without scarring, without hurting, without breaking.
The mind may make you believe you are limited,
You may think you're tough,
But your spirit is pure love and I dance inside it.

"I think you and I were meant for each other,
But in the future"

Our kiss, our lips fit so well,
Napping in your arms,
Waking up in a hot embrace
Making love hard and deep and sweet.

And as he gets dressed to leave he says,
"I'm leaving town, as soon as I get this job,
You can come with me if you want"

And all my responsibilities come to mind,
All my worries, insecurities surface,
And my heart tightens with the thought
That someday soon will be the last time
I'll feel his touch.

"Would you come with me?
Would you move?
You wouldn't, would you?"

My love and beauty is for healing,
I take none on my journey.
I share my soul while traveling,
Shifting through this existence,
Shining my light into the hearts
That allow an opening
For love to enter and inspire.

"A rich man will find you,
He'll take you away from here.
I'm lucky, I'm just a lucky man
Who gets to have you right now"

If my love resonating inside your heart
For the rest of your life is luck,
Then you are lucky.

"I wish I could buy us plane tickets,
Take you away to Paris,
Stay at a luxurious hotel,
Buy you the best dinner,
Show you how much I appreciate your presence"

The bittersweet pleasure and confusion
Of a touch that takes you outside yourself
And into the essence of someone else.

Our insecurity and fear
Makes us look with judgment and disbelief.
We must shut the mind to see with soul,
Bringing art into life
And turning life into art.

I won't say that I miss you,
I don't have the right to ask you to stay,
I can't even say that I love you,
I just know that we fit so well,
So good when we're together.

I'll probably go out of my way
To see you, to hug you,
To kiss you, to taste you,
To dress you in beauty once more.

And no one can blame me for loving,
For being weak with lust,
But I know that I may be punished
For wanting what belongs to another soul.