Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Rain Comes

The rain comes
Sometimes death reaps at home
I stroll through the disaster
Squint my eyes to see lesser
Think aloud to top their voices
Describing the horror
Taunted by lives taken
Hunted by tragedy before it happens
I remember the bodies
Laying by the side of the road
Stored in my memory
Crime scene photos
And even after
The misery lingers
Thickens the air
Pity poisons my every breath
Pain corrodes my stomach
I remember not eating
Barely sleeping
Waking and wishing
I dreamed all the evil
That my friends were alive
All well, no catastrophe
But disaster happens
In me and around me
Polluting the ocean and killing wildlife
Tearing down homes
No rooms, no walls
No balls
All taken away in moments
Nature’s fury
Man’s only security
Hate placed in shots fired
Lingers long after
Revenge is pain
Accept what’s happening
The rain comes
Tears down your foundation
Takes your home
Kills your relatives
And you keep moving
Clear of the bastards shooting
In a storm but attempting to stay dry
Because you want the rain to come
Because you need life
You continue to fight for you
As they stack bodies
You remain while they cave
Tsunami waves and earth wakes
Makes us question our authority
Humans think they control
God’s laughing
Asking only that you are faithful
When building your temples
Before the rain comes