Saturday, July 17, 2010

What keeps Us

What brought us to this party
Naught love, naught lust
Curiosity, perhaps generosity and friendship of course
I’m not sure what it was but it keeps me alert
Divine interaction, within lies the answers
In our gut, the power to take over
I major in the language of your limbic
I study you, everyday I read you
The scent you release pollutes
Beautifies my surrounding, makes me mute
The sorrow you breed breaks me
My imagination, your spontaneity
What brought me here keeps me wishing
A spark in your eyes, telling the world to smile
Lusting, looking down my blouse...
It’s not perfection, it hasn’t direction
Yet it keeps us here, hoping for more
It’s what makes me overcome, grow
Believe in complementary souls
It is purpose, stronger than want, mightier than fear
This feeling keeps me here
Watching the clock, counting the minutes
Guiding together our spirits
Inciting my heart to embrace us
This hunger that eats us, feeds on our instincts
Teaching me to live, accept forgiveness
It is your heart , my mentor, the bully
Educating my thoughts, carrying me over
Filling my being with sweet emotion
Into a world that accepts us, makes us, supports us
Our world, where I hold your hand and you smile
Out beyond prejudice and social roles
Where you love my poetry because it’s us
Acting, reacting to these thoughts I’m dreaming
Making us, romancing in the fantasies I’m weaving
My heart flutters in your blue sky, my soul sighs
I daydream in your eyes, It’s what keeps me here
The dazzle, the smirk, the way you look before you touch
The man behind the gentleman
Your energy merges with mine and keeps me here
Chaste, locked away, in our special place
Where we don’t always show up for the party
Because we’re tired, we’ve stopped trying, forgotten
What brought me here keeps me coming back
Allows me to understand what’s keeping you
What brought us to this party
Over and over, what keeps us, to teach us
True love