Friday, May 13, 2011

At War With The World

Thousands of men encircling us
Charging in on our Love
With my mouth full of blood
I drown
With leaves of gold in my hair
Sweet words in my ears
Yes, you said you`d never leave
And in a moments anger you forsaken me
Oh, master of my soul
Ruler of my heart
My Greek war lord
Can you fight them off
Keep them back
Hold them down
Kill them at your feet
Protect me, my soul, my body
Oh, you cannot, with the might of your sword
Keep me safe, untouched
Untainted by the blood of war
Can beauty will a beast
Can the women detain their men
With sorrowful cries and pitiful pleas
To fight a mighty beast with the light of peace
Foolish supplication can get you battered, killed
A tyrant will do what he was created to

Must I die to be remembered
What good do I do to stay in this dream
How much can we do sleeping
Is honor worth living for, my hero
Can we gain immortality through fearlessness
I`ll never know what makes this woman
With all the love that her heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away
Fighting a battle lost thousands of years ago
So many dead bodies before me
I`m awake and I can`t fall back asleep
To watch them suffer, to feel their pain
A curse I cannot rid myself of
A gift I cannot live without
Yet I die everyday
Without you by my side
There is no sun light
I cannot feel the warmth on my skin
In a eternal shade of grey
My heart does not know affection
My smile, desolate, nothing holy about this body
The goddess sleeps
This is the best we`ll ever be
What was sacred has been lost
Taken back by the Gods
Our humanity gone, our integrity lost in killings
Assassination of our soul
We`re dead and we don`t even know

I continue to fight this never ending war
Drowning in a perpetual dream
Dreaming of ways to wake up
From this broken reality deteriorating before me
Take me or let me go, awaken me
To be dead in reality or alive in dreams
I write for a love that`s been gone many eons ago
A love incomprehensible to our senses
Experiencing glimpses of an intelligence that transcends us
A holy grail, never seen or touched by man
And you love me because you want to believe
To hope for a love greater than yourself
A love nonexistent but outside ourselves
Free from the ego keeping you blind, numb to what`s sacred;
Real, true; the love that made you, made me
And these humble words I write to you, my lord of war
My soul is lost somewhere in this cursed battlefield
I can hear their horses, charging, nearer and nearer
They`re coming for me but I`ll be dead when they get here
Lost in a world where death is justified
“It is ok to kill them for the wrong doings they have committed”
“It is ok to feel pleasure for their pain”
No, it is never ok. Only a barbarian can feel good about a killing
I never will. The death of my love, the death of me
A natural part of destiny, inevitable, fated
Like my love for you, dead, gone and still inside me



  1. "Like my love for you, dead, gone and still inside me"

    What a great line.

  2. Thank you James, I'm glad you found something you liked. I have yet to perfect it. I appreciate you reading and commenting. May the muse be with you.

  3. The poem is beautiful, even if its morality is confused, for God wants us to Hate evil & to Rejoice in the victory over evil. Surely, the legal killing of the mastermind of the murder of 1000s is a victory over evil.

  4. Thank you for your honest opinion. I appreciate your point of view. The confusing morality is to incite you to share your perspective, as you have. Thank you for reading and sharing with me.


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