Friday, July 9, 2010

Rise Above

This is not the average brain, Do I have your support?
Bear with me as I explore, How can I make it literal...
Maybe if this poem was eatable, I could feed my thoughts to you.
I can paint it but you got to see, I can show it but you must interpret.
So when you look and do not see don’t blame me for your inability.
Perhaps your lacking effort, don’t want to dream big cause you’re broken, battered.
Ineffably exhausted in your God given body, running from life, sustaining the ego with lies.
Abusing your substance, neglecting your intellect, you’ve stopped thinking for yourself.
Feeding your body trash, destroying your health for moments of wealth.
Pills will fix your illness and worsen your symptoms.
You must work hard for the cure, bear with the burden.
Search your body for your remedy, what you need is within.
In your soul, in your brain, the power to create.
The knowledge to construct, weave your dreams into reality.
Don’t accept insults, fight back with no words.
Their beliefs can make you sick, shape the world you live in.
Search your own path, be your sole truth.
What’s real changes with every thought you think,
So think me beautiful, so I can reach you.
When you imagine, I am with you.
Think me waiting in a field of white lilies, on my knees pleading, get me out of limbo.
So perfect from a far, I barely see your broken heart.
How painful does it get? Some days all I feel is rain.
Black clouds invade, moving the pretty ones away.
Wind gusts through me, quivering my being.
The branches on the trees sway gently,
Telling the roots to cling to the earth, prepare for the worst.
But then the leafs settle, the branches calm,
The trees hold hands, waiting for the rain to come.
Ready to get wet, to embrace nature’s blessing.
A light shower to quench the earth or a hurricane storm to mold it.
A slight breeze to cool the forest or a tornado to pull them from their roots.
Let it pour, dance for the lord.
Put your life in faith’s hand and free your essence.
And if you were delayed then connect now to the world you wish to live in.
Reach for what you want, don’t grab it, let it come.
Life is happening now, whether you live it or sleep through it.
To Live, experience, to allow feeling.
To stand together like the trees and endure, to believe in your roots, to plant you.
To grow stronger with each challenge, to be consistent and persistent as nature.
To fight the maker and live through anything, because you’re strong, because we can.
Solve your puzzle, in your own time, stay true to yourself and let them lie.
Just a thought,