Monday, January 31, 2011

Screwing the World

Lets imagine a universe of you and I
Where we're the only humans
Just us and the wild
A world of right now
No past mutations of our genes
No vital instincts to determine our actions
No past relationships to bias our logic
No mistakes and regrets
No fears, no survival tactics
No history to mold our present
No morals to set us apart
No conformities to adopt to
No principles to live by
No fights over ethics
No beliefs to defend and argue about
No religion to convert to
No cynicism, no pessimism to part us
Just us and our universal touch
Just kisses, only each other's lips
One hand for me to hold
One taste to describe sweet
One neck to fondle
Only my breasts and your torso
Only my thighs to squeeze and compare softness
Just you and me
Screw the world!



  1. This is *excellent* writing, and it's very provocative.

    Still, only a fool would *want* to suffer, I guess, but it seems an inherent part of who we are ... shades of colors folding into themselves, fractals that only approximate a part of it.

    Screwing the world's there and a part of it, but it's not the whole of it.

    I suppose.

  2. Thank you, I was feeling it when I wrote it.

    This is a humorous, stubborn, dreamy point of view...A girl who just want things to work out for the best, to focus on the positive things a relationship has to offer and not let differences(as complicated as they might be) interfere with the connection between lovers.

    I`m glad you enjoy it.
    Thank you.

  3. When two people are truly in love they do screw the whole world and create their own dimension isolated from others!
    Reading your poems on love issue I can say for sure that that you had a chance to experience this feeling! Another excellent poem of yours, Amanda!

  4. Yes, that's the whole poem. Yes, I write from experience, as most poets do. Thank you for taking your time to comment, I appreciate your love and support.


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