Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Black

I’m back, back to when we first met,
Back to dropping everything to see you
Every chance I’d get. I’m here, alone,
You haven’t been here for some time now.

I use to think I was mad,
Now I know I simply love you.
People usually think it’s cute
When a girl feels the way I do about you.

But I’m a woman who knows better
Than to desire one who won’t have her,
And though I wish I had magic powers,
My love doesn’t charm, doesn’t overpower.

My love isn’t angry, my love isn’t jealous,
My love won’t force two people together.
But my love will always be enough
To keep you feeling loved for the rest of your life.

Maybe I shouldn’t be here,
Maybe I should have taken that job,
But I remember being thousands of miles away
And still feeling the way I do today.

This distance kills me little by little.
We’re far in thought, we’re far in heart,
We’re far in time, we’re far in mind,
Though your body is only a few miles from mine.

I’m back to the place we last met,
I’m back to the first night we ever had,
I’m back to dreaming of seeing you again-
To desiring the warmth of your skin on my skin.

I’m back to dreaming of getting lost in your eyes,
Of looking deep and finding myself inside.
I’m back and risking the chance
You’ll never be where I am.

There isn’t much I can do,
I’m not a part of you,
And maybe, just maybe, that’s why I can’t quit,
Loving you is the most stubborn thing I ever did.

I’m back, black and blue for you.
I’m back to black for I can’t stop loving you.
I’m back for loving is my talent, hobby and career,
I’m back for you, lover of nothing, won’t you let me love you?