Saturday, May 21, 2011

Todays Thought

To raise my voice in anger
Would kill my peace of mind
To exclaim hateful words
Would destroy the love in my heart
To scream at another
Is to give life to frustration and anxiety
To hurt, abuse and manipulate
Is to commit suicide
For how can we engage in a malicious act
Without affecting our well being
And deteriorating our health
Well, we cannot abuse another, manipulate, torture
Without first abusing and manipulating our state of health
And torturing our soul
Peace shall prevail over senseless anger
Love will perpetually defeat hate
Anger will never be appeased by ignorance and force
But by acts of peace, forgiveness and selflessness
To attempt to destroy hate with angry force
Is to fall into its trap, for to battle hate with hate
Is to kneel at its feet and praise its nature
To hate nothing and love all:
Stand still at the sight of anger, hate and abuse
Think love, be love, focus on remaining pure
Let peace be your shield and love your sword
Evil cannot hurt you when you are at peace
Insults, abuse and torture cannot harm you
When your mind is peaceful and your heart is love
Violence can take your life
But it is up to you to let it take your soul
Stand back and let evil do its worst;
To destroy itself while attempting to destroy you
A being of pure love
Love will always triumph over hate
In soul heaven there is no place for malicious spirits
They can insult you, hurt you, abuse you
Verbally and physically
But your integrity, your emotion, your soul health
Cannot be touched unless allowed by you
Love has already won
You just have to choose which side you are on
The evil loser or the loving winner
The violent abuser or the kind human
Hateful and miserable or peaceful and happy

Just a thought



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  2. Great poem AM! I really liked it, especially the first two lines...


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