Friday, May 28, 2010

Blissful Doom

I endeared cupid's magic from a cloud
His mischievous arrow blew me down
I Alighted here in your arms
I hesitate to flee
In guarding arms I luxuriate
Intrigued by unparallel beauty
I forget to hide
Your majestic eyes delight
Enchanted I don't want to leave
To fulfill your divine fantasies
I'd give up my halo and lose my wings


I unlock my heavenly gates
And allow you into my soul
Your vigorous light burns through me
I bathe in love's pond
And drink from his sacred spring
Your vision deceives
You fall trapped between my flesh
My tender skin accommodate your desires
And you rejoice in beauty
Your touch is sensual and inviting
My face glows excitingly
You incite the forbidden
And I passionately embrace it
You Indulge in my heavenly love
And savor my petal's sweetness
In raptures you feast on my nectar
My euphoric heart trembles
And my breath weakens
You exult my body and drain my spirit
And into hell I am delivered
The glaze in your eyes reveal your state
Your dynamic beauty glows bright
Your skin perspires grace
Condemned and contented
Delighted and damned
I lost excellence and you gained spirit

Every Part of You

Just as the everlasting attraction
between the sun and the moon-
You play with my oceans tide
Your desire for me raises and falls
You want me now then you dont want me at all

A part of you stretches out to pull me near
and another tries its hardest to forget
A part of you has given me love
and another does not know me
A part of you sees me as a fleeting ship
disappearing into the mist
While another holds on to my anchor and embraces our love

My heart is lost waiting for these parts of you
How can I appear distant and blurry-
when I am anchored to your heart
In the midst of your yes's and your no's
I hang on and insist in the seconds
that you want me for an instant
in those moments- you are my God and my religion
My all
heart and soul
God's sacred feast-
what i live for

Who knows when
someday, somehow,
one kiss, one moment-
might awaken a desire
and the part of this love that is missing

l want you so

Every part of you



You're Always With Me

You're Always With Me

You bring light to my day and awaken my horizons

As the sun's warmth enters through my window and kisses my cheeks
I picture your sweet lips caressing me

I see you throughout my day
And in all of the places we've laid
Your shadow still remains

I see you when I shower,
There you are the water pouring down my body

You're with me when I am driving,
Sitting beside me, holding my hand and smiling

You're with me as darkness falls
We lay back and count stars

You're with me in my dreams
There you are mine and I can do to you as I wish

But then the sun rises again
Lighting my day and caressing my cheeks
Awakening me to another day with only your memories