Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sem Sono

I want to trace your face with my finger tips,
I want to feel the moisture of your skin
On my skin,
I want to smell behind your ear,
I want your scent on me,
I want to rub your head until you fall asleep.

I want to touch your soul,
To feel our bodies merge,
I want to kiss your lips
And swallow you whole.

It's not that you love me,
It's that I am love,
It's not that I love you,
It's that I am love,

With faith that you can be love 
And free from wondering 
If you're ever good enough.

You hold the key in your heart,
Accept love when given to you,
Discern the ones who love you
From the ones who act like they do.

Love without commitment,
Care for those around you.
Live passionately, try your luck,
Gold favors the bold. 

Follow the Poet,
He knows where he's going,
(Aware of his mortality),
He lives for today,
And loves for tomorrow,
Welcoming life and accepting death.

Watch for the shy Poetess,
She speaks without words,
You receive her messages in your own voice.
What she writes is a glance at what she sees. 

Watch for the broken-hearted Goddess,
She'll enchant your heart,
She'll fill you with love,
She'll teach you how to forgive and let go.

Watch for the girl next door,
To her you're a dream,
An ideal she must manifest,
To her you're perfection to be mastered.