Friday, June 19, 2015

We Choose

We decide within ourselves how we feel about experiences outside ourselves. We label situations as good or bad, as positive or negative, based on perspective, awareness, action and reaction. 

 We choose things, people, places, based on the amount of pleasure or pain they inspire. There are no coincidences, we are, we seek, we attract, we become, we create the feelings and the life we want. We suffer when we stop creating, we become lost, stagnant and at the mercy of the architects around us. 

 A moment is perfect when we choose to bring perfect awareness to it, a moment is sad when we choose to bring awareness to what's painful about it. And just because we bring awareness to sadness doesn't mean that we ourselves are sad, we are simply witnessing a sad perspective, we have simply brought awareness to one of the infinite perspectives we can choose to witness life through and it happens to be a perspective of sadness. 

 Fear, terror, shock, can sometimes sneak up on us, for our own defense mechanism will naturally generate these feelings to protect us in life threatening situations or when a dear one passes away. But it is our choice to remain in such feelings after we realize what we are experiencing. 

 We choose whether to give continuation to certain emotions, we choose whether to continue to entertain certain feelings. So yes, we choose who we love or should I say, we choose who we allow ourselves to love. Sometimes we make decisions so quickly that it might feel like we had no choice but we have complete freedom over who we choose to journey with. 

 But when it comes to fitting with another perfectly, well, for a glove to fit your hand it must not only be a certain size but your hand must also be open and relaxed.