Wednesday, February 1, 2012


All the tears he squeezed out of his eyes
Have brought no conclusion,
It seems his misfortune is his own choosing.
The more he desires the less he has ,
In his heart he lives and wanders lost.

He cannot see inside his soul,
Where only his lover has been,
The place containing his mystery,
The purpose of his mistakes,
The conclusion to the lessons,
The answers desired to heal.
Everything he wants and needs
Lays inside a place he can`t reach.

Life won`t grant him entrance,
He has not earned the privilege
To reduce his penance,
He hasn`t been bestowed vision
To see ahead of time.

You wish you could see,
But you can`t,
You can`t see it,
You can`t reach it,
The open wound,
The space needing filling,
The sensuous vulnerability,
The surrender of ego.

There deep inside,
Where only your lover can see,
Your naked soul,
Your reflection in a mirror.
All the answers you seek
There deep inside yourself.

In that place you sealed shut,
For fear of anyone seeing,
The messy place you keep,
The place you won`t assume
For fear of what is in it,
The place you pretend not to have
Because you`re ashamed of the mess.

A place to be conquered,
A place to be Loved.
The place where we blindly meet
To fly inside each others heart.

So he writes,
In case his soul speaks to him,
He writes back to his dreams.
And if all fails he remains hopeful
For he knows he can see through his queen.
Tonight he'll enter his soul while in hers,
Again, to fill the place he can`t reach
With things he does not possess.