Friday, January 28, 2011

My Purpose

And you are here-
by be-in me

I search-I try to grasp
to hold a feeling-
to trap your bliss

But you are more-
than just hope-
You-I cannot hold-
you are forever and never;
always present but always growing

You are not to hold-to carry-to keep
You are a tale-truth in form
You are my essence-always transforming

Truth-always ready for release

I cannot keep you-I cannot hold you
But I can feel you
and grow brighter-
in your essence
in your presence
in your peace-heaven

You-I'll always know
I'll tell your tale-
to all who know-
but cannot see-the truth they hold

I'll be you-as long as you remember-
me-love-heaven in earthly form
embrace me-grow-become me

Without space between us-
We are one-
in truth
in love-
for all to see and find-
within themselves-
endless compassion

We are Love-
Always and Forever-
Never Still and
Eternally struggling-
to grasp all-

the seekers and the lost



  1. I like the poem but not the title. It seems too simple and certain for a fairly complex poem about searching.

    The rhythm is really good on this one.

  2. Thank you! I'm open to a new title suggestion???

  3. I think the last line might make a good title.


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