Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slip Into My Skin

Your touch drowns me
Love pours through my body
Like honey, making me sticky
Wet with sweetness, soaking my skin
Immersing my soul in ecstasy
Your fingers reach inside me
You touch my heart with ease
The slightest feel infatuates
Your hands reach into my soul
You touch every nerve, every organ
Grabbing, pulling my insides out
Soaked in love, in tenderness--I drown
And you turn me on my belly
Caress my chest, kiss my neck, bite my back
And I’m gone-somewhere I can’t describe--lost
In your hands, in your world, where you do your worst
And I allow, surrender to your heart’s desire-
To your lustful demands-- I am yours to have, to please
Take my beauty, taint my soul, claim my heart--it’s yours
I love you more than I could ever love any other soul

Pour yourself into me, fall into every inch of my body
Flood me, engulf me, fill me with your everything
Sink into me, submerge me, dress me with your body
Fill every pore with your beauty, your graceful spirit
Dip me in your essence, soak me in your sweet nectar
Merge your body with mine, slip into my skin
Let our hearts hold hands, smile together in one pulsating beat
Let our souls speak, teach each other mystic secrets
Infuse your body with mine, let me feel you inside
Let our mouths meet, our lips dance, our tongues taste
Let me smell the back of your neck, memorize your scent
Rub my neck against yours, feel my chin on your arm
My lips on your shoulder, on the back of your neck
The tip of my nose rubbing on yours until our chests merge
Let me feel you close, hold you against me as tight as I can
I want your energy combined with mine, making our own light
Two bodies sharing and creating warmth through love
I want everything you desire and love but ten times more
Take my body, my heart, my soul--It’s all yours, my love


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Poem In Portuguese "VIVA"

Abra sua mente, pense diferente-
Eleve sua alma, sua divindade.
De asas ao espírito que habita em seu peito-
Abra o coração, cale a razão, entenda, aprenda-
Uma nova consciência; simpatia e compaixão.
Abra seus braços, abrace a imaginação-
Criatividade, inspiração.
Abra as mãos da ilusão, siga em frente com uma nova visão-
Sem falsa percepção, sem julgar a seu irmão.
Plante fé em seu jardim, colha felicidade sem fim.
Seja um com a consciência divina-
Que nos transcende mais nos ensina, a viver, crescer-
Sentir amor, prazer, felicidade, lazer.
Cultive a paz de Deus que habita em você.
Siga buscando e achando sua beleza natural-
Plantada em sua alma.
Cultive a verdade, descarte a falsidade, siga a honestidade.
De valor a seus direitos, aponte seu governo, somos iguais!
A felicidade esta dentro de você, procure aprender-
Novos meios de viver, o propósito de ser, humano.
Se junte e ajude, aos obreiros, engenheiros-
Poetas, filósofos, todos queremos um mundo perfeito.
Construa um novo lar, para seus pais, seus filhos desfrutar.
As crianças nas ruas dormindo, com esperança em seu sorriso,
Amor em seu olhar, fome em seu estomago mais vendo o sol brilhar.
Mate a solidão, compartilhe a abundancia, de vida a esperança.
Tenha compaixão, não seja egoísta, de valor a sua vida.
Com propósito e amor de a mão seu irmão.
Aprecie suas benções, de valor ao seu presente-
Hoje e´ tudo que temos!
Sua inteligência, forca de vontade, seu trabalho honesto, coragem-
Ti da integridade, propósito de verdade!
A fé eleva consciência, ti dar entendimento-
Da vida, morte e do tempo.
Somos uma extensão divina-
A beleza que habita em mim, em você, nos liga, nos conecta-
E me faz amar você, confiar em um propósito de viver.
Deixe sua luz brilhar, a paz do seu espírito-
O amor que nasceu com você.
Beleza única, amor verdadeiro, vive em ti, para você e todos-
Desfrutarem, compartilharem, amarem, conquistarem.
A felicidade de verdade esta em ti, amor infinito, divino.
Acredite em sua beleza, sua riqueza, sua alma pura.
Nasça, plante, brote, cresça; trabalhe, estude, aprenda, entenda-
Floresça em plena beleza.


Todays Thought

To raise my voice in anger
Would kill my peace of mind
To exclaim hateful words
Would destroy the love in my heart
To scream at another
Is to give life to frustration and anxiety
To hurt, abuse and manipulate
Is to commit suicide
For how can we engage in a malicious act
Without affecting our well being
And deteriorating our health
Well, we cannot abuse another, manipulate, torture
Without first abusing and manipulating our state of health
And torturing our soul
Peace shall prevail over senseless anger
Love will perpetually defeat hate
Anger will never be appeased by ignorance and force
But by acts of peace, forgiveness and selflessness
To attempt to destroy hate with angry force
Is to fall into its trap, for to battle hate with hate
Is to kneel at its feet and praise its nature
To hate nothing and love all:
Stand still at the sight of anger, hate and abuse
Think love, be love, focus on remaining pure
Let peace be your shield and love your sword
Evil cannot hurt you when you are at peace
Insults, abuse and torture cannot harm you
When your mind is peaceful and your heart is love
Violence can take your life
But it is up to you to let it take your soul
Stand back and let evil do its worst;
To destroy itself while attempting to destroy you
A being of pure love
Love will always triumph over hate
In soul heaven there is no place for malicious spirits
They can insult you, hurt you, abuse you
Verbally and physically
But your integrity, your emotion, your soul health
Cannot be touched unless allowed by you
Love has already won
You just have to choose which side you are on
The evil loser or the loving winner
The violent abuser or the kind human
Hateful and miserable or peaceful and happy

Just a thought


Moving On

I’m moving on
I’m leaving you
Pain, Heartache
Anxiety, pity
I’m leaving you
I’m moving on
To beauty, love
To a full heart
A glowing soul
A graceful spirit
I’m moving on
To true love
Self worth
Integrity, wisdom
I’m moving on
I’m leaving you
User, abuser
Of body
Beauty, lust
I`m leaving you
Angry, stubborn
Selfish, manipulative
I`m leaving you
I’m moving on
To a soulful heart
A loving soul
I’m moving on
To self love
To greatness
I`m moving on
I’m leaving you
I`m moving on
I`m leaving you


Friday, May 13, 2011

At War With The World

Thousands of men encircling us
Charging in on our Love
With my mouth full of blood
I drown
With leaves of gold in my hair
Sweet words in my ears
Yes, you said you`d never leave
And in a moments anger you forsaken me
Oh, master of my soul
Ruler of my heart
My Greek war lord
Can you fight them off
Keep them back
Hold them down
Kill them at your feet
Protect me, my soul, my body
Oh, you cannot, with the might of your sword
Keep me safe, untouched
Untainted by the blood of war
Can beauty will a beast
Can the women detain their men
With sorrowful cries and pitiful pleas
To fight a mighty beast with the light of peace
Foolish supplication can get you battered, killed
A tyrant will do what he was created to

Must I die to be remembered
What good do I do to stay in this dream
How much can we do sleeping
Is honor worth living for, my hero
Can we gain immortality through fearlessness
I`ll never know what makes this woman
With all the love that her heart can stand
Dream of ways to throw it all away
Fighting a battle lost thousands of years ago
So many dead bodies before me
I`m awake and I can`t fall back asleep
To watch them suffer, to feel their pain
A curse I cannot rid myself of
A gift I cannot live without
Yet I die everyday
Without you by my side
There is no sun light
I cannot feel the warmth on my skin
In a eternal shade of grey
My heart does not know affection
My smile, desolate, nothing holy about this body
The goddess sleeps
This is the best we`ll ever be
What was sacred has been lost
Taken back by the Gods
Our humanity gone, our integrity lost in killings
Assassination of our soul
We`re dead and we don`t even know

I continue to fight this never ending war
Drowning in a perpetual dream
Dreaming of ways to wake up
From this broken reality deteriorating before me
Take me or let me go, awaken me
To be dead in reality or alive in dreams
I write for a love that`s been gone many eons ago
A love incomprehensible to our senses
Experiencing glimpses of an intelligence that transcends us
A holy grail, never seen or touched by man
And you love me because you want to believe
To hope for a love greater than yourself
A love nonexistent but outside ourselves
Free from the ego keeping you blind, numb to what`s sacred;
Real, true; the love that made you, made me
And these humble words I write to you, my lord of war
My soul is lost somewhere in this cursed battlefield
I can hear their horses, charging, nearer and nearer
They`re coming for me but I`ll be dead when they get here
Lost in a world where death is justified
“It is ok to kill them for the wrong doings they have committed”
“It is ok to feel pleasure for their pain”
No, it is never ok. Only a barbarian can feel good about a killing
I never will. The death of my love, the death of me
A natural part of destiny, inevitable, fated
Like my love for you, dead, gone and still inside me


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


And I missed
And I wanted
And I needed
Until one day
I missed nothing
Until one moment
All went silent
And I could see you
In the back of my mind
Waving to me
But no longer
Did I feel
The want
The need
To touch you
To talk with you
But I always see you
In the back of my mind
And saying
Come back
Come back to me


In Solitude

Solitude is needed when you live with ghosts
Rejoicing in dreams of the past
Dwelling in moments gone
For present joy and future peace

He runs from solitude--she chases it
Seeks it, finds it makes it a part of her
In fear of being alone he seeks others
Attaches himself to fleeting souls
Clutching hard, holding on as fast as he can
Fighting the inevitable fate of dying alone

I gather emotions, invest in feelings
Relive the good and bad memories
I stock up, store wisdom for old age
I walk towards aloneness
Praying to find my place in eternity
My single space, my moment of grace

I`ll take my talent to the grave
With this body that serves me in shallow ways
Reflecting an image I cannot see in the mirror
Portraying, emulating something I`ve never been
Never wanted to be praised for my appearance
Somewhere along my youth I let them decide for me
This has caused me much pain and sickness
But also reassured the hermit in me

Farther away each day
Detached from the material I once valued
Disconnected from the ideal standards of society
Farther and farther away from their playground
Where I was never welcomed
Where I was bullied and rejected
I`m nowhere to be found
Those closest to me cannot see
Cannot find the place I reside in

The farther I get the more comfortable it feels
I seek it, I find it, I become it--I am solitude
Even in love I play by myself
For getting groomed to live a shallow ideal
Is dragging and ill to my spirit
Even in love I long for seclusion
For deep within I know my place isn’t here

My claimed space in this dream world
Does not lie within the illusions of Gods
Created to tame us, control us, to keep us sane
In the duality I refuse to live in
In a commonsensical world I do not know
I lack the emotion needed to be held prisoner
I`m the opposite of what imprisons--I’m fearless

The farther I get the clearer I see
The spirit inside me dwells unusually
I survive in a place most would call insanity
A land of love, tragic tales, dramatic stories

I go out and make memories
As a farmer plants seeds I plant moments
I grow emotions and harvest love
I carry my crop with me everywhere I go
This love I produce sustains my soul
Satiates my body when it`s lonely
Feeds my heart when it’s hungry

I survive in seclusion because I’m in love
Always single and never alone
Connected to everything around me
And holding on to nothing
Always complete on my own
Farther away from this world
And closer to my place in eternity
Where we are one

In solitude



I planted seeds that didn`t grow
I watered and watched with love
But my flowers didn`t boom
I used the finest ground; my heart
But didn’t see any budding laurels

I wrote poems, recited from my soul
But his garden remained barren
Until a quiet stranger came along
With silence and painted pictures
She made his garden bloom in full

They were happy for a little while
Until he showed her the man I knew
They parted, said love wasn’t enough
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
No time to pollinate her garden flower

He searched for my lost deserted body
Asked to drink from my poison cactus
And I gave to him, until I had no more
And he moved on to another young soul
With fresh nectar to give, to sell, to lend

To keep his honey flowing golden
To keep his garden flourished, fruitful
Takes a very special bee, a selfless queen
A lady blind to her needs, happy to please
For to love him is to give and give and give


Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Question Mark

Is it her glowing cheek bones?
Poking out, emitting light
Radiating love, giving birth
To a goddess of love

Is it her heart shaped lips?
Inviting, suggesting
The softness of her skin
Or is it her tender words
Driving me nuts, up the wall I go
Craving to feel her delicate touch

Is it the curve of her back?
Distinguishing her from any other
Descending to her thin waist
And opening to her lower back
Leading down a gorgeous ass

Is it her inviting cleavage?
Hypnotizing, drawing me in
Keeping me looking
Staring, watching, listening
For her every move

What will she do next?
Can she steal my heart?
With her next words

Is it her sway?
The way her body swings
From side to side
From side to side
Goddess! Let me touch you
Just once, just once

Is it the way she looks at me?
That makes me jump from my seat
And follow her like a disciple
To read her holy body
And serve her, please that deity
To touch her flawless silhouette
Would send shivers through me

Is it the love in her heart?
Moving my soul closer to God
Keeping my eyes focused
On this beauty, oh, torture

Is it her divine light?
Glowing around her flawless figure
Or her devilish eyes, seducing
Prompting me to ask her for a kiss
Hum, I can`t decide

All I know is
When she speaks
When she walks by me
Swaying from side to side
I can`t help but stare in her eyes
And picture what it would be like
To kiss her and feel her body close to mine