Thursday, June 23, 2011


Cars in traffic, new and old-
Trains and buses filled with people.
Triple lanes, filled highways-
1 boulevard or 95 expressway.
More machines than people it seems-
Programmed beings.
Tourists, socialites, students,
Business and blue-collared men.
Every ethnicity,
Age, gender and vocation-
all stuck together-
Stressed, cursing, arguing,
Screaming into mobile phones.

College students parading in University City,
Coming and going,smiling, strutting-
Oblivious to the homeless on park benches.
Men and women, casual and business,
Rushing in and out of Starbucks-
The line is long but I`ll waste ten minutes
To get my Caramel Macchiato.
Beggars coming to the window,
Offering to clean my windshield.
Eco friendly cyclists peddling by-
Getting further with muscle power
Than I can with motor oil.
Perhaps I should ride on two wheels.

Can`t find meter parking,
Pay twenty bucks for a space or be late.
Executives in limousines,
Gangsters and wealthy kids-
Dealing, buying, selling, overdosing, dying.
Groups of teens stumbling by-
Rioting, throwing up on the sidewalk.
Creepy men leaving bars,
Holding hands with beautiful women-
Young girls abused by lust scavengers,
Aware and unaware.

All is fair in the name of fun,
Sex, alcohol and pain killers.
Monsters with medical degrees
Selling drug prescriptions.
Addicts pumping gas, cleaning tables,
Sweeping floors, cleaning windshields
To support their disease.
College students living it up,
Rocking and rolling-
As long as they get through college,
Hold a steady job and pay their bills-
Nose deep in powder, lungs filled with smoke-

It`s alright, It`s ideal.

I keep driving-
The wind on my face,
The beautiful scenery along the Schuylkill
Makes all the rotten images disappear from my mind.
I park on Kelly Drive and begin to walk.
All I see is beauty now-
The art alongside the river,
The Boathouse Row, the runners, the skaters,
The rowers on their boats, the sweat in the air,
The smell of victory, strength, inspiration, hope.

The breathtaking art along Kelly drive,
The brilliant sculptures, the magnificent talent.
The Thinker by Rodin in plain view
For everyone to enjoy, makes it all alright
(Free, abundant beauty).
I approach the Rocky statue beneath the art museum,
I touch it and I feel inspired, motivated.
I run up the museum steps feeling like a champion.
I pay for my admission and enter.

I`m immediately stunned by the masterpieces-
Monet's impressionist paintings
(I can stare at them for days, perfect, genius).
Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Starry Night,
The Bathers by C├ęzanne (epic pieces)
I sit for hours in wonderment,
Appreciating my favorite artists and their work.

I exit the museum, sit atop the front steps
And indulge in the cinematic view.
The city`s ingenious architecture-
City Hall`s beautiful building,
Love Park`s vast fountain and cooling mist.
I find myself in love with Philadelphia.
A gorgeous city filled with history,
Art, great schools, ghosts and beings.


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