Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary Ellen

Pretty, but she doesn’t know
I love her whole, body, mind, soul
The little dimples on her butt
Her heart shaped face
Glowing cheek bones
She smiles, shrugs her shoulders
Chuckles while she speaks
Talks like she knows
Right from wrong

Naked, golden honey tan
Straight brown hair tied back
Hitting the middle of her back
Sitting on the sand
Drinking, talking, articulating
Like she knows a secret hidden to me
Confidence, the beauty of letting go
Being, one with the ocean

Beautiful, but she doesn`t think so
Look at me, look right here
Striking creature, all knowing
What do you know that allows you
To float about this nude beach so free
Making me feel like an ugly duck
Hiding under its mother`s wing

What is it, Mary Ellen,
That makes you oh so special to me
Your smile spells out beauty
Pure, simple, erotic poetry
Your eyes reveal mystic secrets
A gaze filled with desires
Stories, the love you`ve given
The passion you long to share
In your smirk I find daring fantasies
Inviting, calling me
I`m ready to jump, I want to leap
Right into your open face
Bathe in the spring beyond your gaze

I want to open you up
Look in every fold
Feel your every curve
I want to see, I want to feel
Invite me in
Like a vampire I`m waiting to enter
To devour you

Gorgeous, but she doesn't think so
Floating about, a nude angel
A butterfly sitting on a rainbow
With purple shaded wings
I know you taste pure, perfumed
Let me smell your flowers
The garden blooming between you

Too scared to talk to you
Introduce my desires onto you
To bear the consequences
Of reading you this letter
So I watch you
Record your every move
To remember you
Beautiful, free
Without prejudice, without fear
Mary Ellen, stunning, beauty
But she`d never believe me


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