Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Muse

High in altitude
I contemplate my solitude
From my window seat open air fills the view
In the midst of clouds I dance with you
Floating on air, there’s our silhouette!

I am praying for a miracle
Unreal would be to have you
If God grants me a wish I’ll use it to be near you
So sick of missing you
This is what you choose?
Everything but me and you
I respect you, so I leave you!

To me, you’re not new, you're lazy!
To feel, to forgive, to love
I know, It‘s hard, I am here too
I know your soul, look at me, let me touch our love
Embrace us, free me from this sentence

Can’t help but wonder if you’re happy
You block me out completely
But you live inside of me
I stand beside you, this is where I choose to be
I should believe, want to believe, you’re better off without me
But that's not how I feel, these dreams are real

Our essence tied, the world could never know
I feel it in my heart, stirring in my soul
A life, together, not mere moments
I can wait, our lives intertwined
You're mine!

You hold our tender moments, smile at my remarks
It‘s ok to love me, I feel your calling
God can fix anything, so I continue to pray for my everything
To grow old, enrich my soul with
To learn, arise from ashes, Live!

We’ve already won, It's just us
If not in this life then maybe on the next
So I hope to live forever
And If granted eternal life
I will spend it searching, loving, seeking
You’re the reason I fight, fly
Struggle to sow my talent into a prosperous life

As a poet I breath you, my love, inspiration, source
As a woman I accept you, understand and forgive you
As a spoiled child I pout, Need, desire, seek you

Why must I see us dancing on clouds If you are ever so far?
You’re here, I see us out there
Together, ever growing, ever near
From my view all is possible
So I look out and pray to God
Give me everything!