Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Live...

To be hated for what you believe in
To be ridiculed because you're not a follower
To be excluded because you "care too much"
To be taken advantage because you are honest
To be misunderstood because you are frank
To feel physically alone and spiritually complete
To cry for your brother's unhappiness
And to bleed for those you didn't know you loved
To recognize the wrong and be thankful you're not part of it
To discern the bitter tastes of this world
And to feast on all of its sweetness
To witness the death of evil;
To feel hate crawl through your skin
And watch it die as it reaches your heart
To love more than you ever thought you could
And to cry for their incapacity to love
To never feeling alone or scared
To use the word never and mean it
This is what I live for
And why?
Because God is in my heart
And love is my conscience


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