Sunday, February 7, 2016


Love....honestly, after claiming it, screaming it, dying to share it, wishing it gone, it's discomforting to claim to have it once more.

But I can claim warmth, stillness, presence, softness, peacefulness, respect, beauty, integrity, strength.

I can scream about the pleasure I feel when your hand grazes my skin, or when I open my eyes and you're looking right into my temple, I can claim the magic you stirred. 

I can tell you about dying in a bed of skin, of sharing more than flesh and wanting to remain connected when our bodies feel glued together. 

Sharing a glance, a smile, a kiss, sharing a bed, a pet, a meal, walking alongside you not knowing where we're going but knowing we're headed there together, 
sharing laughs, so many laughs, and always talking about the things we can do together. 

I claim each kiss you wish to share with me, every call you make when you're working just to hear me breathing on the line, I claim the high adventures I see you on with me.

And every second you long to be close, I claim those, and each feeling I inspire in your heart, I claim them, the tenderness shared in your embraces, that's mine too, every sincere gesture you've made, each kiss you gave, mine.