Saturday, November 20, 2010


Peace through Love
Passion through compassion-
Tend to the ones deprived of opportunities-

Many paths taken
And mistakes made
Though we don't always feel-
Love follows our soul always

And when we grow in faith-
Acknowledge and embrace-
Light overwhelms our heart
And Love becomes our consciousness

Universal Freedom
Unattached self
United-l share our interactions
With all who accept it

Simple and short
What makes you of your time here?

Share your heart with the world
And your love will forever coexist
Long after you've embarked

Positive energy Lives on,
As negative procreates
Lets ascend in harmony and rise in existence
Elevate our spirits to the highest power
And connect the equations

No Label-Just Be
Separates, Alienates, humiliates-
Arouses Hate and War Creates

Labels chases Love away

Act in sync with your wishes
And speak of wisdom experienced
Lock insights learned from others
And all recorded knowledge
Inside your theories locker

Glory feeds evil
Free your self-tormenting-ego
Share, but shield, pride and greed
For Love and Truth knows no evil

Thank you-
To the heavens Above
And the angels below
Thank you my creator
For Mother Earth

Hold onto your faith
For we need your embrace

Awakened Angels,