Saturday, August 24, 2013

All I know is Now

My desire is cold,
calculated fantasies,
restrained spontaneity,
grounded freedom.
My heart is open,
shared freely
with all who need it.
My body is guarded,
in conscious isolation,
aware of the dangers
of openness.
My soul is free,
wondering through your dreams,
pleasing your desires,
open to your fantasies,
roaming in your body,
waking your hidden longings,
inciting emotion,
freeing your feelings.
All I know is now...
if my soul should rise and fall
I'll never know,
if I should succeed or fail in my attempts
I'll never know,
I cannot tell the difference
between winning and losing,
between high and low,
Between success and failure.
For I live in the clouds,
I thrive in the now,
I live for today,
I give it away,
I spend it all now,
no feelings get saved,
no frustration remains,
I give it away,
I express my desires,
I pray for nourishment,
I take what I need,
I sustain my hunger,
For soul food,
For love,
For wisdom,
For purpose.
Why be one idea
when we can be two worlds
in one universe?
Why accept and conform
When we can inspire growth
Through doubt and difference?
Your opposing qualities
draw me closer,
to grow from your flaws,
to learn from your vices,
to become stronger
in the light of your qualities,
To love you for love,
To accept you for you.
To rise or to fall,
to love or to fight,
to break or to marry,
these ideas don't concern me.
All I know is now...