Friday, May 17, 2013

Ancient World for a New Soul

This world seems so old,
this time does not reflect the the images in my soul.
The faces have changed,
the emotions covered by unfeeling strength,
manipulated to feel the same,
hypnotized to forget
the unforgettable memories secluding the soul.

The life of dreams became a dream of a life
I can't seem to touch.
Have the Gods forsaken you, my king,
must you too, like your kingdom, live in delusion;
playing like children, desiring the new
and neglecting what has given you pleasure and fortune. 

My love, this life, this body you've given me
has been a magnet for deception, hate, jealousy,
but my essence, my Lord, couldn't have been more perfect.
Many joys, many passionate moments we've shared,
you have showed me glimpses of a peace, small sips of a satisfaction,
gulps of a fulfillment I know is a mere taste of the heaven awaiting me.

You gave me presents, my Creator,
a talent I used to attain worldly successes,
And after selling my soul I ungratefully blamed you for my failures.
I repented for my ignorance
And I pray your house welcomes me still.
You've given me a beautiful child
but she too will leave me before my time is through,
my precious and beautiful black pearl,
she has changed my life for the better.

Perhaps my devotion to my craft
has made me somewhat obsessed with impractical things,
perhaps my purpose is to be a devoted artist in my lifetime.
I'll be known as the crazed woman who wrote prose
In scattered form.
It's the long sought answer to the question:
Which came first, the egg or the chicken?.
Am I a Poet because I'm a ruminator
Or am I a thinker because I'm a Poet?

God knows I was not groomed to be a writer,
my parents still pray that I might find a more practical career.
Poets didn't come to this world to be celebrated,
to be praised and allowed to make a living by being themselves;
to build wealth by sharing their art.
Poets have come to show the world
that simple souls leading simple lives
can conceive immeasurable blessings
with imagination and devotion.

I am not a teacher
but I have been known to teach,
I am not a guide but I have inspired souls to change paths,
I am not a wife but I have loved and nurtured.
I have many roles in this life but none exceed my role as an artist,
Touching hearts with pure sentimental expression
Gives me the most joy of all.

And although I live a life of pleasures,
Of giving and receiving love,
Of pouring out my heart
In the hopes it will touch another,
I feel a inexplicable longing to leave this land.
My desire to travel away from this world
Upsets my loved ones,
But I can't help wanting to see the universe.

Perhaps I desire a better world,
A more peaceful existence,
A place where animals and humans aren't tortured.
Perhaps I'm tired of what I have seen and experienced,
Perhaps this life has become too old for me.
There is nothing I want from this world
More than for its people to awaken
And begin treating all life with respect and dignity.
This world seems so old,
This time does not reflect the images in my soul.