Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Love is for the brave,
the fearless,
the selfless,
the compassionate.

Love is for those strong
enough to give,
cultivate and express it.

Love is for the strong hearted,
the free spirited,
the spontaneous minded,

Love is for the risk takers,
the dream chasers,
the thinkers, the ruminators.

Love is for those who plant,
who nurture,
love is for those interested in growing,
evolving, for love is a star in motion.

Love is a seed that gives fruit
to more seeds that need planting
and nurturing to continue to thrive.

And only those who observe
and understand love's cycle
can remain in love,
with love,
for love.

I love unconditionally,
I'm constantly renewing,
cultivating, changing, evolving,
planting, nurturing, reaping fruits
and replanting seeds,

For I want to stay in love for as long as I live.