Saturday, August 3, 2013

I love you...

Roses are red, violets are blue
Don't listen to what my lips are saying
When my heart is screaming
"I love you"


Force field

This force I feel is real
The closer we are the stronger I feel
You are lightening striking my heart
Charging every cell with desire
Our appeal is surreal
Our fantasies are never finished
Euphoria of the senses
I'm drawn to your passion
Thoughts of you soothe my soul
I meditate when I think of you
There are no limits 
No limits in our fantasy world
I go the distance, I travel far
Surrender virtues, give up my pride
When I think you've moved on
You strike again and again
Frying my brain
You take away all common sense
Looking at you looking at me
Your tender eyes ask for my blessing
You come to me naked in shame
And I clothe you in my nymph robe
Keep my heart, use my love
It has no use without you
I made the choice to be alone
But you're always around
My days are a fight of heart and reason
Sometimes reason wins and I find sleep
But lately passion has me defeated
So I write, I rend my soul, I accept you
And you anxiously watch
Withholding, waiting, fantasizing
As we draw closer once again


A chance to grow...

A moment of chaos is a chance for change
To cultivate new ground
In a moment of confusion you can make or break your luck
Forced compromise can strengthen your will

Do you play for fun or money?
I play to win, to win you
Oh, I play to be surprised
To laugh

And all I ask as prize
Is peace,
Love, food for the soul's journey


A conversation with a friend...

So many fill themselves with anger, with hate, with vain ambitions, to adorn a naked soul, to simulate health, to dress the body with wealth, corrupting the heart, depriving the soul of the love it needs to grow.

Selfish, miserable, filled with hate, angry towards the ones who held a mirror to their face, the ones who embraced their imperfections, kissed every scar, forgave every offense and gave their whole heart.

All I can do is love, everyday, love and pray they'll find their way.

I used to believe that I was fighting for love, now I understand that love doesn't need us to fight for it, nor does it needs us to exist at all. I realized that I've been fighting my soul all along, scared of dying without sharing my heart completely with anyone or anything in this world.

We all want to surrender, to stop climbing, to stop fighting, to give ourselves to a purpose. I've chosen a hard path, I travel a lonely road, once in a while I come across kindred spirits and they reassure me I've chosen the right path for me.

I no longer fight for love, I accept it when offered, I give it without motives, I pray for it to touch the hearts deaf to my voice, the minds blind to my words, the souls immune to my poems. During my travels I have seen enough to realize that I'm not here to save, I'm not here to guide, I'm here to be whatever the world needs me to be--Peace, Love, Compassion, a vessel to my father.


Freedom to be...

You need freedom to spread your wings,
So I release you with my soul attached,
so you'll always long to return home.


God and relationships...

People always ask me, "Why aren't you married?", "Why aren't you with the man you fell in love with?", "Are you afraid of taking risks?", "Why don't you date?", "Don't you want to grow old with someone?".

Well, I love God and I love myself, and when I fall in love with a man who loves God and himself as much as I love God and myself we might have a shot.

If a person doesn't have a spiritual foundation then all they are is a changing state of mind ruled by the senses and circumstances. They identify with their role in society and their possessions, and if they should ever lose their social status and possessions their state of mind will be affected. And if all they have as guidance is their senses they will break completely.

A faithful man will seek refuge in God, he will pray for growth, he will see in his struggles an opportunity for growth. He'll be open to changing careers, he'll seek support in his community, his family. If he suffers a loss in material resources he will utilize his supply of love. For he knows that God is compassion, unconditional passion, universal wisdom, and those who cultivate God in their hearts are able to attract whatever they need and desire. He knows that the more he loves the more he'll be loved, the more he gives the more he'll receive.

A spiritual man knows that there are no struggles he cannot overcome with God. So why date someone before getting to know their character, their nature, without first knowing if they are spiritually prepared to lead you, compromise with you, love you and accept you no matter the circumstances.

Strength isn't just measured by how much you can dead lift, how many people you can get to go on dates with you, how much money you earn, how many friends you have. Strength is measured by how much you're willing to struggle to overcome your insecurities and fears and learn to accept and love who you are and what you're made of. There's nothing more attractive than those who love themselves and cultivate their spiritual kingdom.



My beautiful beast,
My muse, my Aries.
Son of Apollo,
God of the sun,
You set fire to my heart
And make love to my soul.
Child of the zodiac,
Son of Zeus,
King of my heart,
Lover of my soul.
My Eros,
shooting golden arrows at my heart,
Covering me in dove feathers.
Your graceful beauty
charms the beauties,
Your winged heart
a bittersweet treat
to your victims,
Enchanting hearts
and fleeting affairs,
Leaving souls to burn in despair.
To me you're a gift from Anteros,
Charming spirit,
reciprocal passion,
Mutual desire and affection.
As your Psyche,
my heart is protected by your bow,
You shield me from men's ill intent,
You guard me
with your piercing arrows
of infectious lust.
Perpetual infatuation
keeps me enfolded in your soul,
And no matter where our bodies go
Our hearts will always search
for the intensity we evoke.


Enjoy you present...

All I know is now...
My desire is cold,
calculated fantasies,
restrained spontaneity,
grounded freedom.
My heart is open,
shared freely
with all who need it.
My body is guarded,
in conscious isolation,
aware of the dangers
of openness.
My soul is free,
wondering through your dreams,
pleasing your desires,
open to your fantasies,
roaming in your body,
waking your hidden longings,
inciting emotion,
freeing your feelings.
All I know is now...
if my soul should rise and fall
I'll never know,
if I should succeed or fail in my attempts
I'll never know,
I cannot tell the difference
between winning and losing,
between high and low,
Between success and failure.
For I live in the clouds,
I thrive in the now,
I live for today,
I give it away,
I spend it all now,
no feelings get saved,
no frustration remains,
I give it away,
I express my desires,
I pray for nourishment,
I take what I need,
I sustain my hunger,
For soul food,
For love,
For wisdom,
For purpose.
Why be one idea
when we can be two worlds
in one universe?
Why accept and conform
When we can inspire growth
Through doubt and difference?
Your opposing qualities
draw me closer,
to grow from your flaws,
to learn from your vices,
to become stronger
in the light of your qualities,
To love you for love,
To accept you for you.
To rise or to fall,
to love or to fight,
to break or to marry,
these ideas don't concern me.
All I know is now...


Your guarding Intuition:

Loving yourself and listening to your intuition can be the deciding factor between being dead or alive. 

A person who doesn't have self esteem, who doesn't recognize the beauty and worth of their spirit might allow a rapist, a murderer, an abuser, into their lives, even after their first impression and intuition have alarmed them. 

The intuitive signal usually comes through fear or disgust, you'll feel repulsion at first sight, or a cold chill will run down your back when you hear their voice.

The devil has somehow convinced us that these alarming signals, negative feelings and intuitive reactions, are "the spark" or attraction. 

Attraction is a positive reaction, you shouldn't experience fear and doubt when you're being attracted to someone you could potentially fall in love with. 

You should feel admiration, excitement, appreciation for their beauty and presence. You should feel good next to their spirit, not uncomfortable, unfit, fearful, doubtful, low self esteem, insecurity.

A positive potential love match or friend intrigues you in a positive manner, they inspire compliments, they bond with you, reciprocate the same admiration and appreciation. 

I do understand that negative criminal characters will act like a friend, will pretend to be a compassionate lover, but even in these cases, even when someone is lying and pretending, your intuition will warn you, you will have recurring thoughts about their loyalty and genuineness. 

So listen to your heart, but most importantly listen to your intuition, your conscience, your senses, your feelings, your thoughts about everyone and very situation and opportunity you encounter. Your intuition can save you a lot of stress, heartache, problems, and even your life.


Soul cultivation...

Soul cultivation leads to God.
Self growth leads to love.
Follow your God,
cultivate a relationship with your divine essence.
Look inside your heart, accept your nature.
Let your conscience guide you,
restore your virtues and fall in love with yourself.
When we treat our bodies with love and respect
We begin to feel compassion for the world around us.
To love others you must love yourself first,
To love yourself you must respect your soul conscience.