Saturday, July 31, 2010

In a Dream

The stars that I discovered in your eyes
Will guide me to your heart
I’d do anything not to lose you like this
But the day comes and I let you go!

My heart floats without direction
Flying just to fly
Not knowing where to go
Dreaming of finding you!

In our island of forbidden pleasures
With the sound of the ocean
Living in wonder, in awe of your touch
Born to smell you, taste you, feel you!

Remember the kiss you gave me
It’s marked on my skin
The pleasure is greater than the shame
In desires, of lips, I never tasted so sweet!

When night comes I go crazy
To have you in my dreams
Reciting love secrets in my ear
I lose myself under my blanket!

Your eyes, your naked body
It’s an invitation to dance
In the rhythm of love
Taste it, feel it, fall in rapture!

Outside, in the darkness of night
Time will change our perception
You’ll grow to hate me or love me more
I hope you stay for the end of this story!

The rain will wash away the pain
When you decide you want love
My eyes, my naked body
It’s an invitation to dance!

In the rhythm of love
Taste it, feel it, fall in rapture!
Today I know,I loved you in the wind of a storm
But went further, beyond thunder

If I didn’t love you so much
Maybe I wouldn’t see flowers around my way
If I didn’t love you so much
Maybe I would lose my dreams inside me and live in darkness

The stars that I discovered in your eyes
Will guide me to your heart
I’d do anything not to lose you like this
But the day comes and I let you go


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blissful Doom

Blissful Doom

I endeared cupid's magic from a cloud
His mischievous arrow blew me down
I Alighted here in your arms
I hesitate to flee
In guarding arms I luxuriate
Intrigued by unparallel beauty
I forget to hide
Your majestic eyes delight
Enchanted I don't want to leave
To fulfill your divine fantasies
I'd give up my halo and lose my wings


I unlock my heavenly gates
And allow you into my soul
Your vigorous light burns through me
I bathe in love's pond
And drink from his sacred spring
Your vision deceives
You fall trapped between my flesh
My tender skin accommodate your desires
And you rejoice in beauty
Your touch is sensual and inviting
My face glows excitingly
You incite the forbidden
And I passionately embrace it
You Indulge in my heavenly love
And savor my petal's sweetness
In raptures you feast on my nectar
My euphoric heart trembles
And my breath weakens
You exult my body and drain my spirit
And into hell I am delivered
The glaze in your eyes reveal your state
Your dynamic beauty glows bright
Your skin perspires grace
Condemned and contented
Delighted and damned
I lost excellence and you gained spirit

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The F Word

Frankly, you’re not Frank at all
Fragile, Frail, at Fault
Ferocious, Firm, Freaked
Futile, Futureless, you Flunked us
Fierce, Fruitful, I lifted us
My Fallible Friend, relationship
Flooding my heart with False hope
Folly to be Fond of Fairies
Flaming my soul with Fast words
Fondling my senses with vast knowledge
Frolicking with every part of my body
I Fell for a Fictional picture
Filled your ego with Flattery
Made believe a Flawless love
False hope, Faltered senses
In a Feud, Forced to Feel for me and you
Fevered body, Flaring mind
Frazzled by the Fray our lives became
Fey, Feeble, Fibbing to stay
Frightened to know your kind
Give me a Flash memory to Force delete your Failed memory
Maybe I’ll dip you in my heart like Fondue
And you can taste my Frustration
Freed from our Fantastic Farce
You are the thread and I’m the weaver of this Fable
Love is the Fabulous Fa├žade of this story
Fabricating a happy ending
If I knew the fount of your love I’d live under it
You are my Fetish, Frantic animal
Fucking me without touching
Raw within me, Fulfilling my Fantasy
Fraternizing with my demons
Fornicating to Forsaken
Fallacious relationships
Fill their minds with Filth
Flirt with their pure hearts
Breaking Flowering spirits
Fulfilling your Fatal instinct
My dreams Fuzzy and Far
Fanatic, Famished for a Family
My Fancied reality Further from me
Your Fangs Finally sting
The Finale is here, relationship
You Failed me Fidelity
And Frank is a Fool
A Falcon without vision
A Fool in disguise, in wise man’s scriptures
Part of my past, Fount of my wisdom
Whole of my Future, But I’m Futuristic
Fate guides my relationships


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Song With No Name

How can I risk myself without giving ears
Your instinct always desires my well being
I see in the hours what is not seen
I get lost outside thinking
Forgive me, accept me in your world
Give me back all that was good
One day I’ll learn and change my way
But for now, I’ll love you

If the wind blows without direction
The stars can guide me
If I don’t have you here
When I dream I can find you
Time passes and with it goes the pain
All things pass, even love fades
Now I know, the sun always returns
And the darkness of night will clear announcing a new love

Liberty has always traveled with me
In the corners of everywhere I’ve been
But my place is with you
If I get lost I find myself in you
Doesn’t matter if I’m alone
There’s no way to forget you
Wondering the streets without destiny
One day I’ll learn and change my way

All that matters is what I bring in my poem
Your smile, a word, your voice in my heart
I see in the hours what is not seen
I get lost outside thinking
Time passes and with it goes the pain
All things pass, even love fades
Now I know, the sun always returns
And the darkness of night will clear announcing a new love


Saturday, July 17, 2010

What keeps Us

What brought us to this party
Naught love, naught lust
Curiosity, perhaps generosity and friendship of course
I’m not sure what it was but it keeps me alert
Divine interaction, within lies the answers
In our gut, the power to take over
I major in the language of your limbic
I study you, everyday I read you
The scent you release pollutes
Beautifies my surrounding, makes me mute
The sorrow you breed breaks me
My imagination, your spontaneity
What brought me here keeps me wishing
A spark in your eyes, telling the world to smile
Lusting, looking down my blouse...
It’s not perfection, it hasn’t direction
Yet it keeps us here, hoping for more
It’s what makes me overcome, grow
Believe in complementary souls
It is purpose, stronger than want, mightier than fear
This feeling keeps me here
Watching the clock, counting the minutes
Guiding together our spirits
Inciting my heart to embrace us
This hunger that eats us, feeds on our instincts
Teaching me to live, accept forgiveness
It is your heart , my mentor, the bully
Educating my thoughts, carrying me over
Filling my being with sweet emotion
Into a world that accepts us, makes us, supports us
Our world, where I hold your hand and you smile
Out beyond prejudice and social roles
Where you love my poetry because it’s us
Acting, reacting to these thoughts I’m dreaming
Making us, romancing in the fantasies I’m weaving
My heart flutters in your blue sky, my soul sighs
I daydream in your eyes, It’s what keeps me here
The dazzle, the smirk, the way you look before you touch
The man behind the gentleman
Your energy merges with mine and keeps me here
Chaste, locked away, in our special place
Where we don’t always show up for the party
Because we’re tired, we’ve stopped trying, forgotten
What brought me here keeps me coming back
Allows me to understand what’s keeping you
What brought us to this party
Over and over, what keeps us, to teach us
True love



Friday, July 16, 2010

This Love

This love is poisonous
Passion’s last breath
I plead for a cure
Love’s insatiable lust
Some beauties must be seen
They travel far to be looked at
And when they reach their destination
Adoration and appreciation
They lose sight of themselves
Begin to live for others
Wearing their colors
Sorrow is the interval between two happiness’s
Living the irony, to ignore those who adore us
And adoring those who ignore us
Loving those who hurt us
And hurting those who love us
The foolish human instinct
Not everything is a challenge
There is peace in happiness
No need for chaotic interaction
False excitement in erotic
A pleased man does not raise hands
Tongue taste curiosity
A tool within a tool
Using both me and you
In the land of my body you are king
Here you reign with your star smile
The radiance of pleiades stars in your eyes
Here you reign, here you shine
In our constellation of bodies



Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wish...

I could look in your soul tonight
Be dazzled by the brilliant shimmer in your eyes
Swim in your translucent ocean
Ride your wild blue waves
Fall trapped in your seductive current
Immerse in ecstasy!

I wonder who looks into your eyes tonight
Who you Charm
Who you dazzle
Who replaces my marrow
And swims in your cold crystal waters
Who rides your toxic waves
And drowns in your deadly current

I wish I could soar with you tonight
Rise high above the clouds
Let your keen vision lead me
Follow beside your graceful wings

Fly far to find a place just ours
Alight to rest on mount Everest
Make you a nest at its peak
Hunt for you and preen your feathers
Feed you love through my beak
Stay for days enfolded in your dear wings

I wonder who flies with you tonight
Who glides by you Or hides behind
Do you lead or do you follow, I wonder
Are they majestic and clever?
Do they fly with grace and confront the wind?
Could they keep up with me?
But crucially, where do they rest?
In our nest, I wonder

Do you fly there tonight?
Do they replace?
Who enfolds you now?
Whose doomed soul do I envy?


All or Nothing Measures Even

Dwelling in a glorious kingdom
Where sharing grants glory
And spreads happiness as riches
All or nothing measures even

Ever wealthy, showered in peace
Abundant Patience
To calm and heal, senseless impulses
Perception, rich with doubts and fear
Perspective, biased, limited vision
All or nothing measures even

Lead by Freedom
My guide, to light and mentor reason
Guardian Parent and strict teacher
Watching each step without interference
All or nothing measures even

Wisdom felt, lived
Witnessed experiences
Earned through sea trenches
Maliciously depicted
All or nothing measures even

Gazing at a diamond and seeing poverty
Stripped mountains
Mother earth unbalanced
Enslaved bodies through steep ditches
Calloused hands and broken spirits
Digging, crawling, draining
Making a living
Providing luxury in exchange for existence
All or nothing measures even

Suppressed screams
Endured torture
Nameless corpses
Misleading media
Distorted revelations
Worlds hidden
All or nothing measures even

Split Concepts
Unheard, Unread, Unspoken
Knowledge indescribably known
Now ,Passed, Shared and Given
Lethal Risks embraced as missions
Unasked Sacrifices offered by selfless souls
Unmasked faces fighting for the unknown
All or nothing measures even

Life, mundane to the fallen
A blessing torment to a seer
And a Garden Forever in bloom
When seen through haloed eyes
All or nothing measures even

Faith in Truth,
Feeling, seeing, learning steadfastly
Forsaken obsolete knowledge
Give life to imagination
Truth in nature Never changes
All or nothing measures even

Flying high and reaching freedom
Freefalling home with wisdom
The little things are everything
We say we want
We say we need
To Live forever in peace
Yet, some do not strive to achieve
All or nothing measures even

Sharing one's heart
Beloved Pleasure in this experience
Gather, pile all gifts received
And compare it to the mountain you've given
All or nothing measures even

Pain and Sorrow, leaders of existence
Hurt and Happiness, coexistent
Escape Traditions
All or Nothing measures even

Amanda Miranda

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


It is not given to every man to take a bath of multitude; enjoying a crowd is an art; and only he can relish a debauch of vitality at the expense of the human species, on whom, in his cradle, a fairy has bestowed the love of masks and masquerading, the hate of home, and the passion for roaming.

Multitude, solitude: identical terms, and interchangeable by the active and fertile poet. The man who is unable to people his solitude is equally unable to be alone in a bustling crowd.

The poet enjoys the incomparable privilege of being able to be himself of someone else, as he chooses. Like those wandering souls who go looking for a body, he enters as he likes into each man's personality. For him alone everything is vacant; and if certain places seem closed to him, it is only because in his eyes they are not worth visiting.

The solitary and thoughtful stroller finds a singular intoxication in this universal communion. The man who loves to lose himself in a crowd enjoys feverish delights that the egoist locked up in himself as in a box, and the slothful man like a mollusk in his shell, will be eternally deprived of. He adopts as his own all the occupations, all the joys and all the sorrows that chance offers.

What men call love is a very small, restricted, feeble thing compared with this ineffable orgy, this divine prostitution of the soul giving itself entire, all it poetry and all its charity, to the unexpected as it comes along, to the stranger as he passes.

It is a good thing sometimes to teach the fortunate of this world, if only to humble for an instant their foolish pride, that there are higher joys than theirs, finer and more uncircumscribed. The founders of colonies, shepherds of peoples, missionary priests exiled to the ends of the earth, doubtlessly know something of this mysterious drunkenness; and in the midst of the vast family created by their genius, they must often laugh at those who pity them because of their troubled fortunes and chaste lives.

Charles Baudelaire


Life made me frail and dying
Scarce divinely
Though I stumble
Love made my armor eternal

My shield reflects
Madness to hell

Can you see
Understand me
Temporal life
Honest and corrupted
Compassionate and selfish
Innocent and malicious
Certain death

Our love inhumane
Trapped minds shall never understand
"All is fair in love and war"
Foolish wisdom men bestows

And if Love is to live and die as kings
Then kill all before born
Undisclosed majestic potential
Beauty our flesh will never show

Happy to feel and understand
Honor and glory are not Divine
Sad to see and feel
The flesh's foolish desires
Destructive to our spiritual being

Surreal minds can feel with heart
But never with soul
This is not my home
I will never settle
My soul will forever stir heaven
Within flesh's infernal



The Poet

The Poet
He is a link between this and the coming world.
He is
A pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink.

He is a tree watered by the River of Beauty, bearing
Fruit which the hungry heart craves;
He is a nightingale, soothing the depressed
Spirit with his beautiful melodies;
He is a white cloud appearing over the horizon,
Ascending and growing until it fills the face of the sky.
Then it falls on the flows in the field of Life,
Opening their petals to admit the light.
He is an angel, send by the goddess to
Preach the Deity's gospel;
He is a brilliant lamp, unconquered by darkness
And inextinguishable by the wind. It is filled with
Oil by Istar of Love, and lighted by Apollon of Music.

He is a solitary figure, robed in simplicity and
Kindness; He sits upon the lap of Nature to draw his
Inspiration, and stays up in the silence of the night,
Awaiting the descending of the spirit.

He is a sower who sows the seeds of his heart in the
Prairies of affection, and humanity reaps the
Harvest for her nourishment.

This is the poet -- whom the people ignore in this life,
And who is recognized only when he bids the earthly
World farewell and returns to his arbor in heaven.

This is the poet -- who asks naught of
Humanity but a smile.
This is the poet -- whose spirit ascends and
Fills the firmament with beautiful sayings;
Yet the people deny themselves his radiance.

Until when shall the people remain asleep?
Until when shall they continue to glorify those
Who attain greatness by moments of advantage?
How long shall they ignore those who enable
Them to see the beauty of their spirit,
Symbol of peace and love?
Until when shall human beings honor the dead
And forget the living, who spend their lives
Encircled in misery, and who consume themselves
Like burning candles to illuminate the way
For the ignorant and lead them into the path of light?

Poet, you are the life of this life, and you have
Triumphed over the ages of despite their severity.

Poet, you will one day rule the hearts, and
Therefore, your kingdom has no ending.

Poet, examine your crown of thorns; you will
Find concealed in it a budding wreath of laurel.

Gibran Khalil

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Muse's Blessing

Where rests my muse...
Erato, write this poem,
For Calliope and Polyhymnia, for Thalia and Clio.
The goddess of muses, telling your tales to lovers.
Describing the senselessness of the relentless mind,
Depicting the sorrow that preys on our hearts.
Drawing the pleasures that sins our skin,
Desiring happiness in an alter reality.
Euterpe, compose a song our hearts can sing,
Let your verses flow through me,
Make my spirit sing.
Terpsichore, write a dance for us,
Make it special, make it long.
Aphrodite, bless us with beauty,
With gentleness and compassion,
With the vision to see within us,
True beauty, God’s features.
Venus, bless us with true love,
Shower our souls with joy,
With peace and lovers rejoice.



Friday, July 9, 2010

Rise Above

This is not the average brain, Do I have your support?
Bear with me as I explore, How can I make it literal...
Maybe if this poem was eatable, I could feed my thoughts to you.
I can paint it but you got to see, I can show it but you must interpret.
So when you look and do not see don’t blame me for your inability.
Perhaps your lacking effort, don’t want to dream big cause you’re broken, battered.
Ineffably exhausted in your God given body, running from life, sustaining the ego with lies.
Abusing your substance, neglecting your intellect, you’ve stopped thinking for yourself.
Feeding your body trash, destroying your health for moments of wealth.
Pills will fix your illness and worsen your symptoms.
You must work hard for the cure, bear with the burden.
Search your body for your remedy, what you need is within.
In your soul, in your brain, the power to create.
The knowledge to construct, weave your dreams into reality.
Don’t accept insults, fight back with no words.
Their beliefs can make you sick, shape the world you live in.
Search your own path, be your sole truth.
What’s real changes with every thought you think,
So think me beautiful, so I can reach you.
When you imagine, I am with you.
Think me waiting in a field of white lilies, on my knees pleading, get me out of limbo.
So perfect from a far, I barely see your broken heart.
How painful does it get? Some days all I feel is rain.
Black clouds invade, moving the pretty ones away.
Wind gusts through me, quivering my being.
The branches on the trees sway gently,
Telling the roots to cling to the earth, prepare for the worst.
But then the leafs settle, the branches calm,
The trees hold hands, waiting for the rain to come.
Ready to get wet, to embrace nature’s blessing.
A light shower to quench the earth or a hurricane storm to mold it.
A slight breeze to cool the forest or a tornado to pull them from their roots.
Let it pour, dance for the lord.
Put your life in faith’s hand and free your essence.
And if you were delayed then connect now to the world you wish to live in.
Reach for what you want, don’t grab it, let it come.
Life is happening now, whether you live it or sleep through it.
To Live, experience, to allow feeling.
To stand together like the trees and endure, to believe in your roots, to plant you.
To grow stronger with each challenge, to be consistent and persistent as nature.
To fight the maker and live through anything, because you’re strong, because we can.
Solve your puzzle, in your own time, stay true to yourself and let them lie.
Just a thought,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Muse

High in altitude
I contemplate my solitude
From my window seat open air fills the view
In the midst of clouds I dance with you
Floating on air, there’s our silhouette!

I am praying for a miracle
Unreal would be to have you
If God grants me a wish I’ll use it to be near you
So sick of missing you
This is what you choose?
Everything but me and you
I respect you, so I leave you!

To me, you’re not new, you're lazy!
To feel, to forgive, to love
I know, It‘s hard, I am here too
I know your soul, look at me, let me touch our love
Embrace us, free me from this sentence

Can’t help but wonder if you’re happy
You block me out completely
But you live inside of me
I stand beside you, this is where I choose to be
I should believe, want to believe, you’re better off without me
But that's not how I feel, these dreams are real

Our essence tied, the world could never know
I feel it in my heart, stirring in my soul
A life, together, not mere moments
I can wait, our lives intertwined
You're mine!

You hold our tender moments, smile at my remarks
It‘s ok to love me, I feel your calling
God can fix anything, so I continue to pray for my everything
To grow old, enrich my soul with
To learn, arise from ashes, Live!

We’ve already won, It's just us
If not in this life then maybe on the next
So I hope to live forever
And If granted eternal life
I will spend it searching, loving, seeking
You’re the reason I fight, fly
Struggle to sow my talent into a prosperous life

As a poet I breath you, my love, inspiration, source
As a woman I accept you, understand and forgive you
As a spoiled child I pout, Need, desire, seek you

Why must I see us dancing on clouds If you are ever so far?
You’re here, I see us out there
Together, ever growing, ever near
From my view all is possible
So I look out and pray to God
Give me everything!



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I wrong

Am I wrong to desire perfection
To search your body in every direction
To want you shivering mad
Desiring my every breath

Am I wrong to dream
To smell the scent of your skin
The taste of your lips
To feel the sway of hips
The pain in your grip

Am I wrong to dig
To seize your fears
Exasperate feelings
Breaking down to rebuild
To be the heroine in this story

Am I wrong to endure
When I’m in your eyes happiness is sure
Daring to dream, believing in feeling
Surpassing the reality we live in
Giving without resisting

Am I wrong to believe
You’ve tasted sweeter moments than these
Traveling far to feed the ego
To rule their hearts and be king
Each step is a mistake, our dream farther away

Am I wrong to wait
They want what you couldn’t take
Giving naught in return, not a heart, not a soul
Keeping it has been tough but being broken is worse

Am I wrong to pray
When I’m lost God shows me the way
There is no meant to be, just you turning around and meeting me
Hold on to faith, God guides us safe.

Am I wrong to understand
Pleasure and pain, intertwined polarities
To accept one and deny the other
Going where it feels better
You treat them like lepers, but you’re the one infected

Am I wrong to restrain
To never obey, to do it my way
Hurting their expectations
The life they drew for me
I’ve grown out of it
Drinking, to kill the man you portray
Cheating, to lose everything
Be the bigger man

Am I wrong to leave
To wish you farewell
That’s all that’s left now
No hand to hold, no heart, no soul
You foolishly love
So I leave you alone
Am I wrong



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running After You

Running After You

The ones who knew you
Wept more than they laughed
They worried and never relaxed
I hated your power
I swore never to walk your tight rope

I ran away from you
I ran towards amorality and shallowness
I feared your fierce passion
So I choose a seasonless world

I ran into a world of cowards and passionless desires
A world in denial, replete with lies
Where everything isn't enough
And cravings are never contained

There the wells are filled with thirst
And the crops harvest hunger
The oceans are deserts overflowing with quicksand

A world filled with treats that never satisfy
Like a tasteless fruit that is always in season
A world of shadows and night crawlers
where abuse and over indulgence are glorified

Like a deep sleep
Filled with nightmares and passionless dreams
I expected lies and welcomed deceit
An endless marathon, a race against truth
A destructive lifestyle and a sad eternity

I don't remember when but you caught up with me
You couldn't stop me from running
So you shined your light on me
Your holy light quenched my thirst
And satiated my hunger
And for that instant I felt full
Full Of laughter
Full of warmth,
Full of meaning
Full of purpose
Full of You

And that's when I stopped running from you
And began to run after you, LOVE

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Embargoed Embarking


In a crisp fall night the sun brought back summer
His spotlight, a halo around us
You were a dragon, in famine, cold, frozen

Your lungs cracked as your skin melted
A fog of smoke surrounded us
As my radiance melted your iceberg
That night, you set out to find a spark
A little light to start your lungs
Dissolve your frozen tongue

Before the desperate hunt could begin
The fool you didn't want
The one you never hoped to find
In the agonizing night
Found you


A flaming spirit with qualities of an eternal
Her eyes sparkled innocence and she smiled luminous peace
Like the eyes of a child, she filled the air with vigor
Perfectly contoured, you knew she was not for your touch
So dear and clear, so pure and true, truth, too bright for you

Her eyes gave birth to a new universe
One of compassionate beauty,
Fathered by love and peace
A place of kindness, no room for men's greed for diamonds
A new world, God's private space
She made galaxies proudly orbit around you
Mistake, God, not meant to be seen by dead tides

You shone dim that night, hid the magic tricks
All grace, hope and charm,
You suppressed wild currents and your eyes emitted tiny waves
From afar, a translucently hiding human
Then I saw, my eyes freed your currents

The lure of your blue, above all seas, fantasy waves drowned me
Dark and deep, gray stones surrounded your beach
I saw you but I didn't see
Bold and conceited, too assured to fear the weak

I made a request I knew you wouldn't refuse
More of your sound, more time, mere minutes
I took you, to have by, I took you
Took you home


You believed a woman's fire could kill
And refused to bother with the ones whose flames could revive
You wrapped your hands around my waste
Swung me round and side to side
Your touch, soft and precise
Each finger played a note on my body
We moved in sync
Together we formed the perfect symphony

In your embrace I was a harp
And you made me sound divine
Sweet notes you made me scream
The talented player, the controlled instrument
The passion, the devils divine perfection
Together, we created the sweetest sound
You span me round and round
Enfolded in your cold wings I was your dragon's heart
A doll, so light, so perfect


You took heat from their flesh
Just enough to spark a match
You gave no essence
And made it clear you wished the same
Starvation made you weak
With blurry vision you saw me
You set your head between my chest and looked up into my eyes
I couldn't bear the lonely sorrow in your blue sky
I gave you my light!

Darkness followed me home that night
It knew I was naked without you
I felt the night's grief creeping into me
But it was just your after feeling


Dumb doll
Uncontrollable claws of fire
Tearing through her flesh
Dragon frost kept me alive
Turned off the light in me
Freezing insides
Your touch, hotter than the moon's spot light
Sun dove in
Kisses, tight but slowly
Tongues licked off my innocent
Yours gave it back
The holy sensation of evil
You brought it back
All nature in one
All pleasure but always uncontained
Pain, trails of fear
Crawling throughout me

Demons shutting all doors
Frost infernal
Flaming stones of ice
Bright, burning black frost
The laughs
The faces we ripped
No, don't remember
I can feel your twisted tricks-


I am not Immortal
But I am human enough to be unforgettable
Try, understand the waves of despair
My eyes generate through your mind
Believe in the spark of my touch
Igniting all that is rotten in your body

I stayed for the flames
For the fire you insist on putting out
All is possible when we touch
I am sure if we tried it in open air
We would float
Unusual, uncontrollable
Apologies are familiar
You feel it but you can't distinguish
I am your creation, a particle of your imagination
Made by magical fairies you hold at your command
I would mutate to survive in your world
With You is the only place I would escape to
Give up my celebrated solitude and grow horns with you
I remember what you stole from me that night
More than a kiss -a soul
every instant of my life, every memory,
every breath- you made your own
keep the peace you stole from me
So that I'll always feel your misery


In a feud
It's been years
Since we've been running towards
And fighting against this demon
We can't understand it
So we give it to others
We can't control our passion
so we refuse it, refute it, prostitute it
We can't talk, so we kiss
We can't kiss, so we quietly leave
Silence seems to be our ally
And Love our Trojan horse
You fear it as if it were leper
And I embrace it as if it were my cross and I, Jesus

Months of silence
And minutes of total alliance
Without any pretense that we parted
Making plans to feel each other
In our world of make believe
In text all is possible between you and me
We simply do not acknowledge the grief
We are silly kids
Proud and empty
Wasting gifts we cannot replace
Exasperating feelings
Playing down the inevitable

Love has a pull on you and me
We feel
But only one sees
We want to touch
But our strings won't let us reach.


It’s not what you told me

It’s not what you told me
It’s what I told myself
I’m the only one who sees
They stand against you and me
What is it that enchants me
Transcends me
Eludes my limbic
Defeats reason
I want what I envision
What is it that I do not see
A beauty that could blind me
With you is where I’ll be
I’m reaching, you’re smiling
Standing still or hiding
Pull me up or let me go
To free fall in love
To live
To grow
It’s not what you asked
It’s what I’ve given
Untamed passion
Romantic expression
Unveiled purpose
Helpless, held
I can’t see myself
Forgotten behind bars
What a waste of heart
It’s not what you told me
It’s what I dreamed
That hunts my spirit
Memories float through my mind
From morning to night
I need you right now
For better or worse
To forgive and forget
Embrace your sickness
Be your everything
Who I thought you’d be
What you couldn’t believe
Who you ‘re not makes me
Completes me
If not forever than for a moment
I remember what you told me
But it’s what I told myself that hurts me