Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Love

You say you like my company
That you smile when you're with me
You look forward to seeing my face
And you really like my kiss
You say I'm a nice girl
And you'll be a good boy with me

I'd be naive to believe
And I know I shouldn't see you
Shouldn't let you in my life
With the baggage that you bring
I'm going against my principles
Curiosity has the best of me

We haven't spent much time alone
But we talk and laugh when we do
You're interested in my thoughts
When I talk you listen endearingly
And you don't rush to touch me
You respect my space and body

We've been on a few dates
I'm learning about your demons
I let you talk most of the time
While I stare into your eyes
You said you wanted to kiss
So I gave you the opportunity

I was suspended in the air
As your hand took ahold of my neck
Running your fingers through my hair
You gripped me softly and pulled me in
Caressing my face
You parted my lips with your thumb

You brought your face to my face
Lifted my arms above my head
Held my face with both hands
And kissed me tenderly, patiently
I leaned my body against yours
And let you swallow me whole

That was our first kiss
One of many that night
Since then I've seen you again
We drove to a beautiful park
The stars were out, the air was chilly
You held me tight and kissed me

I love the smell of your neck
The softness of your hair
Between my fingers
Kissing, caressing your face
Your tender, luscious lips
I can never get enough

Anticipating our clothes coming off
Feeling your warm body against my naked skin
Waiting for the moment your hands will slide up
And down my entire body
Pressing, caressing, holding, savoring
Kissing every inch of me