Saturday, August 14, 2010

You are Music

Words pour out of my soul
To compliment the man in you
The sweet symphony playing
The sound of my spirit singing
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven
Your love in every piece of music
You take every form, every instrument
You’re the sweet piano, the dreamy flute
You’re the confident scream of the violin
Your face marks every concerto and serenade
You’re in every lyric, in every word and song note
In my favorite music, in my dearest artists
You resonate through my body
Awakening every pleasure possible
Tempting, inviting, your rhythm carries me
To warm nights beside you
Your taste, your skin, your eyes
Calling my body, telling my mind
You want but you wont
You wont but you want
This music keeps me here
The fantasies we conceived
Love unrealized, feelings tortured
To follow my desires and see you
To deceive the hand that feeds me
To ignore the love of my life
Clouding memory, makes my heart die
Without nourishment, you give nothing
Before we were alone together
Now I am alone, alone
You’re a simple being, content with knowing
Is this when I lose you forever?
This music, this horror, this reminiscence
I’ve mourned you countless times
It’s harder every time we say goodbye
This melody won’t let me sleep
Your presence in every thought I think
Your love in every gesture, at every glance
Your voice, your words, your reasons
Conflicting music, different genres dancing
Intervening spirits making new music
Clouding your memory, keeping you distant
I‘m silent in your heart, screaming in your soul
A reminder of true love, a symphony playing
Music for the spirit


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

It is your absence that inspires
My love in each farewell
Parting from you is giving birth to art
Every action is a poem
My feelings in every dirty deed
I blush at your beauty
Admire the laborer, the jewel in your heart
Compliment the success in the man
Your resolution, through my eyes
A face I love but cannot define
So I praise the man you became
And strive to be the woman in your future
All the adornment, the beautiful dresses
The fashion and diamonds won’t replace
Adventure is my consolation, helping me fight this battle
My cowardice, my heroism, hunting for love in a world of war
Adversity brings isolation, comforts the grief of your loss
I’m patient with your memory, never losing or forgetting
No pity should be felt for any life
Poverty doesn’t mean sorrow and wealth isn’t happiness
I don’t give advice, I write letters to myself
Does it truly matter how old I am when meeting death?
Some beings live dying for lifetimes
Six feet under is only the beginning
Respect every form of life, don’t contribute to your demise
Truth in nature never changes

In hot nights of warm seasons the wind brings miracles
Your ambition can earn you fame, praise, fortune
Angels will collaborate, spirits congregate to deliver wishes
Anger isn’t passion and passion isn’t reason
Rage and contempt get you nothing
A man dog would be the best , man’s best friend
Or maybe a mouse to steal me some cheese
Or an Ox to do as I say, carry the blame
And maybe a sheep to keep me warm and say nothing
A sweet deer or a plotting wolf, none fit you
Your apparition, an Angel
A ghost in my divine hallucination
Hunting spirit taunting me
Visions of your face in lips I kiss
The man the woman in me loves
The foolish boy, the stubborn spirit, the body I argue to touch
Converse with your soul, join your oratory
The gentlemen, the mannered man, the nobility, the architect
The musician I love to listen to
The sounds of nature through your fingers
Led Zepplin, The Doors, Queen on your guitar
The classic paintings I visit, Monet, Picasso, Renoir
The poets I love, Robert, Coleridge, Baudelaire
Aspiring faith to those awake, art, my everything

God isn’t hope, it isn’t prayer or religion
He is authority, power, royalty
A being to be praised, thanked, complimented
How dare you critic your maker’s actions
You must listen, read, pick up a book, choose a teacher
Grown babies, children in adult bodies
Delusional men and women
Dishonoring mothers, disrespectful children
A battle without morals is a lost thing
The eagle on your shoulder doesn’t make you brave
The falcon in your heart is springing war
You’re hunting in forbidden waters
Your hawk like eyes see my every mistake
Humming-bird, keeping me awake
A mocking-bird, a nightingale, a sound taking every form
An owl watching me sleep, hunting my dreams
The shallow summer calls me to you
Like a swan, I spread my feathers and float towards you

Love, my blessing, my god, my gratitude
I blush at the face of Venus, infatuated kisses
I sail in these waters, embark in lost ships
In dark rivers and lakes, with nameless books
Critic in a instructive way, polish my diamond
I care like a boy, indifferent in many ways
I couldn’t be a mother, I’m a single being
I thrive in the school of youth
Content through adverse times, merriment my talent earns
Chance and fate play together in my house
Fortune is a small token to fill my need for joy
I’m discontent when I’m not dreaming
Fate, Future, Fortune, Charity, Duty
My boy childhood, raised in good poverty
Without a mother a girl’s youth comes late
School doesn’t teach you to be great
I’ve been to so many churches, stayed away from the clergy
Ecclesiasticism kills my need for religion
The preaching clouds their judgment
Wonder if life was ever like this in Atlantis
I’ve dated London, Manhattan, Boston
I’ve seen Georgia, Florida, Washington
Slept in Rio, Buzios, Regiao dos Lagos
I want to lay with Italy, tour Rome
Ride around Paris, experience every country, each city

How many of you look for the moon in the day
And only acknowledge the rain when your clothes are drenched
The seasons, the stars, the talent that has come and gone
Marilyn, Morrison, Heath, Jordan
A woman’s pride and conceit, foolish vanities, may hide her need
Ornaments tells the conscience to be content
Buy your remorse, retribution for your sin’s to God
Find consolation in friendship, a piece of heaven
I resigned from solitude for my health’s wellness
But the sorrow of being surrounded is ruining me
The constant fidelity scares me, when will it break?
My inconsistency scares me the most
Virtues cannot feed a mouth
Contentment does not pay the bills
Happiness does not feed bellies, or does it?
The discontentment will end when I change
These are my conversations, my arguments with my Dad
In my oratory, praying for a silenced society

My coquetry has seduced many
Men, women, Americans and English man
Asian, Italian, Puerto Rican, Dominican
Jamaican, Nigerian, Indian, Colombian
Brazilian, Russian, German, African
My love is a symbol of courage
A universal emotion, pure, compassionate
In the adventurer, the student in me
The warrior, the lover, the hero, nature given
You take no shame in stealing my heart
Tempted, driven towards perfection, I reach for you
My satire won’t change your fashion
Your illness, your immortality in my world
The devil’s deceit, taking my love away from me
No sincerity without hypocrisy in matters of the heart
Mountains of regret and grief dragged through the streets
I sigh at the wives of men with immoral minds
No progress in thought, no time can restore lost virtues
To be a wife, in matrimony, would bring illness upon me
The pain, the melancholy, mourning my soul, mercy me

Random Thoughts


Friday, August 6, 2010

Forever Lost

My guardian angel
Spirit guiding the fallen
Your candles' flame burns low
For the world, for their souls
This life isn’t mine anymore
These houses, these people
The hating, the sickness
Get me out
Get me out of here

Why should I rejoice when they’re dying?
What am I still doing here?
Watching them sleep
Dead, used, abused beings
Handicapped men and women
Get me out
Get me out of here

It’s hard being alone
When you know where you belong
When a heart’s been broken
So many times over
The pieces come apart
Turn to dust
Parts of me forever lost

You get older
The game gets serious
More pleasure, more choices
You do what you want
Take what you can get
Please your mind, body
Attempt to mend your heart again
But time takes its toll, the organ numbs
Parts of you forever lost

Embrace their illness
Believe in your presence
Making their lives better
Enfold the pain, befriend the sorrow
Kiss the tears, love the disease
It feeds on your fears
Shed your needs, seek to please
Unmask the side you only show the mirror
Don’t close the door to your desires
Unveil the fantasies you crave to try
Be patient with the beloved
We are at war with life
Parts of us forever lost