Friday, October 21, 2016

Fight for Love

I hate fighting with you. 
But everybody fights. 
You need to learn how to fight. 
I'm not the enemy. 
I'm just annoying. 
You're very annoying too. 
You know, these fights are a waste. 
A waste of time and emotion. 
When I'm doing something annoying you have to love me in-spite of how you feel at that moment.
You have to think about me; put me first and say to yourself "this isn't worth being mad about, who cares what anyone thinks, let's just be together and have a good time, fuck everything else."


Saturday, October 1, 2016


Sometimes we fight
I start fighting about the past 
He'll feel blamed and withdraw
And we don't get anywhere 
We fight a lot, like every week
I'm mad at him about something 
I used to go days without talking
But now it's hard to go a whole day
We're in a fight right now, of course
I reached out a few hours after
He hasn't responded to my calls 
Im not apologizing and reaching out
Because I think I'm wrong 
I'm reaching out because I love him 
I'm reaching out because I love him



We run a little wild 
You know skinny dipping 
Inside rainbows of pleasure 
A colorful mix of stubbornness 
How do we survive our own egos 
We do not, the ego kills creativity 
There are a million solutions 
Remember what you do best 
Always go back to what you love 
If I died tonight would I be content?
I'd be sad I wouldn't get to live 
I want to learn more about me 
So I keep threading the storms 
I'm owning up to my mistakes 
I'm not perfect but I'm kind 
I'm mean but I'm compassionate 
I love you and it's hard to hurt you 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Our minds travel from heaven to hell everyday.
Somehow within this arduous journey we find time to hold another hand.
Everything that can go wrong goes wrong.
At the end of each journey we find ourselves standing outside each other's body. 
We wonder why but no logical reason justifies the fate that brings us here. 
So we label it, we call it something beautiful. 
To justify the addiction, to excuse the weakness, to explain the softness, to describe the euphoria.
On days when our manifestation doesn't reflect beauty we proceed to hurt and destroy it. 
Spending more time in hell than we have to, wasting energy we could be spending in heaven. 
For there to be beauty there must be ugliness.
For me to be perfect something else must be imperfect. 
In order to live in your heaven I must walk through your hell.


Saturday, August 6, 2016


The ones who don't know my name say it's in my face, 
I always laugh and tell them no way,
But then I remember and give it away,
Full of reasons for why I can't stay,
I specialize in picking up strays, 
To see them well and see them off,
They come wounded and hurt my soul, 
But who am I to choose a better half, 
I come from a burnt palace where I played with ashes, 
Who am I to demand happiness,
I raised myself in a sea of longing swimming deeply with abandon,
Who am I to be treated fair,
They say I'm too far gone drowning in a pool of my own emotions where goodbye is always around the corner. 


Monday, June 27, 2016


Sempre morrendo... 

de vontade de te tocar e não poder te ver, de querer te ouvir e não encontrar sua voz, de desejar seu corpo esparramado sobre mim e não te ter por perto.... 

morrendo de raiva por ter ciúmes, de solidão por te ignorar, de ingratidão por esquecer como me faz bem, de ignorância por não querer pedir perdão...

morrendo de paz ao segurar sua mão, de beleza quando seus cabelos dourados acariciam meu rosto, de encanto quando seus olhos azul turquesa brilham em me ver, de riqueza por te chamar de meu...

morrendo de tantos desejos ainda não realizados, de momentos perfeitos dentro de corações quebrados, de loucura por não saber ser melhor...sempre morrendo para poder viver ao seu lado. 

Amanda Miranda 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Lily Soul

His heart held up in his ribs by two white wings, 
Angels singing inside his chest, 
In each heartbeat a dose of the sweetest aphrodisiac mixed with a sweet cup of chamomile, 

Long silken strands of golden hair cover his fair cheeks, his perspiring skin glimmers as moonstone, my fingers reach to touch but my arm pulls back my hand to stop me from waking him,

His pores let out an imbuing fragrance, releasing the sweetest dew, impregnating my sheets with the scent of white lilies in the spring, 

Peace permeates my soul, I lay awake next to the boy looking up at the heavens, I peek at the stars outside my window, I ask for more time in this dream world, grateful for another day amongst the living. 


Sunday, February 7, 2016


Love....honestly, after claiming it, screaming it, dying to share it, wishing it gone, it's discomforting to claim to have it once more.

But I can claim warmth, stillness, presence, softness, peacefulness, respect, beauty, integrity, strength.

I can scream about the pleasure I feel when your hand grazes my skin, or when I open my eyes and you're looking right into my temple, I can claim the magic you stirred. 

I can tell you about dying in a bed of skin, of sharing more than flesh and wanting to remain connected when our bodies feel glued together. 

Sharing a glance, a smile, a kiss, sharing a bed, a pet, a meal, walking alongside you not knowing where we're going but knowing we're headed there together, 
sharing laughs, so many laughs, and always talking about the things we can do together. 

I claim each kiss you wish to share with me, every call you make when you're working just to hear me breathing on the line, I claim the high adventures I see you on with me.

And every second you long to be close, I claim those, and each feeling I inspire in your heart, I claim them, the tenderness shared in your embraces, that's mine too, every sincere gesture you've made, each kiss you gave, mine. 


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A little death

Stars shoot out of his cyan eyes illuminating my life,
In every smile there's a cathartic purity of spirit,
And he tells me to leave the concrete roads,
Says there's a place in the woods awaiting us,
I hold his hand and walk beyond my leg's comfort,

I'm tired but I don't stop, I'm thirsty but I don't drink,
We walk and make jokes to numb our burning shins,
His sneakers are too tight and his toes are aching,
But he tells me he'll walk with me till the sun rises, 
We stay the course stopping only for kisses and pictures,

I take his hand and guide him towards the boat houses,
I sit down on the dock in the midst of a flock of geese,
He says he's not sitting on bird poo, I giggle endearingly,
He takes my hand, pulls me up, takes me up the ramp,
We stand for a moment and then he forces me down,

He pushes my body onto the slope and lays between me,
My body opens like a blooming flower in the spring, 
He places his hands on my cheeks and kisses my lips, 
My thoughts take me back to when I was seventeen,
A frightened and eager virgin longing for ecstasy, 

His lips touch the most sensitive parts of my skin,
And there outside on the dock my dream comes to life,
I tilt my head back and look up at the stars in the sky, 
I thank whichever deity granted me such passion, 
My eyes scan the trees and paths and grass behind us, 

I pull my head up and look across the river, not a soul, 
Only light surrounding us lifting my hips off the floor,
Only water before us, trees behind us and stars above us, 
In those wild moments I felt our bodies synching into one, 
Our hips coming together, our hands wildly pulling the other,

Skin to skin, hip to hip, neck to neck, lip to lip, I died, 
Surrendering my body, I died a million little deaths,
He grabbed my chest, turned my neck and gave me breath, 
He laid me on my belly and softy kissed the back of my thighs, 
He pulled me back by my legs and I died, I died, until he stood up and pulled me down from the sky.