Friday, December 3, 2010

Divine Mentor

Love is a heavenly seed shared throughout nature
He's revolutionary!
And when accepted and cultivated by our heart
He can change our soul

He grows as one with our heart, mind and spirit
He gives our mind a virtuous heart
And our heart a righteous conscience

Love is selfless!
Contented to flourish and enlighten
He exists alone
Magnificent in quantity and strength

He owns no heart
And as it is your will to accept and cultivate him
So is your choice to flourish, impair
Or eliminate his growth

Love isn't personal greed, but universal peace!
His seeds and blossoms stretch infinitely
He conveys through tenderness affection and brotherly compassion
Emotions which shine bright in those who encourage him

Love is like a purifying volcano that never sleeps
He erupts a world of enchanting emotions in our soul
And utilizes them to illuminate our spirit
Renew our wounded heart

Love inspires!
He enables us to reach for our dreams and desires
His holy lava melts ego pride and stubborn dignity
And molds them into courage
Love embraces fruitless hearts and nurtures them into wholeness
He teaches virtue, faith, wisdom, purpose

Love is the divine mentor that compliment men's destiny