Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreaming Awake

Love isn`t longing, it isn`t pain
It isn't suffering
Love doesn`t rot, it isn`t flesh
Love doesn`t break, it`s isn`t glass
Love is permanent, indestructible
Pure wisdom, rooted insight
Unreachable by ego, unachieved by mind
Unfeasible by greed, unfelt by selfish desires

Love is soul passion, carried around
From lover to lover, brother to brother
Mother to daughter, father to son
From friend to foe, love changes hearts
Love is what you are, what you can`t let go
Can`t kill, can`t change, what`s instilled in you
Springing from your soul, the need to grow
To share, to give of yourself, completely, freely

Love is kindness, it is beauty
Love is the song composed by the heart
Playing over and over in your soul station
Love isn`t fear of losing, it isn`t absence
It`s not possessive, controlling or anxious
Love is presence, charisma
A heart filled with awareness
Love is the freedom to be oneself with the beloved
To show your silliness and express your concerns
To listen to their worries and console without judgment
To undress your body and mind in front of the beloved`s eyes

Love is knowledge, It is conscious
Love is the silence, the blank in between
Each thought of the beloved
Love is the smile on your face when you hear their name
The silent long breaths when lost in their memory
Love isn`t waiting, wanting, missing
Love is the certainty that everywhere you are
The beloved is with you
Love is knowing you`re together
When you`re a million steps away

Love is the willingness to share everything you are
To give everything you have to make the beloved happy
Love isn`t hateful, revengeful
Love is forgiving, accepting, understanding
Love is Compromising
It is going to sleep without your lover
And awakening with their shadow
Love is sharing the passion, The tenderness
The patience, loving has taught me
It is the gladness, The gratefulness
Of being happy and able to express myself to you


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