Monday, August 15, 2011

Solitude Flourishing

Somewhere far away
In another sky
In another plane
We dance together
Out beyond clouds
Above the blue
I dance with you
Touch your porcelain skin…

It`s not easy
Watching your wax figure
Melting before me
The sun was never your friend
Though nature loves you
Each plant, each tree
Wave their branches for you, dear
My body opens for you to come in

An ocean inside me
Waves crash against my ribs
I feel salt water on my throat
As the tide rises to my eyes
It hurts and I cry
Salt drops…
Blurs my vision of you, dearest

I`m growing old
I feel less, I feel more
Less needs, more love
Less of you, more of me
Though some days
I`m made of solitude
An empty pyramid
To be filled with a pharaoh and his jewels

Some days I`m an empty tomb
No body, no soul
Just space, an empty place
Waiting for life or death
Some days I`m a tree
Suffering the change of weather
Standing tall through the rain and wind

Vulnerable to the lumberman around me
The sun makes my skin fluorescent green
Once in a while a man comes
Prunes my branches, cuts me down
But I grow back up
Thinner branches and a stronger core
My roots spread, extend, reach far
I grow, I grow, I grow!

Explore the earth
Move the soil, create my world
New, full, tall
I grow, I grow, I grow!
In every direction
Inside, outside, I grow…
Most days I`m a child
Learning, observing, writing to understand

And everyday
In eternity somewhere
Our hearts meet
To feel each other, to melt together
Become one, full body, full soul
Somewhere far away
In another sky, in our own dimension
We dance
And grow
Closer together



  1. Awesome! How about calling it "Solitude Flourishing" Kinda like that.

  2. A Romantic Odyssey. A true investigation of Loves ellusive nature: the love of ones self being the most important.

    Arron Shilling


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