Thursday, March 21, 2013


The complexities of each soul hidden inside a chest of pain, ready to be unveiled by minds ready to endure the suffering that comes with awareness and truth, concealed within your heart the purest love, invisible to the eye but deeply felt by the touch that is able to share the same love.


Be Love, Give Love

How many have smiled because of you today? How many faces have you kissed, how many bodies have you embraced, how many minds have you inspired, how many lives have you improved, how many souls are grateful for you? How many eyes look upon you for strength, how many look to you for inspiration, motivation? How many hearts have you touched? How many have told you they've felt your love, your heart, your mind, your spirit overflowing with love and filling their hearts with joy? How many smiles have you inspired? If you helped generate one smile today, if you have made one soul feel loved, if you have helped one stranger or loved one, you have succeeded, you have grown in love and helped someone else grow too. Give love everyday.


Honor your Divinity

We are not living unless we are growing everyday, our spirits were meant to be cultivated, as divine beings we must nourish our soul with love. We are creators, masters of our life, we create our pain, we make our joy, with every thought, every decision, every feeling we claim to feel. Be wise when creating, make positive loving feelings and silence the negative thoughts by not speaking them, not manifesting anger, criticism, contempt, and making it a reality. Everyday is a new beginning, a new chance to be our best. Choose love everyday, express yourself always, set your spirit free, let your blessed soul shine bright, let nothing and no one bring you down, you were born to create and be loved. Honor your divinity, think and act with love.