Friday, February 12, 2016

Lily Soul

His heart held up in his ribs by two white wings, 
Angels singing inside his chest, 
In each heartbeat a dose of the sweetest aphrodisiac mixed with a sweet cup of chamomile, 

Long silken strands of golden hair cover his fair cheeks, his perspiring skin glimmers as moonstone, my fingers reach to touch but my arm pulls back my hand to stop me from waking him,

His pores let out an imbuing fragrance, releasing the sweetest dew, impregnating my sheets with the scent of white lilies in the spring, 

Peace permeates my soul, I lay awake next to the boy looking up at the heavens, I peek at the stars outside my window, I ask for more time in this dream world, grateful for another day amongst the living. 


Sunday, February 7, 2016


Love....honestly, after claiming it, screaming it, dying to share it, wishing it gone, it's discomforting to claim to have it once more.

But I can claim warmth, stillness, presence, softness, peacefulness, respect, beauty, integrity, strength.

I can scream about the pleasure I feel when your hand grazes my skin, or when I open my eyes and you're looking right into my temple, I can claim the magic you stirred. 

I can tell you about dying in a bed of skin, of sharing more than flesh and wanting to remain connected when our bodies feel glued together. 

Sharing a glance, a smile, a kiss, sharing a bed, a pet, a meal, walking alongside you not knowing where we're going but knowing we're headed there together, 
sharing laughs, so many laughs, and always talking about the things we can do together. 

I claim each kiss you wish to share with me, every call you make when you're working just to hear me breathing on the line, I claim the high adventures I see you on with me.

And every second you long to be close, I claim those, and each feeling I inspire in your heart, I claim them, the tenderness shared in your embraces, that's mine too, every sincere gesture you've made, each kiss you gave, mine.